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La Dolce Vita Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

La Dolce Vita Blu-Ray

Fellini is one of the most original and creative minds of the 20th Century, unanimously ranked one of the greatest directors of all time, his iconic masterpiece, La Dolce Vita is always at the very top of polls. It's a spectacular and acutely relevant soul-searching portrait of celebrity-obsessed culture in which Mastroianni plays a tabloid journalist who yearns to write seriously, but gets his sensationalist gossip stories by non-stop ..

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Suspiria Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Suspiria Blu-Ray

As Europe's leading horror director, Dario Argento is a Cine-Excess phenomenon. His 1977 Suspiria is a masterpiece of the modern macabre, using complex plotting, excessive visual style and even more excessive on-screen murders that situate it between arthouse and atrocity. The film stars Jessica Harper as an American student who uncovers a deadly coven of witches at her prestigious German dance academy. With its experimental camerawork ..

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