Open All Hours Series 2 DVD

Open All Hours Series 2 DVD
By Roy Clarke Ronnie Barker's tight-fisted shopkeeper Arkwright continues to risk amputation rather than replace his death trao of a till. As Nurse Gladys Emmanuel, the owner of an awesome bosom and an old Morris Minor, deflates his amorous advances, Arkwright seeks solace in bullying his over-worked, sexually and socially-frustrated nephew and errand boy, G-G-G-G Granville. Laundry Blues When Nurse Gladys Emmanuel tells Arkwright that he must buy a new washing machine, he is forced to come up with an ingenious plan to keep her happy and his savings undisturbed. The Reluctant Traveller Nurse Gladys Emmanuel and Arkwright are finally going to spend the night together at a hotel...with an over-tight money belt. Fig Biscuits And Inspirational Toilet Rolls Arkwright's marketing genius comes to the fore as he tries to shift some over-stocked items. The New Suit Arkwright has to buy a new suit - or Nurse Gladys Emmanuel's say so. Arkwright's Mobile Store Arkwright proves his ambition by expanding the business... he buys an old ice-cream van. Shedding At The Wedding Arkwright's wedding suit smells of mothballs. Hanging his trousers out of Gladys' car was never going to be a good idea... St Albert's Day Arkwright invents a Saint's day so that Granville can check the pockets of a foreign visitor who he suspects of shoplifting.
Released 2003-09-29
Discs 1
Year Of Release 2003
Director Sydney Lotterby
Cast Ronnie Barker,Lynda Baron,David Jason
HOH (Hard of Hearing) Yes
Audio English
Run Time 207

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