Open All Hours Series 3 DVD

Open All Hours Series 3 DVD
Ronnie Barker's stuttering shopkeeper Arkwright lives for just three things - a regularly ringing till, a glimpse of Nurse Gladys Emmanuel's more than ample bosom and making the life of his nephew and errand boy, G-G-G-Granville ever more miserable... An Errand Boy By The Ear: Arkwright's baffled when his customers get upset with his treatment of Granville. Surely, "it's what errand boys are for." The Ginger Men: Why is Arkwright forcing his ginger cake upon Nurse Gladys? Could it be he has overstocked? And if it really is an old Jamaican aphrodisiac, Granville's acting like he's overdosed. Duet For Solo Bicycle: A squeak in the shop's bicycle is driving Granville round the bend, but can it really be affecting his love life. How To Ignite Your Errand Boy: Arkwright's plan to make his own fire lighters has a snag, they may be somewhat dangerous to make...Oh well, Granville is not busy... The Man From Down Under: When one of Nurse Gladys Emmanuel's admirers returns from Australia, Arkwright proffers a real Yorkshire welcome... The Cool Cocoa Tin Lid: Granville decides to get cool. He's got the open neck shirt and the shades, but where's a poor errand boy going to find a medallion?
Released 2004-10-04
Discs 1
Year Of Release 1982
Director Sydney Lotterby
Cast Ronnie Barker,Stephanie Cole,Sue Race,Nick Stringer,Lynda Baron,Madge Hindle,Maggie Ollerenshaw,Tom Mennard,Bridget Ashburn,David Jason,Helen Cotterill,Alan Starkey,Barbara Flynn,Bert Gaunt
HOH (Hard of Hearing) Yes
Audio English Stereo
Run Time 177

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