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Bent Blu-Ray

Set amidst the decadence and terror of Fascist Germany, the multi award-winning Bent is above all a powerful and moving love story, recounting the fate of three homosexual men during the rise of Nazism. The film is a harrowing but inspirational tale of struggle against oppression starring Clive Owen, Lothaire Bluteau, Ian McKellen and Mick Jagger and with original music by Philip Glass. Special Features Interviews With Cast And Crew: S..

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Death Watch Blu-Ray

Journalist Roddy (Harvey Keitel) has a camera implanted in his eye. He's been hired by a television producer to film terminally ill Katehrine (Romy Schneider) without her knowledge. His footage will run on television, but Katherine has other plans. Before Big Brother there was Death Watch, French filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier's mad, twisty, prescient sci-fi noir which stars an international cast including Harvey Keitel, Romy Schneider, H..

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Despair Blu-Ray

Chocolate, cuckoldry and doppelganger delusion abound in Rainer Werner Fassbinder's stunning English language adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov interwar novel. The chocolate business has been good to Russian exile Hermann. He enjoys the good life with his beautiful wife Lydia. But Hermann is addicted to out-of-body experiences and when he meets a tramp on a business trip, he develops an insane plan. Featuring international stars Dirk Bogar..

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Orphans Blu-Ray

The directorial debut from renowned Scottish actor and director Peter Mullan (The Magdalene Sisters, Neds), Orphans tells the story of four siblings, who gather for their mother's funeral in Glasgow and face individual torments over a single night. This grittily realistic and deeply moving black comedy/drama brings together the finest of Scottish talent and wowed audiences all over the world on its original release. This Blu-ray release..

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Phantom Of The Opera Blu-Ray

Directed by Rupert Julian, and based on a novel by Gaston Leroux, classic horror masterpiece The Phantom of the Opera stars Lon Chaney, in one of his most grotesque performances as the crazed man without a face, who lives in the catacombs beneath the Paris Opera, and falls in love with the voice of a young opera singer. Infatuated, he kidnaps her, dragging her to the depths below where she will sing only for him. This 2-disc Ultimate Ed..

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The Pillow Book Blu-Ray

Directed by Peter Greenaway (The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover) and starring Vivian Wu (The Last Emperor) and Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting, Big Fish), The Pillow Book is an irresistible arthouse drama about a young woman in search of a lover, who can match her desire for pleasure with her admiration for poetry and calligraphy. After finalising her own erotic diary (‘Pillow Book’), which is firmly rejected from the publisher, Nag..

£10.30 Ex Tax: £8.58