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It Snows in Benidorm DVD

Timothy Spall plays Peter, a Bank worker living a mundane, routine life in Manchester. After an unexpected early retirement, he decides to visit his brother in sunny Benidorm, only to discover that he had disappeared. As Peter searches for clues, his encounters with an eclectic cast of characters only lead to further confusion. In looking for his brother, can he ultimately rediscover himself?..

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Shepherd Blu-Ray

Eric Black is lost after the mysterious death of his adulterous wife. Running from his past to a new job as a Shepherd, he finds himself trapped alone on a majestic, weather-beaten island with an ominous secret. One mans spiraling madness meets a vengeful supernatural force. What starts as the perfect wind-swept escape becomes a race to save his sanity and his life...

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The Keeper DVD

Biographical sporting drama set in post-war Britain and based on the life of German goalkeeper Bert Trautmann, starring David Kross and Freya Mavor. After being captured on the Western Front, German soldier Bert Trautmann (Kross) is sent to a prisoner-of-war camp in Lancashire. When local football coach Jack Friar (John Henshaw) is looking to recruit some players for his struggling team he selects Trautmann as goalkeeper, much to his da..

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The Last Bus DVD

John O'Groats, Scotland: An elderly man, Tom (Spall), whose wife has just passed away uses only local buses on a nostalgic trip to carry her ashes all the way across the UK to Land's End, where they originally met, using his free bus pass.Unbeknownst to Tom, his journey begins to capture the imagination of the local people that he comes across and, ultimately, becomes a nationwide story...

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The Last Full Measure DVD

American war drama written and directed by Todd Robinson and featuring an ensemble cast that includes Christopher Plummer, Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Wood, William Hurt and Peter Fonda. US Department of Defense employee Scott Huffman (Sebastian Scott) is tasked with investigating a posthumous Medal of Honor application for William H. Pitsenbarger (Jeremy Irvine), known as Pits to his comrades, for his efforts during the Vietnam War. Huffman'..

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The Road Dance DVD

Inspired by True Events - Kirsty Mcleod, is a young woman, coming of age in a small island community in the years before WW1. She dreams of the wider world and a life away from the harsh land and strict religion of her island home. Tragedy strikes twice, once at a village party, and once again, when her boyfriend is sent to war. The film offers a believable window on the rhythms of Hebridean island life at the turn of the twentieth cent..

£13.19 Ex Tax: £10.99