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Operation Petticoat Blu-Ray + DVD Pre-Order Coming Soon

Operation Petticoat Blu-Ray + DVD

Cary Grant (North by Northwest) and Tony Curtis (Some Like It Hot), two of cinema’s most celebrated stars, provide the comedic pivot point in director Blake Edwards’ (The Pink Panther) Academy Award-nominated Operation Petticoat. It’s hijinks on the high seas when revered Lt. Cmdr. Matt T. Sherman (Grant) and the somewhat unethical Lt. JG Nicholas Holden (Curtis) team to upright the USS Sea Tiger, a flagging submarine that’s seen bett..

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What's New Pussycat? Blu-Ray Pre-Order Coming Soon

What's New Pussycat? Blu-Ray

It's tough being the cat's meow! A zany blend of slapstick gags and madcap comedy, What’s New Pussycat?, starring Peter Sellers, Peter O'Toole and Woody Allen in his acting and screenwriting debut, is the wildest, wackiest film to emerge from the swinging '60s. Michael (O'Toole) is a mademoiselle magnet. His demented psychiatrist (Sellers) and sex-starved friend (Allen) would kill for this problem, but his would-be fiancé (Romy Schne..

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Blinded by the Light DVD Pre-Order Coming Soon

Blinded by the Light DVD

From writer / director / producer Gurinder Chadha ('Bend It Like Beckham') comes the inspirational drama BLINDED BY THE LIGHT, set to the music and lyrics of Bruce Springsteen's timeless songs. BLINDED BY THE LIGHT tells the story of Javed (Viveik Kalra) a British teen of Pakistani descent, growing up in the town of Luton, England, in 1987. ..

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Dragons Forever Blu-Ray Pre-Order Coming Soon

Dragons Forever Blu-Ray

Hotshot lawyer Jackie Lung (Jackie Chan) is hired to defend the owner of a factory which, unbeknownst to him, is the centre of a clandestine narcotics syndicate. He enlists resourceful acquaintances Wong Fei-Hung (Sammo Hung) and Dung Dak-Biu (Yuen Biao) to assist in the case, but loyalties begin to falter when romance blossoms between both sides. Extras: Brand New 4K Remaster of the Original Hong Kong Version Remastered Cantonese..

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Good Boys Blu-Ray Pre-Order Coming Soon

Good Boys Blu-Ray

Just how bad can one day get? The creative minds behind Superbad and Sausage Party take on sixth grade hard in this innocent yet raunchy comedy. Max, Thor, and Lucas skip school and set off on an odyssey of epically bad decisions involving stolen drugs, a frat house, and running from both the cops and girls!Bonus Features:Feature Commentary by Director/ Co-Writer Gene Stupnitsky and Producer/Co-Writer Lee Eisenberg Alternate Ending..

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Good Boys DVD Pre-Order Coming Soon

Good Boys DVD

Invited to his first kissing party, 12-year-old Max asks his best friends Lucas and Thor for some much-needed help on how to pucker up. When they hit a dead end, Max decides to use his father's drone to spy on the teenage girls next door. When the boys lose the drone, they skip school and hatch a plan to retrieve it before Max's dad can figure out what happened...

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The Day Shall Come DVD Pre-Order Coming Soon

The Day Shall Come DVD

An impoverished preacher who brings hope to the Miami projects is offered cash to save his family from eviction. He has no idea his sponsor works for the FBI who plan to turn him into a criminal by fueling his madcap revolutionary dreams...

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Zombieland - Double Tap 4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray Pre-Order Coming Soon
Zombieland - Double Tap Blu-Ray Pre-Order Coming Soon
Zombieland - Double Tap DVD Pre-Order Coming Soon
Zombieland / Zombieland - Double Tap Blu-Ray Pre-Order Coming Soon
Zombieland / Zombieland - Double Tap DVD Pre-Order Coming Soon