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Berserk Blu-Ray Pre-Order Coming Soon

Berserk Blu-Ray

After the huge success of Robert Aldrich’s What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962), Hollywood legend Joan Crawford found herself taking the lead in a series of lurid and sensational horror pictures in her later years – and Berserk was one of the best and most successful. Crawford stars as a ruthless circus owner who exploits a series of gruesome murders for her own ends... until the killer targets her. Directed by Jim O’Connolly (Valley..

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Censor Limited Edition Blu-Ray Pre-Order Coming Soon

Censor Limited Edition Blu-Ray

Enid is a film censor during Britain's infamous ‘video nasty’ era of the 80s. After her latest viewing has a disturbingly familiar storyline, she attempts to solve the past mystery of her sister's disappearance and embarks on a quest that dissolves the line between fiction and reality.Special Features • New audio commentary by Director and Co-Writer Prano Bailey-Bond and Executive Producer Kim Newman • New audio commentary by Prano B..

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Delirium Blu-Ray Pre-Order Coming Soon

Delirium Blu-Ray

For his feature film debut, director Peter Maris (MINISTRY OF VENGEANCE, DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY) took portions of an unfinished urban conspiracy thriller and added a new psycho-killer procedural to create what may be the most unusual/vicious proto-slasher shocker of the ‘70s: When a series of savage murders rocks St. Louis, the police investigation will lead to a deranged Vietnam vet “who looks like a cracked-out Seth McFarlane” (HorrorNew..

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Jungle Trap + Run Coyote Run Blu-Ray Pre-Order Coming Soon
La Llorona Limited Edition Blu-Ray Pre-Order Coming Soon

La Llorona Limited Edition Blu-Ray

An early horror classic drawn from Mexico’s rich tradition of folklore, La llorona recounts the chilling tale of the ‘wailing woman’ who kills herself and her child before returning to haunt the living. Expressionistic, lyrical and atmospheric, Ramón Peón’s film draws on the influence of Universal Pictures’ contemporaneous horror cycle and incorporates elements of period melodrama and romance. This landmark production in the evolution..

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Night Of The Demon Blu-Ray Pre-Order Coming Soon

Night Of The Demon Blu-Ray

When a group of Anthropology students heads deep into the forest to investigate a series of Sasquatch attacks, they’ll discover an immortal brain-blast of crazy hermits, mutilated Girl Scouts, interspecies copulation and “one of the goriest final scenes in the whole history of splatter flicks” (A Slash Above). Producer/co-writer Jim L. Ball and director James C. Wasson deliver “an anti-masterpiece that moves like a bullet, unlike anythi..

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The Devil's Men Limited Edition Blu-Ray Pre-Order Coming Soon

The Devil's Men Limited Edition Blu-Ray

This offbeat horror film, starring genre icons Peter Cushing (The Revenge of Frankenstein, Star Wars), Donald Pleasence (You Only Live Twice, Halloween), and Luan Peters (Twins of Evil, Doctor Who), and featuring a score by the legendary Brian Eno, tells of a Satanic cult, led by Cushing, that is abducting tourists for ritual sacrifice – and only Pleasence’s priest can save them. An eccentric, bloody cult shocker, The Devil’s Men (als..

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The McPherson Tape Blu-Ray Pre-Order Coming Soon
The Phantom of the Monastery (El fantasma del convento) Limited Edition Blu-Ray Pre-Order Coming Soon

The Phantom of the Monastery (El fantasma del convento) Limited Edition Blu-Ray

Made in the wake of La llorona’s success and directed with flair by Fernando de Fuentes (regarded as one of the masters of early Mexican cinema), The Phantom of the Monastery (El fantasma del convento) tells the macabre tale of a troupe of hikers who become lost in a forest and take refuge in a haunted monastery. There, they encounter shape-shifting shadows, ominous sealed doorways, and a cellar crowded with coffins... An expressionis..

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Voices Limited Edition Blu-Ray Pre-Order Coming Soon

Voices Limited Edition Blu-Ray

Real-life husband and wife David Hemmings (Blowup, Deep Red) and Gayle Hunnicutt (Eye of the Cat, Fragment of Fear) star in this tense British shocker from director Kevin Billington (The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer). After a tragic family accident, Claire (Hunnicutt) suffers a mental breakdown. In an effort to help her recovery, Robert (Hemmings), her husband, takes her to convalesce in a grand country house, but her already fragi..

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Werewolf Castle DVD Pre-Order Coming Soon

Werewolf Castle DVD

After a series of local killings and disappearances, Horrace, Jane and half-Werewolf Archie are tasked by the troubled local villagers to investigate strange happenings in a nearby Gothic castle. Venturing to the castle for the night, with a small group of brave volunteers, they soon uncover a horde of otherworldly creatures and a battle soon breaks out!..

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