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Clara Sola Blu-Rau Pre-Order Coming Soon

Clara Sola Blu-Rau

In a remote Costa Rican village, Clara, a woman believed to possess divine healing powers, lives under the repressive care of her pious elderly mother. Clara seeks solace in the natural world until the delicate order of her life is unexpectedly disrupted by a powerful sexual awakening, stirred by the arrival of her young niece’s handsome boyfriend. Desire ignites an unstoppable force, leading Clara on a tumultuous path to self-discovery..

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Sublime DVD Pre-Order Coming Soon

Sublime DVD

Mariano Biasin’s acclaimed and tenderly observed coming of age film follows sixteen-year-old Manuel as he navigates adolescence in a small coastal town, hanging out with his girlfriend and playing in a rock band with Felipe, his best friend since childhood. But he also struggles with conflicted emotions as the realisation dawns that his feelings for Felipe are becoming something more than friendship. Sensitive and cautious, Manuel must ..

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The War Trilogy - Andrzej Wajda Collection Limited Edition Blu-Ray Pre-Order Coming Soon

The War Trilogy - Andrzej Wajda Collection Limited Edition Blu-Ray

Second Run presents Andrzej Wajda’s renowned ‘War Trilogy’ - the three films that first brought Wajda international attention and kickstarted the ‘Polish film school’ movement. These works are powerful and often harrowing accounts of the Polish resistance movement through World War II and after, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the struggle for personal and national freedom.The set includes A Generation (Pokolenie..

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