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Electra My Love (Aka Szerelmem Elektra) Blu-Ray

One of the finest works of the late, great film-maker Miklos Jancso, this legendary film is a radical reworking of the ancient Greek myth of Electra. Expressing political ideas that were forbidden in 1970s Hungary, it is a searing expose of oppression and the abuse of power. Revolutionary in form as well as content, the film is shot in twelve intricately choreographed long takes. Stylised and elemental, it reflects the horrors that Hung..

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Horse Money (Aka Cavalo Dinheiro) Blu-Ray

Nocturnal and steeped in sinister chiaroscuro, award-winning director Pedro Costa’s latest film follows Ventura, the enigmatic lead of Costa’s earlier groundbreaking Colossal Youth, as he traverses a seemingly endless night populated by the ghosts of his past. From the restless spirits that haunt this decaying urban landscape, Costa conjures a spellbinding cinematic experience. Featured in many Top 5 Films of the Year lists worldwide, H..

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Intimate Lighting Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Intimate Lighting Blu-Ray

Intimate Lighting Blu-Ray..

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My 20th Century (Aka Az En XX Szazadom) Blu-Ray

IIdiko Enyedi's acclaimed film tells the tale of identical twins Dora and Lili, born in Budapest at the very moment that Thomas Edison's wondrous electric light-bulb is unveiled to the word. Separated in childhood, the sisters' lives follow radically different paths, until New Year's Eve 1899, when they meet again on the Orient Express... This dazzling film portrays the birth of modernism, a daring world of revolutionary ideas and inven..

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Mysterious Object At Noon (Aka Dokfa Nai Meuman) Blu-Ray

Winner of the 2010 Cannes Palme d'Or, Thai artst and filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul is recognised as one of contemporary cinema's most unique voices. Mysterious Object At Noon is his hallucinatory debut feature, an extraordinary mix of experimental documentary and fiction. The film is structured as a surrealist game; a small film-crew travel the Thai countryside asking people they encounter along the way to invent the next chapter ..

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Neon Bull Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Neon Bull Blu-Ray

Neon Bull Blu-Ray..

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Silence And Cry Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Silence And Cry Blu-Ray

Silence And Cry Blu-Ray..

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The Cremator Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Cremator Blu-Ray

The Cremator Blu-Ray..

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The Fabulous Baron Munchausen Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Fabulous Baron Munchausen Blu-Ray

Visionary Czech director Karel Zeman is treasured by generations of filmmakers worldwide, from Terry Gilliam and Jan Svankmajer to Tim Burton and Wes Anderson. His pioneering combination of live-action and animation makes him, alongside his Western counterpart Ray Harryhausen, one of the great masters of 20th Century fantasy cinema. Zeman's wildly inventive and comic take on the surreal adventures of Baron Munchausen explodes on to the ..

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The Shop On The High Street (Aka Obchod Na Korze) Blu-Ray

Small-town Slovakia 1942. Nazi concentration camp deportations have begun. Tono, a poor carpenter, is appointed 'Aryan controller' of the elderly and frail Jewish widow Rozalia's shop. Believing Tono is her new assistant, the two develop a friendship in which he maintains that illusion to protect her from the encroaching Nazi terror. Wonderfully written and performed, the film becomes a devastating examination of how minor compromises c..

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Vampir Cuadecuc Blu-Ray

Made during General Franco's regime, Pere Portabella's extraordinary Vampir Cuadecuc was filmed on the set of Jess Franco's shocker El Conde Dracula (Count Dracula) starring Christopher Lee, Herbert Lom and the exquisite Soledad Miranda. Filmed in stark black and white, this experimental 'making of' documentary transforms the myth into a powerful metaphor for bloodthirsty fascism, with Dracula as the dictator who feeds on his people. Di..

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Witchhammer Blu-Ray

Witchhammer transforms the horrific tale of a notorious 17th Century witch trial into a powerful allegory of life under totalitarian rule. In a small Czech village, an investigation into a simple superstition unleashes a tide of hysteria and cruelty, as Inquisitors exorcise their own greed and lust through gruesome torture and execution. The beautiful, stark cinematography of Witchhammer echoes both Bergman and Dreyer, and like Ken Russ..

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