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25th Reich Blu-Ray

It's 1944, and the Third Reich is crumbling as the Allies close in on all fronts. But Hitler has a secret weapon up his sleeve - a spaceship fleet to strike back and smash the invasion of the Untermenschen! Fiver American GIs are stationed in the Australian outback on a top-secret mission, with only their wits and a time machine standing between them and Earth's domination under the jackboot. Can they thwart the evil Nazi plans to crush..

£7.30 Ex Tax: £6.08

7 Lives Blu-Ray

Tom (Danny Dyer - The Football Factory, Dead Man Running) is a Family man down on his luck and being seduced by a client at work with promises of a 'more exciting life'. On his way home one night he is attacked by a gang who who beat him to within an inch of his life. And then the real nightmare begins. He falls into a parallel world where he lives five other lives, including a Rock Star, and a boxer. With each 'life' representing his d..

£7.30 Ex Tax: £6.08

Anuvahood Blu-Ray

Meet Kenneth. He thinks he's got the moves. He thinks he's got swagger. But in reality, he's a Wasteman! With his parents screaming in his ear and finding no luck with the ladies, he needs to Fix Up, and fast. When our boy starts selling weed to get himself out of trouble, local badman Tyrone is Vexed, opening up a world of hurt for Kenneth and his misfit crew. But he ain't gonna go down without a fight. It's time for him to get rich, o..

£4.70 Ex Tax: £3.92

Bonded By Blood Blu-Ray

Essex, 1995. Known as the most feared criminals across the south of England, Tony Tucker, Patrick Tate and Craig Ralfe dominate the local crime scene through fear and uncompromised brutality. But in a world where loyalties are constantly tested and cash fortunes are at stake, your closest friend can quickly become your worst enemy, and before long the boys find themselves in a life or death situation that leads to their inevitable downf..

£5.10 Ex Tax: £4.25
Cave Of Forgotten Dreams Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Cave Of Forgotten Dreams Blu-Ray

Cave Of Forgotten Dreams Blu-Ray..

£16.70 Ex Tax: £13.92

City Rats Blu-Ray

Danny Dyer (The Business, Football Factory) and Tamer Hassan (The Business. Layer Cake) return to explosive form in the year s most highly anticipated Brit-flick. Welcome to the world of the City Rats where eight lives collide in a Pulp Fiction style blend that reveals London's true dark and twisted underbelly. Dyer and Hassan give career-best performances in their first collaboration since British gangster film The Business. Special F..

£7.90 Ex Tax: £6.58
Crawlspace Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Crawlspace Blu-Ray

Crawlspace Blu-Ray..

£13.30 Ex Tax: £11.08

Dark Tide Blu-Ray

For experienced open water diver Kate (Halle Berry - X men), the memory of a brutal shark attack has left its scars. But with the bank about to take her boat she accepts a lucrative deal from an extreme thrill-seeking businessman who wants her to lead a dive with Great Whites... outside of the cage. Heading out to sea with her crew she sets course for the world's deadliest feeding ground: Shark Alley. But with a massive storm rolling in..

£4.10 Ex Tax: £3.42

Dead Man Running Blu-Ray

The world's favourite gangster duo is back on breathtaking form in the year's most explosive, high-octane blockbuster! The clock is ticking and the boys, Danny Dyer (Doghouse, The Business) and Tamer Hassan (Eastern Promises, The Business), have just 24 hours to raise $100,000 in cash to pay back bloodthirsty New York kingpin, Mr Thigo (Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson). Fail... and everyone dies. Get ready for an adrenaline-fuelled thrill-ride..

£7.30 Ex Tax: £6.08
Deviation Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Deviation Blu-Ray

Deviation Blu-Ray..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

Elite Squad - The Enemy Within Blu-Ray

Following the disastrousl handling of a brutal prison riot, revered Lieutenant-Colonel Nascimento gets caught in a bitter and bloody one man war against Brazil's highest ranking government officials, and its most deadly paramillitary groups. With breathtaking action scenes, Jose Padilha's critically acclaimed blockbuster, compared by critics to HBO's hit series The Wire, is the most exhilarating and enthralling vision of modern day Rio ..

£7.30 Ex Tax: £6.08
Encounters At The End Of The World Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Encounters At The End Of The World Blu-Ray

Encounters At The End Of The World Blu-Ray..

£9.20 Ex Tax: £7.67
Exit Through The Gift Shop Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Exit Through The Gift Shop Blu-Ray

Exit Through The Gift Shop Blu-Ray..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25
Fire In Babylon Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Fire In Babylon Blu-Ray

Fire In Babylon Blu-Ray..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £10.00
First - The Official Film Of The London 2012 Olympics Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

First - The Official Film Of The London 2012 Olympics Blu-Ray

First - The Official Film Of The London 2012 Olympics Blu-Ray..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

Flowers Of War Blu-Ray

From the multi-award winning director of 'Hero' and 'House Of The Flying daggers' and starring Academy Award winner Christian Bale (The Dark knight Rises, The Fighter). It is 1937, and as Japanese troops and tanks flood the city of Nanking, the fate of its citizens falls on the resolve of a handful of local soldiers and an unlikely hero, John Miller (Christian Bale). But can sheer will, ingenuity and unimaginable bravery be enough to be..

£4.10 Ex Tax: £3.42

Freerunner Blu-Ray

Ryan (Sean Faris - Never Back Down) is a freerunner who will do whatever it takes to break free from vicious mobster Reese (Tamer Hassan - The Business), who controls a band of street racers. They run for the rush and for the money, but now they're running for their lives in the ultimate death race. With exploding collars locked around their necks, they have just one hour to make it across town. Who lives and who dies depends on Mr. Fra..

£6.80 Ex Tax: £5.67

Fury Blu-Ray

A past is a difficult thing to escape. For one man, the escape will be violent, bloody and destructive. Having just served a twenty-five-year prison term for murder, Foley (Samuel L. Jackson - The Avengers, Jackie Brown), is drawn into a dangerous new heist, with an ambitious plan to steal $8million dollars from feared underworld kingpin Xavier (Tom Wilkinson - Valkyrie, Batman Begins). With the son of the man he killed out for revenge,..

£7.50 Ex Tax: £6.25
Grizzly Man Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Grizzly Man Blu-Ray

Grizzly Man Blu-Ray..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £10.00
Heartbreaker Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Heartbreaker Blu-Ray

Heartbreaker Blu-Ray..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25
Into The Abyss Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Into The Abyss Blu-Ray

Into The Abyss Blu-Ray..

£15.30 Ex Tax: £12.75

Iron Sky Blu-Ray

In the last moments of World War II, a secret Nazi space programme evaded destruction by the Allies and made a daring escape to the Moon. 70 years later they have re-colonised, re-armed with devastating new technology and silently plotted their revenge. Witness the ultimate battle for humanity and civilisation as space-age Nazi hordes are unleashed on an unsuspecting Earth. In this time of chaos can the world unite against the Nazi UFO ..

£6.50 Ex Tax: £5.42
Jean Claude Van Damme Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Jean Claude Van Damme Blu-Ray

Jean Claude Van Damme Blu-Ray..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25
Kidulthood Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Kidulthood Blu-Ray

Kidulthood Blu-Ray..

£8.60 Ex Tax: £7.17
Legacy - Black Ops Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Legacy - Black Ops Blu-Ray

Legacy - Black Ops Blu-Ray..

£8.60 Ex Tax: £7.17
Legend Of Bruce Lee Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Legend Of Bruce Lee Blu-Ray

Legend Of Bruce Lee Blu-Ray..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25
Max Manus Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Max Manus Blu-Ray

Max Manus Blu-Ray..

£8.60 Ex Tax: £7.17

Miracle At St Anna Blu-Ray

Miracle At St Anna Blu-Ray..

£5.30 Ex Tax: £4.42

Offender Blu-Ray

How far would you go for revenge? When Tommy Nix (explosive new star Joe Cole) loses his girlfriend (Kimberly Nixon - Black Death, Fresh Meat) and unborn child as a result of a brutal attack by an armed gang, he vows revenge. But with the men responsible for the attack now in prison, he has no option but to follow them there. Facing a tough, unforgiving environment where violence is an everyday occurrence, he will stop at nothing to pun..

£4.90 Ex Tax: £4.08
Pacific - The True Stories Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Pacific - The True Stories Blu-Ray

Pacific - The True Stories Blu-Ray..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

Payback Season Blu-Ray

Leo Gregory (Green Street, Cass) and Adam Deacon (Bonded By Blood, Adulthood) are back on explosive form in this brutal film, which has been compared to Football Factory and Lock Stock. Welcome to the world of football stars, hooligans and gang violence. It's a bloody, vicious world where money and stardom clash dangerously with the darker side of the beautiful game. When ex-hooligan Jerome (Deacon) finds fame as a premiership footballe..

£4.90 Ex Tax: £4.08

Pimp Blu-Ray

Soho: The Heart of London's sex industry. Stanley (Danny Dyer) rules this dark and sleazy world, employing hustler and pimp Woody (Robert Cavanah) as his right hand man. But Woody is having one of the worst weeks of his life, topped off when one of his girls (Barbara Nedeljakova) missing. Now, with a gangland turf war escalating, Woody finds himself on the run through the seedy Soho underworld and questioning his whole life - a life he ..

£4.10 Ex Tax: £3.42

Red Mist Blu-Ray

From Paddy Breathnach, the director of Shrooms, comes this nerve-shredding new horror with a star-studded cast including Arielle Kebbel (The Uninvited), Sarah Carter (Skinwalkers), MyAnna Buring (The Descent), Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval) and Martin Compston. A group of medical students at Forthaven General Hospital study hard and party harder, until a cruel prank accidentally puts the hospital's creepy caretaker into a deep coma. But wh..

£7.90 Ex Tax: £6.58

Shank Blu-Ray

It's London 2015 and merciless gang warfare dominates the decaying capital. The Paper Chaserz stay clear of trouble, but when a conflict with a rival gang gets out of control they find themselves in a terrifying chase across the danger-filled streets of London, risking their lives in search of revenge. Featuring the UK's hottest grime artist Bashy, Adam Deacon (Kidulthood, Adulthood), the stunning Kaya Scodelario (Skins) and exclusive l..

£4.10 Ex Tax: £3.42
Sin Nombre Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Sin Nombre Blu-Ray

Sin Nombre Blu-Ray..

£8.60 Ex Tax: £7.17

Sket Blu-Ray

Top Boy's Ashley Walters makes his highly anticipated return to the estate in the year's most controversial and talked about crime-thriller. Still Top Boy and running a lucrative but underground drug business with his new gang things finally look to be on the up. But in this world things rarely stand still for long and as a new threat to the hierarchy emerges from the streets he'll have to go further than ever before to maintain order. ..

£7.90 Ex Tax: £6.58
Sleeping Beauty Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Sleeping Beauty Blu-Ray

Sleeping Beauty Blu-Ray..

£13.30 Ex Tax: £11.08
Snowtown Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Snowtown Blu-Ray

Snowtown Blu-Ray..

£13.10 Ex Tax: £10.92
Synecdoche NY Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Synecdoche NY Blu-Ray

Synecdoche NY Blu-Ray..

£14.70 Ex Tax: £12.25
Talihina Sky - The Story Of Kings Of Leon Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Talihina Sky - The Story Of Kings Of Leon Blu-Ray

Talihina Sky - The Story Of Kings Of Leon Blu-Ray..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25
Talihna Sky The Story Of Kings Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Talihna Sky The Story Of Kings Blu-Ray

Talihna Sky The Story Of Kings Blu-Ray..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £10.00

Tell No One Blu-Ray

Relentless edge-of-your-seat suspense,high-octane action and a powerful love story. Tell No One follows one man's frantic race against time when his tragic past is suddenly and unexpectedly unearthed. Dr. Alex Beck is left unconscious after his wife and childhood sweetheart, Margot is brutally murdered. Eight years later, Alex receives an anonymous e-mail showing a woman's face in a crowd - Margot's face.. With new hope that his wife is..

£6.60 Ex Tax: £5.50

The Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate Blu-Ray

Welcome to Ming Dynasty China, a country ravaged by civil war. Amongst the chaos a legendary warrior (Jet Li, The Expendables 2) fights for justice against the bloodthirsty armies who terrorise the land. Now all forces, good and evil, will collide at the infamous Dragon Inn for the fulfilment of a great prophecy. The Inn, so legend has it, is the location of a lost city buried deep beneath the desert, whose hidden treasure is only revea..

£7.50 Ex Tax: £6.25

The Infidel Blu-Ray

Mahmud (Omid Djalli - star comic, Sex and The City 2) is a loving husband, doting father and an admittedly "relaxed" Muslim. A normal guy living an everyday life. That is until a chance discovery turns his life upside down, throwing hi into a full-scale identity crisis: it turns out he's adopted, and was actually born Jewish. Featuring an all-star cast of Djalili, Richard Schiff (The West Wing), Matt Lucas (Little Britain), Archie Panja..

£7.30 Ex Tax: £6.08
The Kid Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Kid Blu-Ray

The Kid Blu-Ray..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £10.00
The Round Up Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Round Up Blu-Ray

The Round Up Blu-Ray..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

The Veteran Blu-Ray

When soldier Robert Miller returns home to the UK from Afghanistan he finds it hard to fit back into society. Living on a violent council estate he soon becomes obsessed with taking down a group of local gangsters who are linked to a suspected terrorist cell and embarks on a brutal quest for justice with devastating consequences. Starring BAFTA winner Toby Kebbell (Dead Man's Shoes, RocknRolla) in a career-defining performance, Brian Co..

£4.10 Ex Tax: £3.42

The Woman Blu-Ray

From Lucky McKee (May) and Jack Ketchum (The Girl Next Door) comes the hugely acclaimed The Woman - an immensely powerful and brutal horror with a killer soundtrack and an unforgettably savage climax! The Woman (Pollyanna McIntosh - Exam) is the last surviving member of a violent clan that has roamed the American wilderness for decades. Now she is alone, severely wounded... and vulnerable. When successful country lawyer Chris Cleek stum..

£7.30 Ex Tax: £6.08
Tyson - The Movie Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Tyson - The Movie Blu-Ray

Tyson - The Movie Blu-Ray..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25
Upside Down - The Story Of Creation Records Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Upside Down - The Story Of Creation Records Blu-Ray

Upside Down - The Story Of Creation Records Blu-Ray..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £10.00
What War May Bring Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

What War May Bring Blu-Ray

What War May Bring Blu-Ray..

£14.70 Ex Tax: £12.25

When The Lights Went Out Blu-Ray

Yorkshire, 1974. The three day working week sees power cuts roll across the land as the country is enveloped in darkness. Meanwhile, the Maynard family move into their dream house. It's a dream that quickly descends into a nightmare as the family discovers a horrifying truth: the house is already occupied by a poltergeist. As the attacks on the family become increasingly violent and horrifying it becomes clear that they have only one op..

£4.90 Ex Tax: £4.08