Boogeyman Blu-Ray

Boogeyman Blu-Ray
Boogeyman Blu-Ray Boogeyman Blu-Ray
Stephen T. Kay directs this supernatural horror starring Barry Watson and Emily Deschanel.
Tim (Watson) is a young man haunted by the memories of a horrific incident in his childhood home in which his father was killed.
Convinced that Tim's memories of the mythical Boogeyman are part of an extreme psychological phobia, his psychiatrist sends him back to the house to confront his fears, reasoning that a night spent in his childhood bedroom will cure him.
But when Tim realises that his memories were right all along, he finds himself trapped inside the house with the vicious supernatural killer and decides that he must fight his fears in a more literal manner than his psychiatrist could ever have imagined.
CastBarry Watson, Emily Deschanel, Lucy Lawless
RegionBlu-Ray B

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