Rise Of The Nazis 2 DVD

Rise Of The Nazis 2 DVD
Hitler is at the peak of his power and now faces the Soviet dictator, Stalin. He tries to deceive Stalin with a plan to invade Britain, while preparing an attack on the Soviet Union. But Stalin has spies who have an inside man in Hitler’s HQ.
Believing in their own infallibility both dictators take charge of their armies. When Germany’s conquest of the Soviet Union falters, Hitler gambles on a climactic battle at the city bearing the Soviet dictator’s name – Stalingrad.
With Germany facing defeat on the Eastern Front, Hitler is forced to retreat. Deep rifts emerge and his inner circle vies for power. As resistance builds and an enemy within plots to kill him, Hitler pushes Germany to untold destruction.
Venturing inside the minds of two dictators, each by blinded delusions of their own invincibility, this is a story of why dictatorships fail. It is also a frightening account of the hubris and dark political arts that conspired to destroy freedom, but ultimately destroyed itself.

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