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Absentia Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Absentia Blu-Ray

One of the most frightening horror films of recent years, Absentia is the critically-acclaimed, multi-award winning breakthrough film from the director of Oculus. Tricia's husband Daniel has been missing for seven years and with the support of her sister Callie she finally declares him legally dead 'in absentia'. As Tricia tries to move on with her life she becomes haunted by terrifying visions. Callie meanwhile is drawn to an ominous t..

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Absolute Beginners Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Absolute Beginners Blu-Ray

Set against a backdrop of emerging teen culture and rising racial tension in late 50s London, Colin MacInnes' cult novel is brought to the screen in Julien Temple's lavish musical adaptation. Struggling young photographer Colin sees his ambitious, fame-seeking girlfriend Crepe Suzette slipping away as she ruthlessly pursues a career in fashion. To win her back he'll need to compromise his idealism and do whatever it takes to make the bi..

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Assault On Precinct 13 Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Assault On Precinct 13 Blu-Ray

Assault On Precinct 13..

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Basket Case - The Trilogy Blu-Ray

What's in the Basket? A question Duane Bradley is asked a lot when he arrives in New York and checks into the sleazy Hotel Broslin. Who would guess it contains his grotesquely deformed brother Belial?! Separated at birth, the Siamese twins have come looking for revenge on the doctors that left Belial for dead and now the basket-dweller's ready to wreak blood-soaked carnage. Where the original classic ends the sequels pick up and things ..

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Ben Blu-Ray

Danny Garrison, a lonely young boy with a heart condition, finds a friend in Ben, a rat once trained by misfit Willard Stiles. Danny's new best friend protects him from bullying and keeps his spirits up through hard times. But all is not well in Ben's colony and the other rodents terrify the town with a series of violent attacks. The police are determined to wipe them out. Can Ben survive? Special Features New HD Transfer And Restorati..

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Betty Blue Blu-Ray

A landmark in French cinema, Betty Blue is Jean-Jacques Beineix's erotically charged and visually intoxicating film althat introduced the world to a new screen icon, Beatrice Dalle. Laid-back handyman Zorg spends his time doing odd jobs on beach-front bungalows, making chilli and harbouring dreams of becoming a writer. His life is turned upside down with the arrival of the beautiful but volatile Betty. They begin a romance fuelled by in..

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Breathless Blu-Ray

On the run after killing a cop, small-time crook Jesse Lujack teams up with French student Monica and seduces her into taking a trip to Mexico with him. It isn't long before his criminal activities catch up with them both and Monica is forced to decide her fate. A remake of Jean-Luc Godard's 'A Bout de Souffle', director Jim McBride’s stylish re-imagining has won a legion of fans including Quentin Tarantino. Special Features 'Still Bre..

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Brotherhood Of Blades Blu-Ray

Described as one of the 'best martial arts films of the last 30 years' (Blood Brothers). Brotherhood of Blades tells an epic tale of power struggles, betrayal and conspiracies during the final years of the Ming Dynasty. When three elite Assassins are tasked by the Emperor to eliminate a powerful enemy and his loyal followers, they find themselves pulled into in a treacherous conspiracy which can only lead to a bloody battle for the Empi..

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Carmen Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Carmen Blu-Ray

The heat and passion of Bizet’s opera Carmen is brought to life as never before in Francesco Rosi’s definitive, highly-acclaimed version starring Placido Domingo, Julia Migenes and Ruggero Raimondi. In Seville of 1820 a naive soldier Don Jose falls under the spell of sensual temptress Carmen. He deserts from the army, gives up everything to be with her, only to be spurned in favour of the toreador Escamillo. His desperate pleas for her ..

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Channel Zero - Candle Cove Season 1 Blu-Ray

From the creator of ‘Hannibal’ comes a terrifying new series. Child psychologist Mike Painter has ever-growing suspicions that a TV show called ‘Candle Cove’ may have played a role in a series of nightmarish events from his childhood, including the disappearance of his twin brother in the summer of 1988. When he returns home to investigate what happened all those years ago, Mike finds out that it - whatever it was - may be happening aga..

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Colors Blu-Ray

Directed by Dennis Hopper, this hard-hitting portrait of L.A.'s gang culture stars Sean Penn as the hot-headed rookie cop Danny McGavin reluctantly teamed up with Robert Duvall's experienced street-wise Bob Hodges. Their investigation of a brutal murder sees them drawn into a dangerous turf war and as the violence escalates differences are put aside in a fight for survival on the streets of L.A. Special Features A Cry Of Alarm - An Int..

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Dreamscape Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Dreamscape Blu-Ray

Dreamscape Blu-Ray..

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Electric Dreams Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Electric Dreams Blu-Ray

Miles is helpless, hopeless and about to blow a fuse. He has a problem. His computer Edgar has decided to wreck his life. He's ruined his credit rating, run up his phone bill, cancelled his plane reservations, locked him out of his house and now he's trying to steal his girlfriend. Meet Madeline... she's blonde, brilliant and waiting for the sparks to fly! One of the classic films of the 80s. Special Features New Restoration Presented ..

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Flight Of The Navigator Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Flight Of The Navigator Blu-Ray

It's 1978 and 12-year-old David Freeman is knocked unconscious after taking a tumble in the woods. He wakes up and heads for home only to find strangers living there. It's now 1986 and he's been missing for eight years. NASA believes he's been abducted by aliens and want to use him in their research. But with the guidance of a strange unseen entity he discovers a top-secret spaceship and, with the help of Max the computer, sets off on a..

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From Beyond Blu-Ray

From the team that brought you the gloriously perverse Re-Animator cames another H.P. Lovecraft adaptation, the equally surreal horror classic From Beyond. Obsessive scientist Dr. Pretorius and his assistant Crawford Tillinghast have invented 'The Resonator', a device intended to stimulate the brain's pineal gland and expand the powers of the mind. The machine gives them more than they bargained for however when. A parallel universe inh..

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Ghost Story Blu-Ray

Four elderly, affluent friends form The Chowder Society, meeting regularly to drink brandy, smoke cigars and share chilling ghost stories. Following the suspicious death of one of the member's sons and the subsequent apparition of a mysterious young woman, the old friends are forced to confront a terrible secret from their past. What follows is the most terrifying ghost story of all, one in which they have all played a part. Special Fe..

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Gregorys Girl Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Gregorys Girl Blu-Ray

Gawky teenager Gregory loses his place as striker in the school’s shambolic football team but soon finds comfort with the arrival of new star signing Dorothy. "She’s ab-sol-ute-ly gorgeous" he pines to his equally girl-obsessed mates. He sets out to win her heart but when he finally gets his dream date there’s a surprise in store for Gregory. A regular entry in any list of the greatest British films, Bill Forsyth's Gregory's Girl is one..

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Heavens Gate Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Heavens Gate Blu-Ray

Based on the infamous Johnson County War of 1892, Michael Cimino's epic western is now hailed as a masterpiece of American cinema and is presented here in its newly restored and definitive director's cut. Harvard graduate James Averill has returned to Wyoming as a Marshall and is facing a county with growing divisions and escalating tensions. The powerful, government-backed cattle barons are waging war on the immigrant settlers they bra..

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Heimat - A Chronicle Of Germany Blu-Ray

Five years in the making, Heimat is one of the most compelling and highly praised dramas in television history. This epic tale of a family and their rural life in a small German village is told against the changing backdrop of a country's turbulent history from 1919 to 1982. From the aftermath of the First World War, economic hardship, the rise and fall of Nazism, the Second World War and the decades that followed, life in the village g..

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La Gloire De Mon Pere / Le Chateau De Ma Mere Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

La Gloire De Mon Pere / Le Chateau De Ma Mere Blu-Ray

Based on the childhood memoirs of Marcel Pagnol, author of Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources, Yves Robert's La Gloire de Mon Pere and its sequel Le Chateau de Ma Mere are two of the most loved and successful French films ever made. An adult Marcel nostalgically recalls idyllic retreats with his family to the hills of Provence. A love affair with the country began and during those perfect days he found new respect for his school-tea..

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Les Enfants Du Paradis Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Les Enfants Du Paradis Blu-Ray

Voted 'The Best French Film ever made' by the French Film Academy. Les Enfants du Paradis is a film of such dazzling proportionsand, following a meticulous restoration, now looks and sounds as never before. Set amidst the glittering theatre world of 19th century Paris, the story revolves around the beautiful and free-spirited courtesan, Garance, and the four men who compete for her affections: a mime-artist, an actor, an aristocrat and ..

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Midnight Run Blu-Ray

Bounty hunter Jack Walsh has got a new assignment, one that could set him up for retirement. He's just got to get bail-jumping accountant Jonathan 'The Duke' Mardukas back to L.A. by midnight on Friday. But he's not the only one on his trail. The Duke's just embezzled $15 million from the mob who want him dead, trying to get him first are the FBI who want him to testify. Five minutes in his company and Jack just wants him to shut up. It..

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Mississippi Burning Blu-Ray

Nominated for six Oscars, Alan Parker's Mississippi Burning is based on one of the most notorious race-related murder cases in US history. When three civil rights activists go missing deep in Ku Klux Klan territory, the FBI are called in to investigate. Agents Ward and Anderson are poles apart in their approach, one methodical and by-the-book, the other more cynical with age and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Facin..

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Once Were Warriors Blu-Ray

Lee Tamahori’s highly acclaimed film is a powerful, unflinching depiction of domestic and gang violence within New Zealand’s urban Maori community. After eighteen years of marriage Beth is still in love with the charismatic but brutal Jake. Spending most of the time in the pub, proving his masculinity with his fists, his aggression is taken out on Beth when he returns home. As she struggles to keep her family together, events unfold tha..

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Picnic At Hanging Rock - The Directors Cut Blu-Ray

On Saturday 14th February 1900 a party of schoolgirls from Appleyard College took a trip to Hanging Rock near Mt. Macedon in the state of Victoria. During the idyllic sun-drenched afternoon some of the party left the rest of the group and having climbed higher, stopped to rest and fell asleep. They awoke as though still in a dream and silently ventured further through a passage in the imposing rock face. Some of the girls were never see..

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Piranha (Original) Blu-Ray

When two hiking teens go missing around Lost River Lake, private investigator Maggie McKeown teams up with the local drunk to look for clues. Their search takes them to a secret military base where they inadvertently let loose an experimental strain of mutant piranha. Now the guests at every resort downriver are on the menu! Producer Roger Corman, director Joe Dante and screenwriter John Sayles serve up one of the great gorefest cult cl..

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Possession Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Possession Blu-Ray

A film like no other, Possession is an intense, shocking experience that was banned in the UK as a 'video nasty'. At Cannes Film Festival however the film was nominated for the Palme d'Or and Isabelle Adjani won Best Actress for her mesmerising performance. With their marriage in pieces Anna and Mark's tense relationship has become a psychotic descent into screaming matches, violence and self-mutilation. Believing his wife's only lover ..

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Quest For Fire Blu-Ray

80,000 years ago a primitive tribe desperately guards its most valued possession, fire. They know how to tend it, how to use it, but its creation remains a mystery. During an attack by a neighbouring tribe their flame is lost and so begins an epic, obstacle-filled quest to find another source of the element so precious in their struggle for survival. Jean-Jacques Annaud's multi-award winning film is an extraordinary view of the dawn of ..

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Re-Animator Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Re-Animator Blu-Ray

One of the most celebrated, outrageous and original horror films of all time, Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator is a darkly comic tale that 'upped the '80's gore ante at a time when blood was already flowing freely' (Total Film). Brilliant, if somewhat deranged, medical student Herbert West arrives at Miskatonic Medical School and immediately sneers at his professor's outdated views on death. West has his own outlandish theories and has conco..

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Scanners Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Scanners Blu-Ray

David Cronenberg's Scanners is one of cinema's great horror films and features one of the genres most iconic moments. Drifter Cameron Vale is plagued by incessant voices in his head unaware that he is a Scanner, a group of people with extraordinary powers who can not only read minds but literally tear them apart. He is discovered by a scientist aiming to help his kind adapt to society. However an underground movement of Scanners led by ..

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Scanners II - The New Order Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Scanners II - The New Order Blu-Ray

In this sequel to David Cronenberg's original classic a corrupt, power-crazed police official has high ambitions and plans to use the telepathic power of Scanners to achieve his goal. With the aid of scientist and a new drug, he believes he can control their minds to do his bidding but a rogue Scanner has other plans...

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Scanners III - The Takeover Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Scanners III - The Takeover Blu-Ray

In the final installment of the trilogy that began with David Cronenberg's classic shocker, a Scanner named Helena takes an experimental drug which turns her into a psychotic killer. As she goes on a murderous rampage with visions of world domination, only one man can stop her, her brother Alex...

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Sherlock Holmes - The Hound Of The Baskervilles Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Sherlock Holmes - The Hound Of The Baskervilles Blu-Ray

For generations the Baskerville family believes they have been cursed by a diabolical killer hound that prowls the fog-drenched moors of their estate. When Sir Henry Baskerville is found dead the great detective Sherlock Holmes embarks on his most famous case and will need all his skills of deduction to unravel this haunting mystery and the legend of the hound. Special Features Audio Commentary By Renowned 'Sherlock Holmes' Expert Davi..

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Sherlock Holmes - The Sign Of Four Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Sherlock Holmes - The Sign Of Four Blu-Ray

A young woman desperate for help enlists the aid of Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Watson. Draw in by her intriguing tale the game is afoot and they begin to delve deeper into the case of a missing army captain in India, secret pacts and a king's ransom in stolen jewels, all the while shadowed by a mysterious peg-legged man and his dangerous associate. Special Features Audio Commentary By Renowned 'Sherlock Holmes' Expert David Stua..

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Short Circuit Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Short Circuit Blu-Ray

Number 5 is alive in the classic 80s comedy sci-fi adventure Short Circuit. An experimental military robot escapes after being struck by lightning and given human intelligence. He finds a home with madcap Stephanie Speck who believes he's an alien but hot on the trail are scientists Newton Crosby and his assistant who must get to their creation before the army who plan to puts Number 5 out of service permanently. Special Features Comme..

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Southern Comfort Blu-Ray

From Walter Hill, legendary director of The Warriors and The Long Riders, comes this gripping cult classic. A routine training exercise in the Louisiana bayou becomes an all too real war of attrition when a unit of brash National Guardsmen unwittingly upset a group of local Cajun hunters. Lost in unknown territory and armed with little more than blank ammo, the weekend soldiers face a terrifying battle for survival against an unforgivin..

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Space Truckers Blu-Ray

Space Truckers Blu-Ray..

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State Of Grace Blu-Ray

A decade after leaving his old Irish-American neighbourhood, Terry Noonan is welcomed back to New York's Hell's Kitchen. A one-time street tough, Terry is now an undercover police officer targeting the head of the old gang, crime boss Frankie Flannery. As he rekindles old friendships to get closer to his target, loyalties are questioned, tension escalates and the old neighbourhood is ready to explode. Special Features 'Directing A Bunc..

£10.30 Ex Tax: £8.58

Streets Of Fire Blu-Ray

Walter Hill's classic, highly stylized 'rock & roll fable' has gained a huge cult following since its original 1984 release and with its backdrop of rain-drenched, neon-lit streets is one of the most visually iconic films of the decade. Big time rock singer Ellen Aim is playing her hometown when she's grabbed from the stage by local bike gang The Bombers, led by the menacing Raven. Tom Cody, a tough ex-soldier and Ellen's ex-boyfriend r..

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Super Mario Bros Blu-Ray

Brooklyn plumbers Mario and Luigi get the shock of their lives when they discover a parallel world populated by the intelligent descendants of dinosaurs! It seems they weren’t destroyed by a meteor millions of years ago but hurled into another dimension and now have plans to rule our world. It’s up to our unlikely heroes to battle the evil King Koopa and his ‘Goomba’ guards, free the beautiful Princess Daisy and save mankind in this adv..

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Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense Blu-Ray

Widely hailed as the greatest concert movie ever made, director Jonathan Demme's celebrated film captures. Talking Heads live at Hollywood's Pantages Theatre in December, 1983. The film's legendary opening sees David Byrne walk onto an empty stage and give a mesmerising, stripped-back rendition of Psycho Killer. With each new song another band member joins him until the Talking Heads are complete and Byrne tajes to thestage in the iconi..

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Taxi Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Taxi Blu-Ray

Buckle up for this Luc Besson produced, high-octane classic that took the cinematic car chase to a whole other level. Speed freak taxi driver Daniel is forced to make a deal with the police or lose his licence. His reckless skills behind the wheel are just what the bungling local inspector needs to catch a gang of serial bank robbers. Together the misfit pair team up for heart-pounding, adrenaline-filled chases through the streets of Ma..

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The Amityville Horror Steelbook Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Amityville Horror Steelbook Blu-Ray

The Amityville Horror Limited Edition Steelbook Blu-Ray..

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The Beatles - A Hard Days Night Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Beatles - A Hard Days Night Blu-Ray

In 1964 the biggest band on the planet made their big screen debut with A Hard Day's Night, a groundbreaking film that presented a 'typical day' in the life of The Fab Four as they tried to outrun screaming fans, find Paul's mischievous grandfather, deal with a stressed TV producer and make it to the show on time. Directed with unrelenting verve by Richard Lester, whose innovative techniques paved the way for generations of music videos..

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The Brood Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Brood Blu-Ray

The Brood is one of director David Cronenberg's most chilling and disturbing works, as shocking today as it was when originally released. Frank Carveth is becoming increasingly concerned about his ex-wife Nola's secretive treatment at the sinister 'Somafree Institute of Psychoplasmics' headed by cult figure Dr Raglan, the doctor's controversial and extreme methods seek to unleash his patients' rage, often taking on physical manifestatio..

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The Canterville Ghost Blu-Ray

A magical adaptation of Oscar Wilde's classic tale with an all-star cast headed by Patrick Stewart, Neve Campbell, Joan Sims, Donald Sinden and Cherie Lunghi. Fearing a life of boredom when her family relocates from America to a sprawling English stately home, teenager Ginny Otis is in for quite a surprise. Strange goings-on are soon explained when she encounters the ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville who can only be seen by Ginny and he..

£16.70 Ex Tax: £13.92

The Colour Of Pomegranates - Limited Edition Blu-Ray

Sergei Parajanov’s celebrated, dreamlike masterpiece paints an astonishing portrait of the 18th century Armenian poet Sayat Nova, the ‘King of Song’. Parajanov’s aim was not a conventional biography but a cinematic expression of his work, resulting in an extraordinary visual poem. Key moments in his subject’s life are illustrated through a series of exquisitely orchestrated tableaux filled with rich colour and stunning iconography, each..

£26.50 Ex Tax: £22.08
The Decline Of Western Civilisation Collection Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Decline Of Western Civilisation Collection Blu-Ray

The Decline Of Western Civilisation Collection Blu-Ray..

£30.10 Ex Tax: £25.08
The Endless Summer - Limited Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Endless Summer - Limited Blu-Ray

The Endless Summer - Limited..

£20.00 Ex Tax: £16.67
The Endless Summer Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Endless Summer Blu-Ray

The Endless Summer Blu-Ray..

£16.70 Ex Tax: £13.92
The Long Riders Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Long Riders Blu-Ray

Walter Hill's classic take on the Western follows the exploits of the infamous Jesse James / Cole Younger gang, the brothers all famously played by real-life siblings the Keachs, Carradines, Quaids and Guests. In post-Civil War America this legendary band of outlaws blaze a trail across the west, robbing banks, trains and stagecoaches culminating in the infamous Northfield, Minnesota bank raid and of the most acclaimed and explosive cli..

£10.30 Ex Tax: £8.58
The Ninth Configuration Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Ninth Configuration Blu-Ray

From the author of The Exorcist comes one of cinema's most unique and extraordinary films, now hailed as a cult classic. Army psychiatrist Colonel Kane is posted to a secluded Gothic castle housing a military asylum. With a reserved calm he indulges the inmates' delusions, allowing them free rein to express their fantasies. But some are wary of the newcomer and his methods. There may be more to Kane than meets the eye and the insanity e..

£16.70 Ex Tax: £13.92

The Slipper And The Rose Blu-Ray

The enduring tale of Cinderella comes to life as never before in this Oscar-nominated musical. The King of Euphrania is growing increasingly troubled that his son and heir, Prince Edward, has not yet taken a wife. And so a plan is hatched, to hold a royal ball and invite every princess in the land, despite the Prince’s protests. Meanwhile Cinderella lives in misery, her father has died and her wicked stepmother has made her the house s..

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original) Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original) Blu-Ray

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre not only changed the face of horror in 1974 but remains one of the most shocking, powerful and terrifying films ever made. Widely banned on its release, its notoriety has not diminished and this harrowing tale of a depraved Texan clan, and its chain saw wielding icon of horror Leatherface, continues to stun and disturb audiences like no other film. This new director-supervised restoration brings new life and..

£10.30 Ex Tax: £8.58

Thunderbolt And Lightfoot Blu-Ray

The directorial debut of the legendary filmmaker Michael Cimino sees Eastwood and Bridges at their best, the latter earning an Oscar nomination. Thunderbolt and his old gang had the perfect plan. Steal the money, hide it in an old schoolhouse, lay low and collect when the heat was off. What they didn't figure on was a new building going up in its place. And now Thunderbolt's got himself a new partner, Lightfoot, and the chase for the lo..

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Willard / Ben - Limited Edition Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Willard / Ben - Limited Edition Blu-Ray

Willard / Ben - Limited Edition Blu-Ray..

£17.30 Ex Tax: £14.42

Willard Blu-Ray

Not much is going right for meek misfit Willard Stiles. He’s constantly screamed at by his overbearing mother, ruthlessly bullied by the boss who stole his father’s business and mercilessly laughed at by his co-workers. Willard eventually turns to a colony of rats for friendship and with training they will soon do anything for their new friend. It’s time for Willard to get even. Special Features New 4K Scan Of The Original Camera Negat..

£16.70 Ex Tax: £13.92
XTRO Limited Edition Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

XTRO Limited Edition Blu-Ray

XTRO Limited Edition Blu-Ray..

£26.10 Ex Tax: £21.75