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1864 - Complete Mini Series Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

1864 - Complete Mini Series Blu-Ray

Two brothers; Laust and Peter grow up poor but happy in the Danish countryside. Both boys fall in love with the adorable Inge, a local Proprietor's daughter, who in turns loves Peter for his sensitivity and intellect, and Laust for his strength and drive. Following victories in the First Schleswig-Holstein War of 1848-50 and in utter disregard of a treaty signed with the major powers of Europe, Denmark's political powers spark a second ..

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Anzac Girls Blu-Ray

Anzac Girls follows the story of five young nurses from Australia and New Zealand who travelled halfway across the world to serve in The Great War. They enlisted for the same reasons as the men - duty, patriotism, adventure. The first women volunteers for the Army Nursing Service sailed from Australia bound for the Great War. Diverted to Egypt in preparation for the Gallipoli campaign they served in Alexandria, Lemnos and on the Western..

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Band Of Brothers Steel Tin Blu-Ray

Based on the bestseller by Stephen E. Ambrose, Band Of Brothers tells the story of Easy Company, 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, U.S. Army. Drawn from interviews with Easy Company, as well as soldiers' journals and letters, Band Of Brothers chronicles the experiences of these men who knew extraordinary bravery and extraordinary fear. They were an elite rifle company parachuting into France early on D-Day morning, fighting..

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Birdsong - Complete Mini Series Blu-Ray

Sebastian Faulks’ epic love story set against the First World War, which became a modern classic when it was published in 1993, is adapted for the screen for the first time by Abi Morgan. The action of the two part film moves between 1910 and 1916, telling the story of Stephen Wraysford (Eddie Redmayne), a young Englishman who arrives in Amiens in Northern France to stay with the Azaire family and falls desperately in love with Isabelle..

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Generation Kill - Complete Mini Series Blu-Ray

Baghdad, Iraq 2003. Mission: Unclear. Enemy: Unidentified. Duration of Tour: Unknown. It was impossible for the Marines of the First Recon Battalion to anticipate what would occur during those first 40 days of the Iraq war as they found themselves struggling with Shoddy supplies, frustrated by the chain of command and questioning the mission at every turn. Fused with camaraderie, faith and fury, Generation Kill brings you the gritty, ra..

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Generation War Blu-Ray

Career-soldier Wilhelm, his pacifist younger brother Friedhelm, and their friends Charlotte, Viktor and Greta say farewell in the summer of 1941 in Berlin, with the promise to meet again after the war. Wilhelm and his brother have been ordered to the eastern front, Charlotte will join them as a nurse in a field hospital there. In Berlin, Greta makes a name for herself as a singer, with the help of a high-ranking party official. Her Jewi..

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Sharpes Classic Collection Blu-Ray

Sean Bean (Lord Of The Rings, Goldeneye) is Sharpe, a troubled outsider, who following an heroic act of bravery, finds himself promoted to the rank of officer. In this definitive collection of the acclaimed drama, follow his breathtaking adventures commanding the King’s Rifles during the Napoleonic Wars. Episodes Include: Sharpe's Rifles Sharpe's Eagle Sharpe's Company Sharpe's Enemy Sharpe's Honour Sharpe's Gold Sharpe's Battle Sharpe..

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The Pacific - Complete Mini Series Blu-Ray

From executive producers Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and Gary Goetzman, The Pacific tracks the real-life journeys of three U.S. Marines Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale), Eugene Sledge (Joe Mazzello), and John Basilone (Jon Seda) across the vast canvas of the Pacific theatre during World War II. The miniseries follows these men and their fellow Marines from their first battle with the Japanese on Guadalcanal, through the rain forests of..

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The Saboteurs Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Saboteurs Blu-Ray

Nobel Prize winning German scientist, Werner Heisenberg, is aiding the Nazis’ efforts to develop an atom bomb using ‘heavy water’ from a factory deep in the Norwegian mountains. Desperate to crush Hitler’s catastrophic goal, The Allies plan and mount a series of daring sabotage missions to blow up the plant before the Germans can create their potentially devastating nuclear weapon, an enterprise fraught with many dilemmas and epic chall..

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