Anonymous Noise Blu-Ray

Anonymous Noise Blu-Ray
Anonymous Noise Blu-Ray Anonymous Noise Blu-Ray
All 12 episodes of the Japanese anime based on the manga by Ryoko Fukuyama.
When she parts from two childhood friends, Nino Arisugawa (voice of Saori Hayami) channels her grief by singing melodies to the sea.
A number of years later Nino finds herself reunited with the two boys, Momo (Kouki Uchiyama) and Yuzu (Daiki Yamashita), as they all attend the same high school.
However, no longer children, Nino struggles to make sense of her conflicting feelings for each of them as she continues to use music as a way of guiding her feelings.
The episodes are: 'We're Hiding How We Truly Feel', 'God, I Pray That Alice's Love Will Never Be Realized', 'Whatever It Takes, Right Now', 'The Day, We Who Were Hiding How We Truly Felt Joined Hands', 'I Wouldn't Have Had to See You Smile Like That', 'Today and Tomorrow, We'll Walk', 'Our Lines of Sight Finally Overlapped', 'I Will Be Your Friend, I Swear I Will', 'And So, We Took Off Running for That Summer', 'The One Who Lit a Fire Inside Alice Was Me', 'I'll Make It So All of Them Can Never Leave' and 'I Pray It Reaches You'.
DirectorHideya Takahashi

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