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Bag Boy Lover Boy Blu-Ray

It has been hailed as “raw, funny and twisted” (PopOptiq), condemned as “soul-crushing and dripping with filth” (, and cheered as “a fresh new outsider vision” (Fantasia) at film festivals around the world. In this “sincerely disturbing” (Indiewire) debut from co-writer/director Andres Torres, a slow-witted misfit named Albert (Jon Wachter, giving what HorrorNews calls “the best male performance in a horror film this ..

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Baskin Blu-Ray

Critics have called it “gut-churning” (The Guardian), “a death-ravaged orgy” (The Film Stage) and “a waking nightmare that will melt your face off.” (Diabolique Magazine). Horror fans have compared it to the most extreme works of Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento and Clive Barker. Now the breakthrough debut of director Can Evrenol – and the film that stunned festival audiences throughout North America – finally comes to UK Blu-ray: When five c..

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Birdemic - Shock And Terror Blu-Ray

It is a tender love story. A graphic horror shocker. An urgent ecological warning. And around the world, it became the must-see 'midnight movie' sensation of the year: From writer/producer/director/visionary James Nguyen - The Master Of The Romantic Thriller - comes the story of a sexy lingerie model (Whitney Moore) and a successful software salesman (Alan Bagh) on a weekend getaway to a quaint Northern California town. But when the ent..

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Bloody Moon Blu-Ray

As the 'body count' genre stabbed its way into audiences' hearts in the early '80s, EuroTrash auteur Jess Franco (Sadomania, Mansion Of The Living Dead) was asked to create his own saga of slaughtered schoolgirls complete with gratuitous nudity, graphic violence and gory set pieces. But just when you thought you'd seen it all, Franco shocked the world by delivering surprising style, genuine suspense and a cavalcade of depravity that inc..

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Felicity Blu-Ray

She ain't mama's little girl no more! The luscious Glory Annen stars as Felicity Robinson, a sheltered teen who surrenders her blossoming body to a world of bold sexual adventure. From her forbidden pleasures at an all-girl school in England to wanton hungers in the exotic underground of Hong Kong, Felicity finds herself deflowered, defiled and ultimately delighted by the shame and ecstasy of a libido unleashed. Penthouse model Joni Fly..

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Kung Fu - Trailers Of Fury Blu-Ray

Non-stop brutal boxers, shaolin poles, fat dragons, iron claws and one-armed masters! Get ready for the most ass-kicking, face-smashing, snake-fisting trailer collection of them all! From the golden age of kung fu cinema comes this insane tsunami of masters, mobsters, furious vengeance and incredible fighting styles, starring Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Lo Lieh, Sammo Hung, Angela Mao, Chuck Norris, and Jimmy Wang Yu. These are the most ove..

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She Killed In Ecstasy Blu-Ray

For his follow-up to Vampyros Lesbos, director Jess Franco delivered perhaps his most twisted shocker of the ‘70s: In what fans and critics consider to be her greatest role, the luscious Soledad Miranda – in one of her final performances before her tragic death – stars as the vengeful widow who seduces then murders the men and women responsible for her husband’s suicide. Howard Vernon (The Awful Dr. Orloff), Paul Muller (Barbed Wire Dol..

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The Killing Of America Blu-Ray

"All of the film you are about to see is real," it begins. "Nothing has been staged." In 1981, filmmakers Sheldon Renan and Academy Award nominee Leonard Schrader (Kiss Of The Spider Woman, Mishima, Blue Collar) created a graphic and provocative examination of America's history with - and penchant for - senseless violence, mass shootings and cold-blooded murder. It was condemned as "exploitive and obscene" (The New York Times), acclaim..

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The Manson Family - Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Manson Family - Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray

The Manson Family - Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray..

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The Survivor Blu-Ray

When a 747 crash lands in a Sydney suburb a still-spectacular sequence that helped make this the most expensive Australian film of its time the inferno kills everyone on board except the pilot (Robert Powell of Jesus Of Nazareth and Tommy) who emerges from the wreckage miraculously unscathed. But as a local psychic (Jenny Agutter of An American Werewolf In London) begins to communicate with the spirits of the doomed passengers, it will ..

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Vampyros Lesbos Blu-Ray

From Jess Franco, the filmmaker The Vatican called “the most dangerous director in the world”, comes the most celebrated movie of his legendary career: Stunning Soledad Miranda stars as a vixen vampire who lures women to a Mediterranean island to satisfy her insatiable lust for female flesh and blood. It’s a mind-bending odyssey of surreal erotica and ‘70s EuroHorror, featuring the psycho-sexadelic soundtrack that remains a global pheno..

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What Blu-Ray

Roman Polanski described it as "the ribald adventures of an innocent girl". Critics called it "an amoral, depraved disaster". More than four decades after its controversial release, it remains the most butchered, debated and least-seen film of the Oscar-winning directors entire career. The succulent Sydne Rome stars as an oft-naked American girl lost inside a Mediterranean villa inhabited by priests, pianists, perverts and a syphilitic ..

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