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A Spell To Ward Off The Darkness Blu-Ray

A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness, the first feature-length collaboration between artist filmmakers Ben Rivers (Two Years at Sea) and Ben Russell (Let Each One Go Where He May) follows an unnamed character through three seemingly disparate moments in his life. With little explanation, we join him in the midst of a 15-person collective on a small Estonian island; in isolation in the majestic wilderness of Northern Finland; and during a co..

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Bullhead Blu-Ray

Oscar nominated and featuring a ferocious breakout performance from Matthias Schoenaerts (Rust & Bone), Bullhead is a stunningly visceral tale of rage, redemption and revenge. Working on the fringes of the murky underworld and constantly pumped on steroids and hormones, the domineering Jacky (Matthias Schoenaerts) initiates a shady deal with a notorious Mafioso meat trader. But when an investigating federal agent is assassinated and a w..

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By Our Selves Blu-Ray + DVD

The poet John Clare's escape from Epping Forest; an epic march through hunger and madness, is an English journey to set beside 'A Pilgrim's Progress'. Toby Jones, lain Sinclair and a Straw Bear follow in his footsteps exactly 150 years after his death. En route they bump into Macgillivray, Dr. Simon Kovesi and the wizard Alan Moore, their progress narrated by Toby's father Freddie, a maverick actor who featured in numerous David Lynch f..

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Chris Marker Collection Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Chris Marker Collection Blu-Ray

This collection of Chris Marker films consists of three works that pre-date La Jetee, the featurette that firmly planted his name as a filmmaker, as well as a series of seven shorter films that span each decade of his career thereafter. These remarkable curios reveal much about him, his ideas and his visuality, as well as his take on the modern world from an artistic point-of-view - from China, Siberia and Israel in the 1950s to the Pen..

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Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky Blu-Ray

Picking up where the film Coco Before Chanel left off, Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky delves straight into the style icons life post-stardom. It is 1913 and the opening night of Igor Stravinskys anticipated The Rite of Spring. All the Parisian glitterati are in attendance, including the ever-chic Coco Chanel. Seven years on, Coco meets Igor and the attraction is electric. She invites him and his family to move into her country villa, and..

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Compliance Blu-Ray

Described as 'one of the most shocking films ever made', Compliance recounts a chilling true story with startlingly authentic performances, making the unbelievable events unfolding onscreen difficult to watch but impossible to turn away from. Highly-strung fast food manager Sandra receives a phone call from a police officer, informing her than an employee has stolen money from a customer. Convinced she's only doing what's right, she com..

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Dead Man Blu-Ray

An existential psychedelic western, Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man tracks a young man's Homeric odyssey through the nineteenth-century American West. Lost and badly wounded, William Blake (Johnny Depp) encounters an outcast Native American named Nobody (Gary Farmer). Contrary to Blake's nature, circumstances transform him into a hunted outlaw, a killer, and a man whose physical existence is slowly slipping away. Special Features Deleted Scene..

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Disorder Blu-Ray

Following a tour of duty, Special Services soldier Vincent (Matthias Schoenaerts) takes a job in security for a wealthy businessman and his family. During a lavish party at their luxurious villa in the French Riviera, Vincent senses that something is amiss. When his employer is then urgently called away on business Vincent is left to ensure the safety of his wife Jessie (Diane Kruger) and their child. Suffering from post-traumatic stres..

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Down By Law Blu-Ray

Three ill-fated men - a small-time pimp Jack (John Lurie) an unemployed DJ Zack (Tom Waits) and a strong-willed Italian tourist (Roberto Benigni) - meet in the confined space of New Orleans prison cell. Undeterred by Jack and Zack's evident disdain, Roberto shares with them his improbable plans of escape, thrusting them into an adventure through the Lousiana bayous. Jim Jarmusch's "neo-Beat noir comedy" is a pitch-black fairytale that l..

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Finding Vivian Maier Blu-Ray

A mysterious nanny, who secretly took over 100,000 photographs that were hidden in storage lockers and, discovered decades later, is now among the twentieth century’s greatest photographers. Maier’s strange and riveting life and art are revealed through never-before-seen photographs, films, and interviews with dozens who thought they knew her. Special Features 8mm Footage By Vivian Maier..

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Gemma Bovery Blu-Ray

English rose Gemma Bovery (Gemma Arterton, Tamara Drewe) and her husband (Jason Flemyng, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) have moved to a rustic cottage in Normandy in pursuit of the French dream. Their new neighbour, bored local baker Martin (Fabrice Luchini, In the House), is a romanticist and devotee of Flaubert. He becomes transfixed by his very own 'Madame Bovary', and takes a watchful interest in her life. When a dashing young..

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Half Of A Yellow Sun Blu-Ray

Starring Oscar nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave), BAFTA winner Thandie Newton (Crash) and based on the award-winning bestseller by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Half of a Yellow Sun is an epic love story weaving together the lives of four people swept up in the turbulence of war. Olanna (Newton) and Kainene (Anika Noni Rose, Dreamgirls) are glamorous twins from a wealthy family who return to the privileged city life of newly indep..

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Howl Blu-Ray

Academy Award nominee James Franco (127 Hours) stars as the young Allen Ginsberg - rebel and chronicler of the Beat Generation. Set in 1957, the film recreates the infamous courtroom drama when Ginsberg's most seminal work Howl is on trial for obscenity. Stepping forward for the prosecution is Ralph McIntosh played by David Strathairn and for the defence, smooth talking Jake Ehrlich, played by Jon Hamm (Mad Men's Don Draper). Interspers..

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Kon Tiki Blu-Ray

Breathtaking dramatisation of Thor Heyerdahl’s amazing journey. In a dangerous adventure, six men sail from Peru to Polynesia on a fragile balsa-wood raft, risking their lives for an idea that could change history. Led by Thor, a handsome captain who can’t swim, the crew have no modern equipment and only a parrot for company. Battling tidal waves, sharks and demons of the deep, it is six men against nature as the Kon-Tiki strives to rea..

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Kumiko - The Treasure Hunter Blu-Ray

After unearthing a mysterious VHS cassette, loner Kumiko (Oscar-nominee Rinko Kikuchi) becomes convinced that a satchel of money buried in a cult Hollywood film is, in fact, real. Abandoning her structured life in Tokyo she heads for the frozen Minnesota wilderness armed with only a hand-embroidered map. Ill-prepared but determined, she encounters unexpected help along the way. But is it just a mythical fortune? Special Features Commen..

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Louder Than Bombs Blu-Ray

Three years after her untimely death, an upcoming exhibition celebrating famed war photographer Isabelle Reed brings her eldest son Jonah back to the family home, forcing him to spend more time with his father Gene and withdrawn younger brother Conrad than he has in years. With the three of them under the same roof, Gene tries desperately to connect with his two sons, but they struggle to reconcile their feelings about the woman they re..

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Ming Of Harlem Twenty One Storeys In The Air Blu-Ray + DVD

In October 2003, Antoine Yates was arrested for reckless endangerment following the discovery of his cohabitation in a Harlem high-rise with Ming, a five-hundred-pound tiger and Al, a seven-foot alligator. This beautifully crafted, haunting documentary explores secret lives, behaviour and extreme levels of human-animal intimacy and communication, combined with a filmic observation of predators in domesticated geographies. Special Featu..

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Mystery Train Blu-Ray

A temporal comedy that takes place within one twenty-four hour period in Memphis, Tennessee. Teenage Japanese tourists, an Italian widow and a disgruntled British immigrant all converge in a city where Elvis' spirit is still very much alive. Their pilgrimage pays homeage to Stax Records, Sun Studio, Graceland, and the King himself, all delivered with the director's characteristic charm and wit. Mystery Train is Jim Jarmusch's heady tri..

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Night Moves Blu-Ray

Night Moves is an intense thriller that rests on a knife's edge. When outsider Josh (Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network) teams with runaway Dena (Dakota Fanning, The Twilight Saga: New Moon) for a controversial mission to blow up a dam, they cannot imagine the fatal consequences. Co-starring Peter Sarsgaard (An Education) and directed by Kelly Reichardt (Meek's Cutoff). Night Moves takes you on a chilling journey that will see their al..

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Night On Earth Blu-Ray

Jim Jarmusch's deadpan comedy spans characters, cities and time zones, each taking place in the enclosed space of a cab on one single night. Beginning in LA just as the sunset descends into darkness, moving through New York, Paris, Rome and finally Helsinki where the sun rises once again, each vignette focuses on the brief relationship that develops between driver and passenger(s) as they travel through the night. Special Features Trai..

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Norwegian Wood Blu-Ray

Based on Haruki Murakami's bestselling novel comes one of the most anticipated adaptations in cinema history. Directed by Academy Award nominee Tran Anh Hung and featuring a score by Jonny Greenwood, Norwegian Wood is a beguiling story of passion and heartbreak in a time of global instability. Tokyo, 1968. Students around the world are uniting to overthrow the establishment and Watanabe's personal life is similarly in tumult. Deeply dev..

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Omar Blu-Ray

Omar is accustomed to dodging surveillance bullets as he crosses the separation wall to visit his secret love Nadia. But occupied Palestine knows neither simple love nor clear-cut war. To prove himself to Nadia's family, the sensitive young baker Omar becomes a freedom fighter and must face painful choices about life and manhood. When he is captured after a deadly act of resistance, he falls into a cat-and-mouse game with the military p..

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Only Lovers Left Alive Blu-Ray

From cult director Jim Jarmusch (Ghost Dog, Broken Flowers) and with an all-star cast including Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton (We Need To Talk About Kevin), Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers), Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland), Anton Yelchin (Star Trek Into Darkness), and John Hurt (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), Only Lovers Left Alive is a film about music, love, and the transience of human culture. Set against the romantic desolation of Detro..

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Paterson Blu-Ray

In this sublime new film from Jim Jarmusch, Adam Driver (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) gives a career-best performance as Paterson, a bus driver in the New Jersey city of the same name. He’s also a poet, recording his daily observations and thoughts into a notebook. Paterson thrives on routine: he drives his bus route, he goes home for dinner with his wife Laura (Golshifteh Farahani, About Elly), he walks his dog, he visits his local ba..

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Permanent Vacation Blu-Ray

Set in downtown Manhattan, Jim Jarmusch's debut feature captured a moment in the cultural history of then-decaying New York, and the attention of audiences and critics alike. Two-and-a-half days in the life of Aloysious Parker, a young wanderer with no home, no school, and no job. Allie drifts in to and out of strange encounters with other misfits, almost all of them exiles from the daily, working world; always moving, always keeping ju..

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Phoenix Blu-Ray

June, 1945. Badly injured, her face destroyed, Auschwitz survivor Nelly (Nina Hoss) returns to Berlin. Having barely recovered from facial surgery, she sets out to find her husband Johnny (Ronald Zehrfeld). Nelly’s family has been murdered in the Holocaust - Johnny is convinced that his wife, too, is dead. When Nelly finally tracks him down he doesn’t recognise her, but seeing a resemblance Johnny asks her to take on the identity of his..

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Piercing Brightness Blu-Ray + DVD

A young couple land in a spaceship outside Preston, their mission: to re-establish contact and bring home the 'Glorious 100', sent to earth millenia ago, in human form, to study and observe the development of our race. They discover that many of the 100 have become too 'influenced' by their adopted home and that they must help them get ready to leave. This tale of alien emissaries and interracial love is a Sci-Fi movie with a difference..

£17.00 Ex Tax: £14.17

Pulp Blu-Ray

PULP found fame on the world stage in the 1990s with anthems including 'Common People', 'Disco 2000', and 'Babies'. In 2012 they returned to their hometown for what could be their last UK concert. Footage of their phenomenal live show is exclusive to this film and the band also share their thoughts on fame, love, mortality & car maintenance. Director Florian Habicht (Love Story) weaves together these elements with dream-like tableaux fe..

£11.30 Ex Tax: £9.42

Rams Blu-Ray

In a secluded valley in Iceland, brothers Gummi and Kiddi live side by side, tending to their prized ancestral line of sheep. But a long-term grudge means that they haven't spoken to each other for four decades, passing messages via the sheep dog. When a lethal ovine disease suddenly appears in the valley, the authorities move in to cull all of the livestock. But Gummi and Kiddi don't give up easily and each brother tries to stave off t..

£14.20 Ex Tax: £11.83

Remainder Blu-Ray

Hit by a falling object in a freak accident, an unnamed man (Tom Sturridge, Far From The Madding Crowd) awakens from a coma with a large compensation settlement and his memory gone. As precious fragments return, he uses his wealth to physically reconstruct the visions, leading him to an unsolved crime and the secret of his undoing. Also stars Cush Jumbo (The Good Wife), Arsher Ali (Four Lions), and Ed Speelers (Downton Abbey). Special ..

£11.90 Ex Tax: £9.92

Stranger Than Paradise Blu-Ray

Jim Jarmusch's 1984 minimalist masterpiece redefined the landscape of independent American cinema and won him the Camera d'Or at the Cannes International Film Festival. Willie (John Lurie), a Hungarian emigre living in New York City, is disgruntled by the arrival of his sixteen-year-old cousin Eva (Eszter Balint). Along with his pal Eddie (Richard Edson), they take a journey though the American landscape, never really settling on a dire..

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Tetro Blu-Ray

From Oscar award winning director Francis Ford Coppola (Apocalypse Now, The Godfather trilogy) comes Tetro, a bittersweet tale of two brothers whose family secrets run so deep that even they don't know how to reveal the truths to each other, let alone admit them to themselves. Vincent Gallo (Buffalo 66) plays Tetro, a man who has reinvented himself in the heart of Buenos Aires in order to escape his past. Everything changes one day when..

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The Childhood Of A Leader Blu-Ray

Loosely inspired by the early childhood experiences of many of the notorious dictators of the 20th Century, The Childhood of a Leader is an ominous portrait of emerging evil. A young American boy is living with his family in France in 1918 while his father works for the US government on the creation of the Treaty of Versailles. What he sees helps to mould his beliefs, and we witness the birth of a terrifying ego. Starring Robert Pattins..

£11.30 Ex Tax: £9.42

The Face Of An Angel Blu-Ray

BAFTA-winner Michael Winterbottom directs this psychological thriller, taking a fictionalised look at the real-life murder of a British student and the subsequent trial of her American housemate. Film-maker Thomas (Daniel Brühl) is in Siena, Italy, to make a movie about the crime, with American journalist Simone (Kate Beckinsale) bringing him up to speed on the facts behind the salacious headlines. Seeking a guide into the drug-fuelled ..

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The Forbidden Room Blu-Ray + DVD

A submarine crew, a feared pack of forest bandits, a famous surgeon, and a battalion of child soldiers all get more than they bargained for as they wend their way toward progressive ideas on life and love. In an ode to the lost movies of the silent era, Canadian auteur Guy Maddin and co-director Evan Johnson embark on their ultimate epic phantasmagoria in The Forbidden Room. Honouring classic cinema while electrocuting it with energy an..

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The Goob Blu-Ray

Newcomer Liam Walpole leads a cast featuring Sienna Guillory (Fortitude, Luther), Sean Harris (Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, 71) and S Club's Hannah Spearritt in Guy Myhill's electrifying debut. We’re in the middle of a heat wave in Norfolk, England. Goob Taylor has spent each of his sixteen summers helping his Mum run the transport cafe and harvest the surrounding pumpkin fields. When his Mum shacks up with untamed stock car driv..

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The Jarmusch Collection (6 Films) Blu-Ray

These are the six films that established Jim Jarmusch as the maverick of American independent cinems. Set in downtown Manhattan, Jarmusch's debut Permanent Vacation captured a moment in the cultural history of then-decaying New York, and the attention of audiences and critics alike. Stranger Than Paradise took a journey through the American landscape, and went on to win the Camera d'Or at the Cannes International Film festival, solidify..

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The Reflecting Skin Blu-Ray

As mysterious deaths plague a small American prairie town, eight year-old Seth comes to believe that the reclusive widow living next door (Lindsay Duncan) is a vampire. Seth’s worst nightmare comes true when his older brother Cameron (Viggo Mortensen) returns home from abroad and falls in love with the widow – will he be next? The truth is much more shocking than Seth could imagine. Directed by Philip Ridley (Heartless) and hauntingly p..

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The Reunion Blu-Ray + DVD

Swedish artist Anna Odell invites us to a school reunion with a twist. What happens when old hierarchies and truths are questioned from an unexpected voice? The Reunion investigates how far too far really is. Having not been invited to her own reunion, Odell uses the first half of the film to imagine how the evening might have unfolded with her in attendance. Traversing the border between fiction and reality Odell plays herself, with ac..

£17.00 Ex Tax: £14.17

Toni Erdmann Blu-Ray

From writer-director Maren Ade, Toni Erdmann is a touching an dremarkably funny portrait of an offbeat father-daughter relationship. Sandra Huller plays Ines, a highly-strung career woman whose life in corporate Bucharest takes a turn for the bizarre with the arrival of her estranged father Winfried (Peter Simonischek). An incessant practical joker, Winfried attempts to reconnect with Ines by introducing the titular eccentric alter ego ..

£11.30 Ex Tax: £9.42

Wadjda Blu-Ray

Wadjda is the story of a young Saudi girl whose burning desire for a bicycle leads her into bold defiance of her society's codes of gender and religion. After a fight with her friend Adbullah, a neighbourhood boy she shouldn't be playing with, Wadjda sees a beautiful green bicycle for sale. She wants the bicycle desperately so that she can beat Adbullah in a race. But Wadjda's mother won't allow it, fearing repercussions from a society..

£11.30 Ex Tax: £9.42

Watermark Blu-Ray + DVD

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal and renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky, Watermark reteams the creators of Manufactured Landscapes as they bring together diverse stories from around the globe about our relationship with water: how we are drawn to it, what we learn from it, how we use it and the consequences of that use. We see massive floating abalone farms off China's Fujian coast and the construction site of t..

£16.70 Ex Tax: £13.92

Woody Allen - A Documentary Blu-Ray

Iconic writer, director, actor, comedian, and musician Woody Allen allowed his life and creative process to be documented on-camera for the first time. With this unprecedented access, Emmy-winning, Oscar-nominated filmmaker Robert B Weide followed the notoriously private film legend over a year and a half to create the ultimate film biography. Beginning with Allen's childhood, Woody Allen: A Documentary chronicles the trajectory and lon..

£10.90 Ex Tax: £9.08