Some Like It Sexy (Aka Come Back, Peter) DVD

Some Like It Sexy (Aka Come Back, Peter) DVD
Join uber- Mod sex god Peter (Christopher Matthews - Scream And Screm Again, Scars Of Dracula) as he cavorts across a not just swinging, but fully bouncing and pulsating London at the turn of the two greatest decades it ever saw: the 60s and 70s.
Flitting from one boho pad to another in his fully functional babe wagon - a white E-Type Jaguar - he leaves his mark (sometimes literally) on a variety of beautiful women of all ages, nationalities, colours and shapes. The lucky ladies include later Gothic Goddesses Madeleine and Mary Collinson (Twins Of Evil), Annabel Leventon (Rocky Horror, Strike iT Rich, Penmarric, Armchair Theatre) and a young Nicola Pagett (Privates On Parade, A Bit Of A Do, Avengers, Whodunnit, Viking Queen, Frankenstein The True Story). There's also a fully clothed (what do you mean, "damn"?) appearance from Hammer scream queen Madeleine Smith (The Vampire Lovers, Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell, Tam Lin, Theatre Of Blood) as the delectable daughter of one of Peter's classy conquests. With a superb pop-psych-bubblegum-library freakout soundtrack, and some choice locations, this is the film for anyone who wants to indulge in unadulterated enjoyment, albeit with a twist. As director Donovan Winter put it, it's "like Alfie with more sex", and here, more is definitely what you get. Anyone seeking intellectual stimulation or 'pure cinema' can retire to the corner on the other side of the room where they can eulogise about Citizen Kane to their heart's content, but in the meantime, we're going to have some fun...and like Peter himself, we'll "come back" many, many times... Also included is Winter's 37-minute featurette A Penny For Your Thoughts (1966) which, again set to some of the grooviest tunes of the era, tells us exactly what women talk about when the chaps aren't there...or do they? Starring Monty Python starlet Carol Cleveland, Britsploitation heroine Sheila White (Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush, Confessions, On The Buses) and character actress Yvonne Antrobus (Dr Who, Wessex Tales, Target) among the fillies in frillies.

Special Features
Theatrical Trailer, Short Film "A Penny For Your Thoughts" Or "Birds, Dolls & Scratch English Style" (37 Mins), Short Film: Harrison Marks' "Halfway Inn" Starring The Collinson Twins (1969, 13 Mins), The Winter Of My Discontent' - Donovan Winter's Memoirs (.pdf), Naughty Trailershow
Aspect Ratio1.85:1
Case TypeAmaray Single
CastChristopher Matthews, Madeleine Smith, Yolande Turner, Annabel Leventon
DirectorDonovan Winter
RegionDVD 0
Run Time78

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