South Park Season 11 DVD

South Park Season 11 DVD
All fourteen episodes from South Park's eleventh season are now available in this 3-disc set. Join the boys as they attempt to rescue Imaginationland from nuclear annihilation, discover the secret behind the Easter Bunny and get head lice. For them, it's all part of growing up in South Park!
Episode 1101 - With apologies to Jesse Jackson - Randy faces public ridicule for using the “N” word on live TV. Back at South Park Elementary, Stan tries to understand Token’s feelings about what Randy said, and Cartman fights a midget.
Episode 1102 - Cartman sucks - When another one of Cartman’s practical jokes puts Butters in a compromising position, his dad is determined to “straighten” him out. Now Butters has to go to a special camp where they “pray the gay away.”
Episode 1103 - Lice capades - When a breakout of head lice hits South Park Elementary, Ms. Garrison refuses to say which child spread the filthy creatures to the rest of the school. Cartman takes it upon himself to find out who has head cooties so all the other kids can make fun of them. Meanwhile, a louse named Travis is desperate to save his fellow lice from imminent destruction from a conscious world.
Episode 1104 - The snuke - The citizens of South Park are gearing up for the arrival of Hillary Clinton for a big campaign rally. Cartman suspects the new Muslim student is plotting a terrorist attack. Every minute counts for Cartman as he uses his own unique interrogation methods on his suspect. He soon discovers the plan to target Ms. Clinton is just the tip of the iceberg. Episode 1105 - Fantastic Easter special - Stan refuses to decorate one more egg for Easter until someone explains what eggs and bunnies have to do with Jesus dying for his sins. Kyle and Stan travel to the Vatican to get some answers, and on the way, become involved in an eccentric society that guards a biblical secret.
Episode 1106 – D-Yikes! - Ms. Garrison gets dumped by yet another selfish man and once again, she takes it out on her fourth grade class. This time the boys have had enough of their teacher’s erratic mood swings and excessive homework assignments. They find there are people-for-hire that can help with any situation. Ms. Garrison discovers that life without men has its advantages.
Episode 1107 - Night of the living homeless - The homeless population in South Park is increasing at an alarming rate as they eat, sleep, and beg for change across the town. While the adults try to find creative solutions to deal with the homeless, the boys deal with the problem once and for all.
Episode 1108 - Le petit tourette - After seeing a kid with Tourette’s Syndrome at the toy store, Cartman believes he’s found the magical ticket to happiness. Drunk with the power of saying whatever he wants, whenever he wants, without getting in trouble for it - Cartman lines up national TV coverage to take advantage of his new life without filters.
Episode 1109 - More crap - Randy Marsh becomes a hero in South Park after the guys at the local bar see the size of his latest crap. Randy believes he could be a contender for the world record. He sets out to train for the title, only to find out that the current record holder isn’t about to give it up.
Episode 1110 – Imaginationland - The boys have the entire contents of the world’s imagination laid before them, and it all started with a bet between Cartman and Kyle over a leprechaun and some balls. Stan, Kyle and Butters find themselves whisked away to Imaginationland just as terrorists bomb this magical place. Stan and Kyle barely make it back home safely while Butters is left behind, only to discover mankind’s most evil characters are about to be unleashed upon the world.
Episode 1111 - Imaginationland, Episode II - The Pentagon prepares to nuke Imaginationland to prevent further terrorist attacks. They are holding Stan and Kyle captive until the boys tell them how to get into Imaginationland. Meanwhile, Butters flees to Castle Sunshine, where he learns he is the key to saving everyone from pure evil. Cartman simply won’t rest until he finds Kyle and gets him to make good on their bet to suck his balls.
Episode 1112 - Imaginationland, Episode III - The world’s imaginations are running wild as Kyle tries to stop the government from firing off the nuke. Cartman realizes that if the missile is launched, it will ruin his chances of Kyle sucking his balls. Back inside Imaginationland, Stan is fighting for his life against the army of evil imaginary forces and the threat of nuclear annihilation. Salvation comes down to one person: Butters.
Episode 1113 - Guitar Queer-O - Obsessed with the game Guitar Hero, Stan and Kyle score record points when they play together. Stan realizes he has the potential for enormous success if he plays with a different partner. He and Kyle break up, but without his friend, Stan quickly folds under the pressure of being a rock star.
Episode 1114 - The list – The fourth grade girls have compiled a secret list that rates all the boys in their class from the cutest to the ugliest. When Cartman and Butters steal the list, the rest of the boys really aren’t prepared to deal with the results. They’re also not ready to see just how manipulative and psychotic little girls can be.

Special Features
Commentary By The Creators Of South Park, Trey Parker And Matt Stone
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital Stereo, German Stereo
Case TypeAmaray Single
CastTrey Parker,Matt Stone,Milan Agnone,Mona Marshall,Paula Holmberg,April Stewart,B J McCrory,Bobby Peer,Jennifer Howell,Jonathan Kimmel,Kathryn Howell,Kyle McCulloch,Eric Stough,Adrien Beard
DirectorTrey Parker
HOH (Hard of Hearing)Yes
RegionDVD 2
Run Time311
Special Features

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