South Park Season 2 DVD

South Park Season 2 DVD
South Park Season 2 DVD South Park Season 2 DVD
All eighteen classic episodes from South Park's legendary second season are available in this 3-disc set. This season, we find out the identity of Cartman's father, learn about Conjoined Twin Myslexia and thaw out a prehistoric ice man. So join Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny as they take on the supernatural, the extraordinary and the insane. For them, it's all part of growing up in South Park.

Episode 201 – Terrance and Phillip is not without my anus - Terrance and Phillip travel to Iran to rescue Terrance's little daughter, Sally, who's been held prisoner. A complex chain of events involving a female pop vocalist, a Middle Eastern dictator and chemical warfare leads to a hostile takeover of Canada. It's up to Terrance and Phillip to save Sally and their country.
Episode 202 – Cartman's Mum is still a dirty slut - Just as Mephesto is about to reveal the identity of Eric Cartman's father, the genetic engineer is shot by a mysterious gunman. While the boys wait for Mephesto to regain consciousness, a blizzard hits South Park and the citizens are stranded for hours on end without food.
Episode 203 – Chickenlover - A series of heinous crimes involving chickens leads to a startling revelation - Officer Barbrady can't read! When Barbrady resigns and anarchy ensues, the boys pitch in to help. Cartman brings his own brand of law to the streets of South Park.
Episode 204 – Ike's wee wee - After a mishap in the classroom during his lesson on the evils of drugs and alcohol, Mr. Mackey, the school counsellor, is fired. In an act of desperation, he turns to drugs and alcohol. Meanwhile, it's time for Ike's bris, and when Kyle and the boys find out what it means to be circumcised, they try to save Ike from that fate.
Episode 205 – Conjoined fetus lady - With Pip as their star player, the South Park dodgeball team is off to the championships. Back in town, local citizens declare a ""Conjoined Twin Myslexia Awareness Week"" in a misguided attempt to help the school nurse deal with a strange medical disorder.
Episode 206 – The Mexican staring frog of southern Sri Lanka - The deadly ""Mexican Staring Frog"" is sighted in South Park and the town's fearless hunters, Ned and Jimbo, are on the case. Their heroic efforts drive up the ratings for their new hunting show on the cable access channel and threaten to edge out an old favourite, Jesus and Pals.
Episode 207 – City on the edge of forever (Flashbacks) - A freak accident leaves the South Park Elementary school bus teetering precariously on the edge of a cliff. As the boys relive landmark moments in their young lives, their bus driver, Mrs. Crabtree, goes for help. A strange turn of events leads her to find the love of her life and dream job - as a stand-up comic.
Episode 208 – Summer sucks – Guest star: Jonathan Katz as himself - It's summertime in South Park, and it sucks. The entire town is gearing up for the annual 4th of July celebration when a ban on fireworks is imposed, Mr. Hat has disappeared, Ned and Jimbo have been thrown into a Texas prison and Cartman is forced to take swimming lessons. The mayor's plan to put some punch in the 4th of July celebration with a 20-story-high ""snake"" goes dangerously awry and Cartman may never make it out of the deep end.
Episode 209 – Chef's chocolate salty balls - South Park's first film festival attracts crowds of pretentious tofu lovers to the quiet mountain town, and the resulting strain on the sewer system causes problems for everybody's favourite piece of talking poo, Mr. Hankey. Kyle must appeal to the movie industry to save his little friend's life.
Episode 210 – Chickenpox - The kids' parents only have their best interests at heart when they arrange for Stan, Kyle and Cartman to be exposed to the chickenpox virus. The boys see things differently, and they decide to get even with the help of a streetwalker named Old Frida. At the same time, Kyle's mother arranges an ill-fated fishing trip for the husband and his former best friend, Kenny's dad.
Episode 211 – Roger Ebert should lay off the fatty foods - Stan, Kyle and Kenny are strangely drawn to the new planetarium. Is it just a harmless place to learn about the solar system, or is it the scene of a diabolical plot to control the minds of South Park's citizens? Cartman, meanwhile, is on a personal quest to appear on television singing Cheesy Poofs song.
Episode 212 – Clubhouses - Stan is psyched to have Wendy visit his clubhouse for a game of Truth or Dare. But first he has to build one. When Cartman finds out, he immediately enlists Kenny's help in building an elaborate rival clubhouse. If that weren't already enough for any 8-year-old to deal with, Stan also has to help Wendy fix Kyle up with Bebe and come to terms with his parents' untimely divorce.
Episode 213 – Cow days - South Park's 14th annual ""Cow Days"" rodeo and carnival is here, and the boys are determined to win Terrance and Phillip dolls. In order to get the money, they sign up Cartman, who believes he is a Vietnamese prostitute named Ming Li, for a bull-riding contest. Meanwhile, all of South Park's cows become transfixed on a memorial cow statue for the celebration. Is this the beginning of a strange cow cult?
Episode 214 – Chef aid – Chef sues the wrong people after a big record label steals a song he wrote called ""Stinky Britches."" After a huge loss in court, he is left penniless. It turns out that Chef has some very famous and talented friends in the music business who want to help their old mentor. Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny organize a benefit concert to raise some cash, and Chef Aid is born.
Episode 215 - Spookyfish - When Sharon Marsh's Aunt Flo makes a monthly visit, she brings a mysterious pet fish for Stan. As bodies start to pile up, Mrs. Marsh becomes convinced that Stan is responsible for the murders. Meanwhile, an evil version of Cartman from another dimension befriends the boys, and possessed animals wreak havoc on the townspeople of South Park.
Episode 216 – Merry Christmas Charlie Manson! - When Stan's parents say no to a road trip to Cartman's grandma's house, Stan sneaks out to join Kyle, Kenny and Cartman anyway. Dinner with Cartman's family takes a bizarre twist when their Uncle Howard shows up after breaking out of prison. He brings his cellmate, Charlie Manson, and the holiday results in a police standoff. Episode 217 – Gnomes - Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny are assigned to write a report with Tweek, the very nervous and highly caffeinated boy who insists gnomes are stealing his underpants. When they are unable to come up with a topic, Tweek's father offers to write the paper, and uses this opportunity to vent his frustration at the corporate juggernaut Harbuck's Coffee and its attempt to drive him out of business. Meanwhile, the boys try to stay awake to see if the underpants gnomes truly exist.
Episode 218 – Prehistoric ice man - After Kyle falls into an underground cave and Stan is lowered down to rescue him, they discover a man frozen in ice. With the help of Dr. Mephisto, it is determined that this prehistoric ice man has been frozen since 1996. Unable to cope with the modern world, the prehistoric ice man tries to return to his own time, not knowing the government has other plans for him.

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Chef 'Chocolate Salty Balls' Music Video
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital Stereo, German Stereo, Spanish Stereo
Case TypeAmaray Single
CastLes Claypool,Dean Ween,Dian Bachar,Elton John,Franchesca Clifford,Gene Ween,Genevieve Thomas Colvin,Henry Winkler,Isaac Hayes,April Stewart,Brent Musburger,Bruce Howell,Jay Leno,Jennifer Howell,Jennifer Savage Matthews ,Jesse Howell,Joe Strummer,Jonathan Katz,Rick James,Tim Armstrong,Toddy Walters,Trey Parker,Mary Kay Bergman,Matt Stone,Meat Loaf,Mona Marshall,Nico Agnone,Ozzy Osbourne
DirectorTrey Parker,Eric Stough
HOH (Hard of Hearing)Yes
RegionDVD 2
Run Time411
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