South Park Season 5 DVD

South Park Season 5 DVD
South Park Season 5 DVD South Park Season 5 DVD
Fourteen classic episodes of South Park’s fifth season are available in this 3-disc set. This season brings such memorable events as Timmy and Jimmy’s cripple fight, the introduction of Towelie and 162 instances of the “S” word. Join Stan, Kyle, Cartman and the about-to-be permanently departed Kenny as they take on the supernatural, the extraordinary and the insane. For them, it’s all part of growing up in South Park.
Episode 501 - South Park takes its place among that elite group of shows that have made television history when Cartman proclaims the ""S"" word for the entire world to hear. The you-know-what hits the fan 162 times when the citizens of South Park tune in to hear the word ""sh*t"" on a popular TV show. This epic utterance triggers a chain of events that threatens the world as we know it, leaving Chef and the boys to save the day.
Episode 502 – Cripple fight - Big Gay Al returns to South Park as the new scout leader. When he is fired for being gay, the boys rally to his defence with the help of the new ""handi-capable"" kid, Jimmy. But there's only room for one crippled kid in South Park, so Timmy and Jimmy throw down in an all-out slugfest.
Episode 503 – Super best friends - Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny discover David Blaine, magician and cult leader, performing in the streets of South Park. Stan finds out early that the Blainiacs are not as nice as everyone thinks. He tries to convince the other boys they've been brainwashed, but they have forsaken their friends and families. Teaming up with Jesus, he and Stan calls upon all the Super Best Friends to destroy the magician and thwart the mass suicide pact he has launched.
Episode 504 – Scott Tenorman must die – Guest star: Radiohead as themselves - When a young boy makes the transition into manhood, he is blessed with certain physical attributes. In Cartman's case, he gets pubes. After the other boys tell him that pubes don't count unless you grow your own, Cartman realizes he's been tricked. When Scott Tenorman won't give him his money back, Cartman goes medieval on him. Radiohead guest stars and plays a role in Cartman's elaborate plan for revenge.
Episode 505 – Terrance and Philip: Behind the blow - Flatulent Canadian superstars Terrance and Phillip have broken up over creative differences. When the boys discover their idols have called it quits, they'll go to any lengths to reunite the duo and recruit them for South Park's Earth Day festivities.
Episode 506 - Cartmanland - Cartman inherits one million dollars from his grandmother and fulfills his lifelong dream of owning his own amusement park: Cartmanland! A haemorrhoid erupts in Kyle's ass when he learns of Cartman's undeserved fortune, making him question the very existence of God and whether there's a reason to stay alive in a world where someone like Cartman is happy.
Episode 507 – Proper condom use - Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle are taking Sex Ed! In the time-honored tradition, the boys are separated from the girls and schooled in the mysteries of the body by none other than Mr. Mackey. Ms. Choksondik is responsible for girls' education in the womanly arts, and Mr. Garrison teaches the kindergarten class all about proper condom use.
Episode 508 – Towelie - The boys get a new video game system, and their plan for the foreseeable future is to play it! When the government steals their new Game Sphere, the boys will stop at nothing to get it back. Their one hope for infiltrating the top secret lab where the Game Sphere is being kept is to team up with Towelie, a genetically engineered towel who only wants to get high.
Episode 509 – Osama bin Laden has farty pants - Filled with American spirit, the children of South Park Elementary have sent their dollars to the children of Afghanistan. When the boys receive a package from the kids they sent the money to, personnel from every government agency descend upon the town to check the package for anthrax. As a result, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are forced to return an Afghani goat to its homeland and confront Osama bin Laden.
Episode 510 – How to eat with your butt - Cartman manages to get Kenny's school picture plastered all over every ""missing child"" milk carton in the country. Cartman finds everything about his prank funny until a very strange couple turns up in South Park looking for their lost boy.
Episode 511 – The entity - Mr. Garrison gets fed up with long lines, delayed flights and the airline industry in general and invents his own transportation device. Anticipation for the new machine, closely guarded secret contrivance has builds to a frenzy. Meanwhile, Kyle's cousin Kyle visits South Park from New York City. Kyle realises he'll have to bribe Cartman not to make fun of the new kid.
Episode 512 – Here comes the neighbourhood - Token is being picked on for being the only rich kid in town. Feeling like an outcast, Token succeeds in attracting several other wealthy people to South Park. Meanwhile, the townspeople, fearing that their little hamlet is rapidly going up the drain, attempts to run the new residents out of town.
Episode 513 – Kenny dies - In a very special episode of South Park, Cartman fights for Kenny's life when he speaks before Congress in favour of stem cell research. Meanwhile, Stan has trouble dealing with his friend's impending demise.
Episode 514 – Butter's very own episode - Butters inadvertently reveals a deep, dark family secret about his father's late night ""shopping"" sprees. Alone and lost, Butters determinedly makes his way through porn cinemas and gay bathhouses in an effort to get his dad back home in time to eat at Bennigan's for his parents' anniversary.

Special Features
Commentary By The Creators Of South Park, Trey Parker And Matt Stone
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital Stereo, German Stereo, Spanish Stereo
Case TypeAmaray Single
CastPhil Selway,Matt Prager,Matt Stone,Milan Agnone,Misha Ulrich,Mohammad Babak,Mona Marshall,Naush Bout,Nico Agnone,Shazia,Thom Yorke,Toby Morton,Trey Parker,Vernon Chatman,April Stewart,Jennifer Howell,Jesse Ulrich,Jonny Greenwood ,Havannah Ulrich,Isaac Hayes,Colin Greenwood,Danielle Quidilla,Ed O'Brien,Eliza Schneider
DirectorTrey Parker,Eric Stough
HOH (Hard of Hearing)Yes
RegionDVD 2
Run Time297
Special Features

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