Southern District (Aka Zona Sur) DVD

Southern District (Aka Zona Sur) DVD
Juan Carlos Valdivia writes and directs this drama exploring class issues in Bolivian society.
In the privileged Southern District of La Paz, upper class mother-of-three Carola (Ninon del Castillo) lives a comfortable and affluent existence with her three spoiled, bored children: teenagers Patricio (Juan Pablo Koria) and Bernarda (Mariana Vargas) and wayward six-year-old Andres (Nicolas Fernandez).
However, despite Carola's adherence to her lavish lifestyle, the truth is that the debts are mounting and tensions are building between the family and their Aymara Indian servants, Wilson (Pascual Loayza) and Marcelina (Viviana Condori).
Meanwhile, a larger-scale social upheaval is underway in Bolivia, which has just re-elected its first Aymaran president.

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Tags: 2000s, Spanish, Award Winner