Space Battleship - Yamato DVD

Space Battleship - Yamato DVD
Space Battleship - Yamato DVD Space Battleship - Yamato DVD
In the year 2199, earth has become a wasteland after five years of radiation attacks from an unseen alien enemy called the Gamilons. One of the survivors is Kodai Susumu (Kimura Takuya), who picks up a mysterious device one day while hunting for scrap metal. After discovering a map to a planet inside the device, the military sends out its last battleship - the Yamato - in the hopes that it'll be the key to save humanity. Kodai joins the Yamato crew and quickly proves to be a worthy team member. With only a year left before the end of earth, what will the Yamato crew find at the end of their long and perilous journey?

Special Features
Visual Effects - Before & After, Pre-Visualisation, VFX Scale Footage, 360 Gallery, Theatrical Trailer, Eastern Eye Trailers
Aspect Ratio1.77:1 (16:9)
AudioJapanese 5.1
Case TypeAmaray Single
CastMaiko,Meisa Kuroki,Takahiro Miura,Takumi Saito,Takuya Kimura,Toshihiro Yashiba,Toshiro Yanagiba,Toshiyuki Nishida,Shin'ichi Tsutsumi,Naoto Ogata,Reiko Takashima,Kana Harada,Kazuki Namioka,Kensuke Ohwada,Hiroyuki Ikeuchi
DirectorTakashi Yamazaki
HOH (Hard of Hearing)No
RegionDVD 2
Run Time133
Special Features

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