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55 Days at Peking Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

55 Days at Peking Blu-Ray

55 Days at Peking Blu-Ray..

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A Candle For The Devil Blu-Ray

Laura Barkley (Judy Geeson) travels to a sleepy Spanish town to visit her sister, who is staying at an inn run by two religious sisters. But when she arrives she discovers that her sister has mysteriously disappeared. The two sisters, Marta and Veronica, tell Laura that her sister left suddenly but no one has seen her leave the village. Laura decides to stay at the inn whilst searching for her sister but soon discovers that the self-rig..

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Attack Of The Lederhosen Zombies Blu-Ray

FrightFest selected and festival zombie favourite the world over - Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies sees three young snowboarders left behind on a mountain, seeking shelter in an apres-ski tavern hosting an end of season party. But things go from bad to worse when a scientific experiment to create environmentally friendly snow unleashes an epidemic of zombies and mutant wildlife. As the local lederhosen drunkards run amok, Steve (Laurie..

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Biggles - Adventures In Time Blu-Ray

Captain W.E. John's world-famous fighter ace James 'Biggles' Bigglesworth hits the big screen at last, in all-out, all-action, all-explosive adventure! Jim Ferguson (Alex Hyde-White) is just the head of a Manhattan catering company - until the night he is flung back through time to the darkest days of the First World War. Here he meets the legendary British fighter ace Biggles (Neil Dickson) and is plunged into the greatest adventure of..

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Black Beauty Blu-Ray

From Oscar-winning director James Hill (Born Free, The Belstone Fox) comes this heart-warming adaptation of one of the best loved family stories of all time! Black Beauty, a magnificent stallion, is born on a rundown family farm and loved by young Joe Evans (Mark Lester - Oliver!). Growing up together, the boy and his horse are inseparable - until the wicked new squire (Patrick Mower) forces the Evans family from the farm and steals Bla..

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Black Orpheus Blu-Ray

Interwoven with the spectacle, madness and vibrancy of the Rio carnival, comes the multi-award winning retelling of the classic legend of Orpheus (Breno Mello) and Eurydice (Marpessa Dawn) Black Orpheus (Orfeu Negro) is awash with intoxicating samba music, frenzied dancing and vibrant costumes, as french auteur Marcel Camus unfolds the melancholy tale of love and tragedy of two people who fall rapturously in love during the annual carni..

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Blood On Satans Claw Blu-Ray

Set in a remote village in 17th Century England, farm labourer Ralph Gower (Barry Andrews) accidentally stumbles across a devilish skull whilst ploughing a field. Ralph reports his findings to the Judge (Patrick Wymark) but when they return, the skull has vanished. Very soon the children of the village start acting strangely, led by Angel Blake (Linda Hayden) they form a murderous coven and when mysterious growths of hair (called the De..

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Bram Stokers - Dracula Blu-Ray

Academy Award winner Jack Palance stars in this terrifying adaptation of Bram Stoker's classic vampire legend written for the screen by sci-fi/horror master Richard Matheson and produced by the legendary Dan Curtis (Dark Shadows). Palance is Count Dracula, whose centuries-old existence is threatened after he attacks the lovely Lucy Westenra (Fiona Lewis) and her fiance (Simon Ward, The Tudors) calls in famed vampire hunter Dr. Van Helsi..

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Burke & Hare Blu-Ray

Vernon Sewell (The Blood Beast Terror) directs this Hammeresque horror on the early days of anatomy, when the need for fresh corpses led to a series of murders in Edinburgh. When Burke and Hare realise that demand for corpses is outstripping supply, they decide to take matters into their own hands and prey on drunken prostitutes. Derren Nesbit, Glynn Edwards, Yootha Joyce and Francoise Pascal star in this seminal British shocker. Speci..

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Cradle of Fear Blu-Ray

Notorious child murderer Kemper, is hellbent on exacting his revenge on the people who put him away, and from his padded room in the local asylum, he commands 'The Man' to slaughter the families of those responsible. Detective Nielson, who'd had his own unpleasant run-in with Kemper, is faced with an increasingly large pile of mutilated bodies and tries to make some sense of the savagery. Special Features Theatrical Trailer, Behind The..

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Cream Farewell Concert DVD + Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Cream Farewell Concert DVD + Blu-Ray

Cream had played together for only two years, but in that time had gained the admiration of musicians and fans alike. The group was made up of Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker. Recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall on 26th November 1968, this stunning recording of Cream's Farewell Concert captures the British rock supergroup at the height of their fame, producing some of the most exciting, original and revolutionary music of t..

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Curse Of The Crimson Altar Blu-Ray

When his brother disappears, Robert Manning (Mark Eden) pays a visit to the remote country house he was last heard from. Whilst his host Squire Morley (Christopher Lee) is outwardly welcoming - and his house-keeper`s beautiful niece Eve (Virginia Wetherell) his niece willing to fulfil his needs - Manning detects a feeling of menace in the air with the legend of Lavinia (Barbara Steele), the Black Witch of Greymarsh, hanging over everyth..

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Die Screaming Marianne Blu-Ray

From the legendary master of gore: Pete Walker (Frightmare, The Flesh and Blood Show) comes this pulse-pounding, nail-biting thriller where trickery, betrayal and death are around every corner. Susan George (Straw Dogs) stars as Marianne, a nightclub dancer desperately running for her life. Marianne, a nightclub dancer desperately running for her life. Marianne is about to turn 21 and inherit the contents of a sizeable Swiss bank accoun..

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Doomwatch Blu-Ray

The acclaimed feature film of the BBC TV series in which Dr Del Shaw (Ian Bannen) of Doomwatch - the British government's environmental monitoring organisation - travels to the island of Balfe to investigate pollution. A year earlier an oil tanker was holed and its cargo contaminated the local waters - but has there been any adverse long-term effects? The villagers are all suspicious of Shaw, especially the menfolk, who seem to have tra..

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Dr Terrors House Of Horrors Blu-Ray

Dr Terror (Peter Cushing) is a mysterious fortune teller who boards a train and offers to tell fellow passengers (Christopher Lee, Roy Castle, Donald Sutherland) their fortune with tarot cards. Five possible futures unfold: an architect returns to his ancestral home to find a werewolf out for revenge; a huge flesh-eating vine takes over a house; a musician gets involved with voodoo; an art critic is pursued by a disembodied hand and a d..

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Funnyman Blu-Ray

When a mysterious Englishman loses his ancestral home in a poker hand, the lucky winner, Max Taylor, has no idea that, far from ending - the game has just begun. For the house is an ancient shrine to the Gods of Fortune, a Temple to chance and fate and in the depths of its soul a spirit waits. In the modern deck he is the Wild Card, The Joker. In the eyes of a child, nothing more than a Jester and Clown. But to you, Ladies and Gentlemen..

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Gold - Special Edition Blu-Ray

Roger Moore and Susannah York star in Wilbur Smith`s explosive 1974 international conspiracy thriller, set in the South African goldfields and directed by Peter Hunt (On Her Majesty`s Secret Service). A ruthless global cabal of financial investors plan to manipulate the price of gold on the world market - by sabotaging one of South Africa`s top gold mines and flooding it with millions of gallons of water. All they need is someone to tak..

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Horror Hospital Blu-Ray

A British horror classic of the 1970s starring Robin Askwith, Michael Gough and Dennis Price, who all welcome you to check in to Brittlehouse Manor, a ‘health resort’ where young people are cured of all their hang-ups - in one stroke of Doctor Storm’s scalpel... Doctor Storm is a crippled, demented genius who performs lobotomies on his young patients – making them cooperative, brainless zombies. With the help of Federick the dwarf, the ..

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House Of Mortal Sin Blu-Ray

Jenny (Susan Penhaligon) visits the local Catholic church to have her confession heard by the immoral Father Meldrum (Anthony Sharp), who is perversely interested in her sex life. Rushing to escape his prying, she drops her apartment keys which Meldrum uses to invade her house and blackmail her by threatening to publish her recorded confession Father Meldrum is looked after by his sinister housekeeper, Miss Brabazon (Sheila Keith) and w..

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House Of Whipcord Blu-Ray

"This film is dedicated to those who are disturbed by today's lax moral codes and who eagerly await the return of corporal and capital punishment..." From British horror maestro Pete Walker (Frightmare, House of Mortal Sin) comes the ultimate tale of terror and depravity... When gorgeous young French model Ann-Marie (Penny Irving) appears naked in public, she is snatched away by her new boyfriend, Mark E. Desade (Robert Tayman) and hurl..

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I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle Blu-Ray

Birmingham biker Nick (Neil Morrissey) thinks he's got a bargain when he buys a second-hand motorcycle at a knock-down price. The only problem is that the machine won't start in the hours of daylight. Nick's suspicions begin to mount when his best friend is murdered. Could he be the owner of a monstrous vampire motorbike which stalks the streets at night, feasting upon Hell's Angels, streetwalkers and traffic wardens? Understandably ala..

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I Superbiker - The Showdown Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

I Superbiker - The Showdown Blu-Ray

'I Superbiker - The Showdown' - the high octane, all action, nail-biting wheel to wheel story of the 2011 British Superbike season which saw the most exciting final race in its history... - arguably the most exciting motorcycle race of all time - A new electrifying format for 2011, which left only 6 riders competing for the title in a series of dramatic showdowns: Japanese Ryuichi Kiyonari reigning champion, - beset with personal proble..

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I Superbiker - The War For Four Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

I Superbiker - The War For Four Blu-Ray

Murray Walker narrates the latest installment of the action-filled motorbike racing film that has become a yearly spectacle on the cinema circuit. I Superbiker - The War For Four captures the fantastic spectacle that is British Superbikes and turns it into a nail-biting epic of the speed, hardship and ecstasy of life on the edge for the superbike gladiators. Alex Lowes, Shakey Byrne, Josh Brookes and James Ellison star in this mustsee f..

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I Superbiker Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

I Superbiker Blu-Ray

The high-octane documentary intimately follows the great British hope, Tommy Hill, whose parents have sacrificed their home, holidays and finances to support his burning ambition to be Britain's number 1 superbike racer. Alongside Tommy Hill, 'I, Superbiker' is a revealing portrait of the highs and lows of fellow racers, James Ellison, Josh Brookes and Gary Mason, riding through torturous conditions and risking life and limb at every ra..

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Isadora Blu-Ray

Isadora Duncan was the most iconic free-style dancer of the twentieth century who courted both admiration and scandal in equal measure. Her unique style of dancing made her the guests of King's, Queen's, nobility and Russian revolutionaries, ultimately making her the 'peoples' dancer'. But her Bohemian lifestyle and unorthodox morality led to a personal life that was marred by misunderstanding, tragedy and ultimately her own untimely de..

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Island Of Terror Blu-Ray

How could they stop the devouring death... that lived by sucking on living human bones! When the inhabitants of Petrie's island succumb to a mysterious disease, doctors Brian Stanley (Peter Cushing) and David West (Edward Judd) are asked to investigate. Puncture marks on the corpses reveal the horrifying truth: the islanders and their animals are being killed not by a disease, but by a strange type of silicate organism that sucks the bo..

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Killers Moon Blu-Ray

Killer's Moon is Britain's answer to I Spit on Your Grave..... only nastier! Produced in the late seventies it mixes lurid scenes of rape with dollops of ultra-violence and Clockwork Orange Droog style menace. Its story follows four drugged-up mad-men who have escaped from the local asylum and seek refuge in a remote hotel where a class of stranded school-girls are staying. This is a true video nasty and is amazingly co-written by award..

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Knife In The Water Blu-Ray

A vain sports reporter (Leon Niemczyk) and his beautiful but frustrated wife are on their way to the lake, for a days sailing, when they nearly run over a young hitch-hiker (Zygmunt Malanowicz). The couple invite the hitch-hiker to join them on their boat which triggers a battle of wits between the two men as they jostle for superiority. But will the hitch hikers obession with his knife cause the tension to end in tragedy... Filmed in b..

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La Ronde Blu-Ray

Max Ophuls' wonderful adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler's play won a BAFTA for Best Film as well as two Oscar nominations. Starring Simone Signoret, Simone Simon and Anton Walbrook as the enigmatic master of ceremonies who guides us through a series of amorous encounters in 1900's Vienna. A soldier (Serge Reggiani) meets an eager young lady of the night and later has an affair with a young lady, who becomes a maid who then has an affair w..

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Night Of The Big Heat Blu-Ray

A freak heat wave sends the temperatures soaring on the remote island of Fara. As the heat and tempers soar, Dr Vernon Stone (Peter Cushing) and novelist Jeffrey Callum (Patrick Allen) try to uncover the mysterious reason for the sudden change in climate. But the arrival of Callum’s former mistress (Jane Merrow) forces the atmosphere to boiling point and it falls to Godfrey Hanson (Christopher Lee) to discover that the reason for the ri..

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Otway The Movie - Rock And Rolls Greatest Failure Blu-Ray

Funded entirely by his own fans, cult music legend John Otway stars in his critically-acclaimed movie of how failure has kept him famous for over 35 years! Following a sell-out theatrical in 2013, Otway - The Movie was voted by Guardian readers as the second best film of 2013 - losing out narrowly to Gravity! Having become an overnight sensation on The Old Grey Whistle Test when he jumped off an amplifier and landed on his testicles, Jo..

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Prisoners Of The Lost Universe Blu-Ray +DVD

Fantasy thriller in which Dan (Richard Hatch) and Carrie (Kay Lenz) inadvertently follow crazed scientist Dr Hartmann (Kenneth Hendel) into a parallel universe where humans and monsters are under the brutal rule of Kleel (John Saxon). Under threat of death, they discover that the pre-historical style universe they are inhabiting is actually called Vonya and that the evil Kleel is preparing to kill Dan and take Carrie as his servant brid..

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Queen Elizabeth II - The Diamond Celebration Blu-Ray

For sixty years Queen Elizabeth II has reigned over Great Britain and the Commonwealth. To commemorate her Diamond Jubilee in 2012, this major new 90 minute documentary recounts the life and times of this remarkable woman. Much of the Queen's film archive of her days as a young Princess, her coronation, and her early days as Queen have been scanned into High Definition for the first ever time. Queen Elizabeth II The Diamond Celebration ..

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Repulsion / Cul De Sac / Knife in the Water Blu-Ray

Repulsion (1965): Carol (Catherine Deneuve), a young French girl living in Sixties' London, is repelled, yet fascinated by men. Her radiant beauty attracts the opposite sex, but she shrinks from their advances. Her days are spent in an intensely feminine atmosphere: working in a beauty salon, and clinging to her sister Helen (Yvonne Furneaux) for love. Things start to unwind however when Helen goes away with her married boyfriend (Ian H..

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Repulsion Blu-Ray

Carol (Catherine Deneuve), a young French girl living in Sixties' London, is repelled, yet fascinated by men. Her radiant beauty attracts the opposite sex, but she shrinks from their advances. Her days are spent in an intensely feminine atmosphere: working in a beauty salon, and clinging to her sister Helen (Yvonne Furneaux) for love. Things start to unwind however when Helen goes away with her married boyfriend (Ian Hendry). As Carol i..

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Royal Flash Blu-Ray

In this unique and outrageous period comedy adapted from George MacDonald Fraser's novel, Malcolm McDowell stars as a comic character come to life. It is 19th Century Europe and Captain Harry Flashman (McDowell) is a gutless bully who seeks admission into European high society. Seeing a chance to promote their own menacing political schemes devious Otto Von Bismarck (Oliver Reed) and Rudi Von Sternberg (Alan Bates) convince Flashman to ..

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Satans Blood Blu-Ray

A superior Euro-sleaze horror! A newly-married couple living in Madrid, Andres (Jose Maria Guillen) and Ana (Mariana Karr) meet an eccentric couple of swingers in a chance encounter and are invited to a foreboding country estate. When a heavy thunderstorm and car trouble prevent Andres & Ana from leaving they stay overnight and the couples decide to try and communicate with spirits from the other side on a sinister Ouija-board, and enga..

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Sherlock Holmes - A Study In Terror Blu-Ray

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson find themselves embarking on their most dangerous and fear-fraught case as they hunt down Jack the Ripper in this gripping 1965 British thriller directed by James Hill (Born Free, Black Beauty)! When Sherlock Holmes (John Neville) receives a mysterious and chilling package in the post, he and Dr Watson (Donald Houston) find themselves on the trail of a maniac. It's 1888 and Jack the Ripper is about his ..

£18.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Shout At The Devil Blu-Ray

Set in East Africa in 1913 this big budget production depicts the world of colonial intrigues between Germany and England before the First World War. A British aristocrat (Roger Moore) and a whiskey guzzling American entrepreneur (Lee Marvin) team up together in East Africa for action and intrigue under the watchful eyes of a German Commissioner. As they set off to destroy a German battle-cruiser awaiting repairs just off Zanzibar, the ..

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Sunday in the Country DVD + Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Sunday in the Country DVD + Blu-Ray

Sunday in the Country DVD + Blu-Ray..

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The Asphyx Blu-Ray

The Asphyx Blu-Ray..

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The Black Torment Blu-Ray

A young wench flees across a dark forest for her very life as her murderous assailant gives chase. But she falls, is raped and then left for dead. With her last dying breath she utters the name of her killer...Sir Richard Fordyke. A few days later Sir Richard Fordyke returns to the vast Fordyke Estate with his lovely bride and second wife, Elizabeth. But talk around the village is of the ghost of Sir Richard`s first wife, who appears on..

£18.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

The Blood Beast Terror Blu-Ray

Peter Cushing (Dracula, Star Wars) and Wanda Ventham (U F.O, The Lotus Eaters.) star in this spine chilling 1968 British horror classic, directed by Vernon Sewell (Curse Of The Crimson Altar, Burke & Hare). Six young men have been brutally murdered, their throats torn to ribbons and drained of all blood. The sole witness has been consigned to a lunatic asylum, raving about something terrible with gigantic wings... Suspecting that some s..

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The Evil Within Blu-Ray

Following a tragic 'accident' as a young boy, Dennis Peterson (Frederick Koehler) is a mentally challenged teenager wliving with his older brother John (Sean Patrick Flanery). Whilst John struggles to balance looking after his backward brother - his impatient girlfriend wants Dennis out of their way and placed in an institution. But when Dennis befriends his alter ego in an antique mirror, the reflection (Michael Berryman) encourages De..

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The Farthest Blu-Ray

Humankind's greatest journey. More than 12 billion miles away, a tiny spaceship is leaving our Solar System and entering the void of deep space - the first human-made object ever to do so. Slowly dying within its heart is a nuclear generator that will beat for perhaps another decade before the lights on Voyager 1 finally go out. But this little craft will travel on for millions of years, carrying a Golden Record bearing recordings and i..

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The First Of The Few Blu-Ray

Filmed during the dark days of 1942, this is the immortal story of the Spitfire which had helped to win the Battle of Britain the previous year. Leslie Howard stars as R.J. Mitchell, the inventor of the Spitfire, whose aircraft designs were turned down for funding by Whitehall because they were too revolutionary. A chance meeting with Messerschmitt in the early 1930's gives Mitchell the inspiration to build Britain's fastest and deadlie..

£18.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

The Harder They Come Blu-Ray

Without doubt, the greatest reggae film of all-time, directed by the great Perry Henzell. The Harder They Come is the essential rebel-reggae story of a young, gifted and black Kingston musician whose attempt to lift himself out of poverty leads to meddling with drug-dealing and murder. Reggae legend Jimmy Cliff plays the young outlaw who fights back against a corrupt system, and becomes a man who finally achieves fame, fortune and hit r..

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The Hills Have Eyes 2 Blu-Ray

So you think you're lucky to be alive? Wes Craven's bloody-thirsty sequel to the massive cult horror hit The Hills Have Eyes in which the hills around Yucca Valley become another slaughter ground at the hands of a gang of barbaric cannibals. When a survivor from the original film journeys with seven young bikers by bus into the desert, they decide to take a shortcut. But halfway through the desert their bus breaks down across the no-man..

£12.30 Ex Tax: £10.25

The Man Who Never Was Blu-Ray

Three times Oscar nominated Clifton Webb, Robert Flemyng and Oscar winner Gloria Grahame star in this highly acclaimed 1956 British war film, based on an incredible true story. Digitally restored and remastered, it is now available to own on UK Blu-ray for the very first time. In 1943, two intelligence officers from the Royal Navy (Clifton Webb, Robert Flemyng) attempt to pull off the most daring espionage mission of the Second World Wa..

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The Nude Vampire Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Nude Vampire Blu-Ray

The Nude Vampire Blu-Ray..

£15.30 Ex Tax: £12.75

The Return Of The Swamp Thing Blu-Ray

Everyon's favourite muck-encrusted plant-man is back in this tongue-in-cheek action-adventure starring Louis Jourdan and sex-kitten Heather Locklear. Sequel to the original cult classic Swamp Thing and based on the award-winning D.C. Comics series, this visually dynamic film plants our moss-infested superhero in a dangerous love affair...

£16.70 Ex Tax: £13.92

The Romantic Englishwoman Blu-Ray

Superbly acted drama, adapted by Tom Stoppard in which Lewis (Michael Caine) suspects that his wife Elizabeth (Glenda Jackson) must be having an affair. Frustrated with her husband's jealous attempts to manipulate her, Elizabeth decides to confirm Lewis's suspicions by embarking on a steamy affair with a handsome young German, Thomas (Helmut Berger), who claims to be a poet, but is in fact a drug dealer... Special Features Glenda Jacks..

£10.30 Ex Tax: £8.58

The Sea Shall Not Have Them Blu-Ray

A stirring British war film depicting the boat crews whose job it was to rescue downed RAF pilots. After the Normandy D-Day landings, a dangerous attempt is made to rescue the survivors of a WWII British Hudson bomber, crashed at sea. On board is an Air Commodore who has secret plans that could stop enemy air raids on London. Produced by Daniel M. Angel. Written by Lewis Gilbert and Vernon Harris from the novel by John Harris...

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The Shiver of the Vampire Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Shiver of the Vampire Blu-Ray

The Shiver of the Vampire Blu-Ray..

£15.30 Ex Tax: £12.75

The Sorcerers Blu-Ray

The great somnambulist, Professor Montserrat, (Boris Karloff) develops a technique for controlling peoples' minds and sharing their feelings and sensations. His wife Estelle (Catherine Lacey) they decide to test their method on Mike Roscoe (Ian Ogilvy) and enjoy the hedonistic kick of ‘being' young again. But then Estelle grows to love the power of controlling Roscoe as the extent of his vicarious pleasures expands. How far will Profess..

£18.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

The Stranger Blu-Ray + DVD

Having directed two undisputed masterpieces - Citizen Kane and The Magnificent Ambersons - Orson Welles delved into the suspense film, crafting a post-war, psychological noir that laid the foundations for his later film noir classics, The Lady from Shanghai and Touch of Evil. Edward G. Robinson stars as a government agent tracking down a sadistic Nazi officer (Welles), who has evaded justice for running Nazi extermination camps. Rankin ..

£15.10 Ex Tax: £12.58

The Water Babies Blu-Ray

A star-studded, who's who of British cinema features in this delightful tale of a young street urchin, Tom (Tommy Pender) who unwittingly helps petty crooks (James Mason and Bernard Cribbins) rob a rich country house. As Tom escapes the police by jumping into a lake, he is transported to an under water cartoon-world where he has to help others find safety in order to redeem himself and return to the above-water world. This charming fami..

£15.30 Ex Tax: £12.75

The Whip And The Body Blu-Ray

The sadistic Kurt Menliff (Christopher Lee) returns to claim his title from his ailing father; and also turns his eye to reclaiming his former lover, Nevenka (Daliah Lavi). Unfortunately, Nevenka is now married to Kurt's younger brother Christian (Luciano Stella). When Kurt is savagely murdered, there is no shortage of suspects, but Neveka's claims that Kurt's spirit has returned from the grave to both torment and carry on their sadisti..

£18.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Tobruk Blu-Ray

Rock Hudson and George Peppard star in this explosive hard-hitting World War II epic. Based on a true incident, this exciting drama follows a convoy of British and German - Jewish commandos as they cross 800 miles of the Libyan desert to blow up a key Nazi fortress at Tobruk, which is guarded by General Rommel’s crack troops. Hudson plays a Canadian officer who is pressed into joining the daring raid, while Peppard plays the determined ..

£16.70 Ex Tax: £13.92

Tommy Blu-Ray

If you've ever wanted to hear Jack Nicholson sing or marvel at the sight of Ann-Margret drunkenly cavorting in a cascade of baked beans, Tommy is the movie you've been waiting for. The Who's brilliant rock opera is sublimely matched by director Ken Russell's penchant for cinematic excess during the peak of his filmmaking audacity. Tommy revolves around the 'deaf, dumb, and blind kid' (Roger Daltrey) who survives the childhood trauma tha..

£18.00 Ex Tax: £15.00