Stanley Baker - Violent Playground / Sea Fury / Checkpoint DVD

Stanley Baker - Violent Playground / Sea Fury / Checkpoint DVD
Triple bill of films featuring Stanley Baker. In 'Sea Fury' (1958), Captain Bellew (Victor McLaglen) is in charge of a tugboat that currently operates from a small Spanish village, and things get complicated when a crafty local tries to tempt the captain into a liaison with his daughter, Josita (Luciana Paluzzi), in the belief that Bellew will die soon and leave them his money.
However, Josita has fallen in love with one of Bellew's crew, Abel (Baker).
The situation is aggravated even more when Bellew receives a call to tow in a boat carrying dangerous cargo.
In 'Checkpoint' (1956), O'Donovan (Baker) is hired by a racing team owner, Warren Ingram (James Robertson Justice), to steal the car design plans of a rival ahead of an important race.
O'Donovan duly breaks into the team's factory and manages to obtain the plans, but in doing so sets off an alarm that leads to a fatal shoot-out.
As Ingram sets out to cover up his role in events - perhaps even at the expense of O'Donovan's life - the thief himself prepares to enter the race.
In 'Violent Playground' (1958), Truman (Baker) is initially unhappy with his new position tackling youth crime in Liverpool, but things improve when he meets and falls in love with Cathie Murphy (Anne Heywood) through the misbehaviour of her younger siblings.
However, the misdemeanours of the older brother of the Murphy family, Johnnie (David McCallum), are of a more serious nature and Truman will have to use all of his personal and policing skills to try and keep the family together.

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