Star Trek 1 to 10 Movie Collection (10 Films) Blu-Ray

Star Trek 1 to 10 Movie Collection (10 Films) Blu-Ray
Star Trek 1 to 10 Movie Collection (10 Films) Blu-Ray Star Trek 1 to 10 Movie Collection (10 Films) Blu-Ray
Discover the Star Trek Universe and experience every unforgettable moment from Kirk's triumphant return to the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise in Star Trek: The Motion Picture to Picard, Data and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise-E's final battle for control of the universe in Star Trek Nemesis. The spirit of the Enterprise lives on in the heart-stopping action and unforgettable characters of this brilliant collection.

Star Trek -The Motion Picture
Star Trek II - The Wrath Of Khan
Star Trek III - The Search For Spock
Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home
Star Trek V - The Final Frontier
Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country
Star Trek VII - Generations
Star Trek VIII - First Contact
Star Trek IX - Insurrection
Star Trek X - Nemesis

Special Features
Plus 8 Hours Bonus Content
Aspect RatioVarious
Case TypeBoxset Special
CastAlan Dale, Alan Ruck, Alfre Woodard, Alice Krige, Anthony Zerbe, Barbara March, Madge Sinclair, Majel Barrett, Malcolm McDowell, Marina Sirtis, Mark Lenard, Max Grodenchik, McKenzie Westmore, Merritt Butrick, Michael Dorn, Michael Welch, Miguel Ferrer, Neal McDonough, Nichelle Nichols, Patrick Stewart, Patti Yasutake, Paul Winfield, Joe W Davis, John Berg, John Larroquette, John Schuck, Jonathan Frakes, Joseph Ruskin, Jude Ciccolella, Kate Mulgrew, Kim Cattrall, Kirstie Alley, Laurence Luckinbill, Leonard Nimoy, LeVar Burton, Donna Murphy, Dwight Schultz, Ethan Phillips, F Murray Abraham, Gates McFadden, George Takei, Grace Lee Whitney, Gwynyth Walsh, Ike Eisenmann, Iman Abdulmajid, Jacqueline Kim, James Cromwell, James Doohan, James Sikking, Jane Wiedlin, Jane Wyatt, Bibi Besch, Brent Spiner, Brock Peters, Bruce French, Bryan Singer, Carl Steven, Catherine Hicks, Catherine Shirriff, Charles Cooper, Christian Slater, Christopher Lloyd, Christopher Plummer, Cynthia Gouw, Daniel Hugh Kelly, David Warner, DeForest Kelley, Dina Meyer, Persis Khambatta, Phillip R Allen, Rene Aub
DirectorStuart Baird, Nicholas Meyer, David Carson, Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, Jonathan Frakes, Robert Wise
HOH (Hard of Hearing)Yes
RegionBlu-Ray B
RegionBlu-Ray C
RegionBlu-Ray A
Run Time1133
Special Features

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