Star Trek - Deep Space Nine Season 3 DVD

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine Season 3 DVD
Episodes The Search, Part I: 48213.1 Sisko's team depart for the Gamma Quadrant in a heavily armed experimental starship, the USS Defiant. The Search, Part II: 48213.1 Odo is enticed by a female shapeshifter while Kira makes a discovery which clarifies a great deal. The House Of Quark: Stardate Unknown To avoid dishonouring her dead husband, a Klingon widow forces Quark to become head of her house. Equilibrium: Stardate Unknown Potentially fatal mood swings and terrifying hallucinations reveal an 80-year-old secret to Jadzia Dax. Second Skin: Stardate Unknown Kira discovers that for the past 10 years, she has been a deep-cover Cardassian agent. The Abandoned: Stardate Unknown Starfleet is keen to examine a Jem'Hadar child found in a wrecked ship. Odo has other plans. Civil Defence: Stardate Unknown An old automated Cardassian DS9 security program threatens to kill all the occupants of the station. Meridian: 48423.2 Jadzia falls in love with a man about to disappear from her dimension for 60 years. Defiant: 48467.3 The USS Enterprise-D's Commander William Riker arrives on DS9 and absconds with the Defiant! Fascination: Stardate Unknown During a Bajoran festival, the occupants of DS9 experience an epidemic of inappropriate romantic attractions. Past Tense, Part I: 48481.2 Sisko, Bashir, and Dax are accidentally transported back in time to the Bell Riots of 2024 Earth. Past Tense, Part II: 48481.2 Sisko attempts to ensure that the Bell Riots proceed, even though hundreds of innocent people will die. Life Support: 48498.4 Bashir uses questionable methods to keep Vedek Bareil alive long enough to conclude important peace talks. Heat Of Stone: 48521.5 Kira is trapped by a crystal which slowly crushes her, prompting Odo to reveal his feelings. Destiny: 48543.2 Despite some belief in it, Sisko ignores an ancient Bajoran prophecy to pursue a scientific breakthrough. Prophet Movie: Stardate Unknown To restore the Ferengi Nagus' lost greed, Quark negotiates a deal with the Bajoran Prophets. Visionary: Stardate Unknown Experience a lucid vision of DS9 destroyed, O'Brien enlists the help of his future self. Distant Voices: Stardate Unknown Comatose following an assault, Bashir races to reassemble his own inner personality before he expires. Through The Looking Glass: Stardate Unknown Taken to the Mirror universe, Sisko must deal with the mirror version of his own dead wife. Improbable Cause: Stardate Unknown An attempt on Garak's life leads to the discovery of an unlikely alliance against the Dominion. The Die Is Cast: Stardate Unknown As the strike on the Dominion assembles, Garak is ordered to torture, and possibly kill, Odo. Explorer: Stardate Unknown To prove the truth of an 800-year-old, Sisko builds an authentic Bajoran solar-sailing vessel. Family Business: Stardate Unknown Quark returns to Ferenginar to answer allegations that his mother has been making a profit! Shakaar: Stardate Unknown Assigned to negotiate against her former resistance leader, Kira ends up taking refuge with him. Facets: Stardate Unknown In an ancient Trill rite of closure, Jadzia faces Dax's previous hosts, transplanted into her friends. The Adversary: 48959.1 A shapeshifter takes control of the Defiant, intending to start a devastating war in the Alpha Quadrant. Special Features The Birth Of Dominion And Beyond, Michael Westmore's Aliens-Season Three, Time Travel Files-'Past Tense', Crew Dossier: Odo, Sailing Through The Stars, USS Defiant
Released 2007-04-30
Discs 7
Year Of Release 1995
Director Reza S Badiyi,Rene Auberjonois,Jonathan West,Winrich Kolbe,Les Landau,Alexander Singer,Jonathan Frakes,Cliff Bole,David Livingston,Avery Brooks,Kim Friedman
Cast Penny Johnson,Philip Anglim,Rene Auberjonois,Robert O'Reilly,Rosalind Chao,Salome Jens,Siddig El Fadil,Duncan Regehr,Frank Military,Terry Farrell,Tim Russ,Tracy Scoggins,Wallace Shawn,Louise Fletcher,Majel Barrett,Marc Alaimo,Martha Hackett,Mary Kay Adams,Max Grodenchik,Nana Visitor,Paul Dooley,Bumper Robinson,Chase Masterson,Cirroc Lofton,Colm Meaney,Jeffrey Combs,Jim Metzler,Jonathan Frakes,Ken Marshall,Andrea Martin,Andrew Robinson,Armin Shimerman,Aron Eisenberg,Avery Brooks
HOH (Hard of Hearing) Yes
Audio English Dolby Digital 5.1, German Dolby Digital 5.1, French Surround, Italian Surround, Spanish Surround
Run Time 1158
Special Features

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