Star Trek - Enterprise Season 1 DVD

Star Trek - Enterprise Season 1 DVD
Broken Bow: Mission Date April 16, 2151
Pursued by mysterious aliens, a Klingon pilot crashes on Earth and is shot by a farmer. Seizing the opportunity to break years of stalemate in Earth's space program, Jonathan Archer quickly assembles a crew to return the injured Klingon to his people using Earth's first Warp 5 starship, "Enterprise". When the ship is attacked, the Klingon is abducted, and Archer's crew is drawn into an intrigue that spans both space and time.

Fight Or Flight: Mission Date May 6, 2151
Discovering a ship floating immobile in space, Archer's crew investigates and finds the incapacitated alien crew being drained of a vital chemical. When further ships arrive, the "Enterprise" is accused of the chemical theft.

Strange New World: Mission Date Unknown
Landing on an unspoilt world, Archer allows an away team to spend the night on the planet. Sheltering from storms during the night, the officers seek refuge in nearby caves, where they begin to hallucinate dangerously.

Unexpected: Mission Date Unknown
A cloaked and damaged Xyrillian ship is discovered draining plasma from the "Enterprise". Sent to help the Xyrillians, Trip Tucker flirts with one of the aliens, and is later shocked to find he has become pregnant.

Terra Nova: Mission Date Unknown
Despatched to investigate the fate of an Earth colony ship which disappeared seventy-five years earlier, the "Enterprise" orbits Terra Nova. Discovering little on the planet except unusual radiation readings, Archer's away team is ambushed by local cave-dwellers.

The Andorian Incident: Mission Date Unknown
Urged by T'Pol to show respect, Archer and Trip visit a Vulcan monastery, where they discover a troop of Andorians: blue-skinned, suspicious, militaristic aliens, who claim that the monastery is actually a high-tech listening post.

Breaking The Ice: Mission Date Unknown
Reed and Travis are despatched to mine a rare mineral from a large comet, while the "Enterprise" maintains frosty contact with a Vulcan vessel. When his officers on the comet are endangered, Archer reluctantly asks for help.

Civilization: Mission Date July 31, 2151
Encountering a new civilization, Archer discovers that other space-faring aliens have already arrived on the planet. Blamed by a local woman for a widespread sickness, Archer investigates, and discovers the other off-worlders are stripping the planet's resources.

Fortunate Son: Mission Date Unknown
Responding to a distress signal from a freighter which has been attacked by Nausicaan pirates, Archer finds the freighter's crew have a Nausicaan prisoner whom they are torturing for information. The freighter's acting captain is unrepentant.

Cold Front: Mission Date Unknown
A pilgrim passenger's calculated act of "sabotage" saves the "Enterprise" from later destruction in a plasma storm, and leads on of Archer's crewmen to reveal he is from 900 years in the future.

Silent Enemy: Mission Date September 1, 2151
While the "Enterprise" fends off attacks from an uncommunicative alien vessel, Hoshi is tasked with discovering Malcolm Reed's favourite food in time for his birthday. Unfortunately, Reed misinterprets Hoshi's interest in him.

Dear Doctor: Mission Date Unknown
Phlox is challenged to find a cure for a disease which affects 50 million people on the Valakian homeworld. When he realizes the cure will change the planet's future dramatically, Phlox faces a moral dilemma.

Sleeping Dogs: Mission Date Unknown
Detecting a disabled Klingon ship in the atmosphere of a gas giant, Archer sends an away team to assist. Finding human help dishonourable, the Klingons' lack of cooperation traps Archer's team out of reach on the doomed ship.

Shadows Of P'jem: Mission Date Unknown
Blaming Archer for the Andorian destruction of the P'Jem monastery, the Vulcans want to reassign T'Pol. Matters are complicated when Archer and T'Pol are captured on an away mission, and are rescued by unlikely allies.

Shuttlepod One: Mission Date November 9, 2151
Conducting targeting tests well away from the "Enterprise", Trip and Reed find themselves marooned on board a shuttlepod with no way to reach safety before their air runs out.

Fusion: Mission Date Unknown
The "Enterprise" encounters a vessel manned by Vulcans who explore their emotions: a practice frowned upon by Vulcan society. Although reluctant to associate with them, T'Pol finds herself intrigued by their experiences.

Rogue Planet: Mission Date Unknown
On a planet which has broken free from its orbit, Archer's away team encounters an Eskan party hunting a "wraith". Approached by a beautiful woman, Archer learns that the "wraith" is a shapeshifter who needs his help.

Acquisition: Mission Date Unknown
The "Enterprise" crew is knocked out by four Ferengi, who begin to scavenge items from the ship. Once awake, Archer realizes that the way to regain control of the "Enterprise" is to play to the Ferengi's greed.

Oasis: Mission Date Unknown
Intrigued by stories of a "haunted ship" that crashed years before, the "Enterprise" finds the site and the crew soon spot figures who do not register on the sensors. When a desiccated corpse is discovered, a strange tale unfolds.

Detained: Mission Date Unknown
Having trespassed in the Tandaran military zone, Archer and Travis are held in a prison where civilian Suliban are routinely detained. Disgusted that the detainees include children, Archer organises a jailbreak.

Vox Sola: Mission Date Unknown
After a disastrous diplomatic meeting, the "Enterprise" is invaded by a strange web-like creature which was attached to the alien ship. When the creature ensnares several crewmembers, T'Pol and Hoshi try to find a way to communicate with it.

Fallen Hero: Mission Date February 9, 2152
Archer receives orders to transport the Vulcan Ambassador V'lar from the planet Mazar, where her integrity has been called into question. T'Pol has difficulty believing that her former role model may be acting dishonourably.

Desert Crossing: Mission Date February 12, 2152
Having repaired a crippled ship, Archer and Trip are invited by its captain to dinner on his desert planet. When the host's camp is attacked, the two officers flee into the desert, where they struggle to survive.

Two Days And Two Nights: Mission Date February 18, 2152
Arriving at Risa, the crew draws lots to determine who can take shore leave. Archer, Hoshi, Trip and Reed all find companions for the short stay, and experience wildly different consequences!

Shockwave, Part I: Mission Date Unknown
When Reed's shuttlepod causes an explosion that kills all the colonists on a planet, "Enterprise" is ordered back to Earth, its mission over. However, an agent from the future returns to demonstrate that more sinister factors are involved.

Special Features
Creating Enterprise, O Captain! My Captain!, A Profile Of Scott Bakula, Cast Impressions: Season One, Inside Shuttlepod One, Star Trek Time Travel: Temporal Cold Wars And Beyond, Enterprise Secrets, Admiral Forrest Takes Center Stage, Enterprise Outtakes
Aspect Ratio1.78:1
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital 5.1
Case TypeBoxset Amaray Slim
CastScott Bakula, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating, Linda Park, Anthony Montgomery, John Billingsley, Jolene Blalock
DirectorMike Vejar, Winrich Kolbe, Patrick Norris, LeVar Burton, Terry Windell, James Conway, Rob Heddon, David Straiton, Robert Duncan McNeill, Les Landau, Michael Dorn, Allan Kroeker, Jim Charleston, James A Contner, Roxann Dawson, David Livingston, James Whitmore Jr
HOH (Hard of Hearing)Yes
RegionDVD 2
Run Time1098
Special Features

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