Star Trek - The Animated Series DVD

Star Trek - The Animated Series DVD
Boldly continuing where Star Trek: The Original Series left off, these animated adventures chart the progress of Captain Kirk and his crew in a universe unconstrained by “real-life” cinematography! Join Kirk, Spock, Bones and the Enterprise crew for 22 original adventures: to boldly go where no animation has gone before!

Beyond The Farthest Star 5521.3:
Pulled towards an imploded negative star mass, the Enterprise encounters a strange starship inhabited by a shapeless evil being. When the creature takes control of his ship, Captain Kirk uses bold tactics to convince the creature that it is being lured to its death.

Yesteryear 5373.4:
Following a venture with the powerful Guardian of Forever, Mr. Spock is removed from history, despite being very much present aboard the Enterprise! A distant memory allows the Vulcan to formulate a plan to restore himself to this timeline, by pretending to be his own cousin in the past.

One Of Our Planets Is Missing 5371.3:
A massive planet-destroying cloud threatens to destroy every planet in the galaxy. Pulled inside the cloud, the Enterprise crew realise that the entity is in fact a sentient being. While Kirk speculates that the only way forward may be to kill the creature, Spock employs a more “Vulacan” approach.

The Lorelei Signal 5483.7:
In an unchartered region of space where Federation and Klingon vessels have been reported missing every 27 years, the male crew members are seduced by hallucinations of beautiful women. With the menfolk rendered unconscious or ineffective by the sirens, Uhura assembles an all-female landing party to take control of the situation.

More Tribbles, More Troubles 5329.4:
Returning to the famine-stricken Sherman's planet, the Enterprise discovers that trader Cyrano Jones is being held captive by Klingon Captain Koloth. Although Kirk manages to rescue Jones, he discovers that the trader is carrying a new breed of tribbles which makes the troubles caused by the previous breed seem tiny by comparison.

The Survivor 5143.3:
When a long-lost philanthropist is discovered on board a damaged one-man vessel, his fiancee is delighted. However, when the returnee turns out to be a shape-shifting alien who later impersonates Kirk and orders the Enterprise into the dangerous Romulan Neutral Zone, the situation takes a turn for the worse.

The Infinite Vulcan 5554.4:
Visiting a recently discovered planet, Sulu is poisoned by one of the plant-like beings. Investigating, the crew finds that the poison was brought to the planet by a scientist whose clone has now taken his place. When the cloned scientist cripples Spock by trying to clone him. Kirk resorts to philosophy.

The Magicks Of Megas-Tu 1254.4:
Pulled to the centre of the galaxy while investigating the theory of creation, the Enterprise encounters a devil-like creature which leads the crew to experiment with magic. Taking exception to this, the inhabitants of the nearby planet Megas-Tu begin a witch hunt.

Once Upon A Planet 5591.2:
Returning to the amusement planet, the crew is put in danger when their fantasies take on a violent edge. Although everyone is recalled to Enterprise, Uhura is captured and trapped on the surface. While Kirk and Spock try to trick their way to her, Uhura attempts to outwit the planet's master computer.

Mudd's Passion 4978.5:
Ordered to find and retrieve Harry Mudd, a Federation outlaw, the Enterprise crew discovers him selling love potion to miners on the planet Motherlode. When the potion turns out to be fake, the miners attack the trickster, as does Nurse Chapel, and with surprising consequences.

The Terratin Incident 5577.3:
Exploring a dead supernova, Enterprise discovers a garbled message containing one comprehensible word “terratin”. Shortly thereafter, a strange flash of light paralyses the entire Enterprise crew and everyone aboard begins to shrink. Although Kirk finds a way to restore himself to full size, he returns to the ship to find his crew gone.

The Time Trap 5267.6:
In an area of space where many starships have disappeared, the Enterprise is attacked by several Klingon vessels, and slips with one of the aggressors through a space-time warp into a dimension where weapons are neutralised and both ships are put on trail.

The Ambergris Element 5499.9:
On a water-based planet, Kirk and Spock are trapped by a sea monster and turned into water breathers. Although their crew-mates attempt a rescue, the aquatic aliens panic and sentence the two officers to death, a sentence which can only be avoided by successfully completing momentous tasks.

The Slaver Weapon 4187.3:
Delivering a rare artefact of the Slaver culture, a time-arresting stasis box, Spock, Uhura and Sulu are alerted to the presence of a similar object nearby. When the other object turns out to be guarded by hostile Kzinti intent on recovering their box, the Starfleet officers engage in a deadly battle.

The Eye Of The Beholder 5501.2:
Following upon the disappearance of a scientific team near Lactra VII, the Enterprise encounters a species of 20-foot slugs with intelligence that outstrips that of humans and even Vulcans. When the crew is captured by the creatures, they are left with a humbling message to take back to earth.

The Jihad 5683.1:
When a religious artefact that could ignite a galaxy-wide holy war is stolen, Kirk and Spock are briefed to investigate. Their mission leads them to the “mad planet”. Where they encounter bizarre aggressors, treachery, and an unusual request...

The Pirates Of Orion 6334.1:
Infected by a terrible disease fatal only to Vulcans, Spock is left with three days to live, the only cure being on a world at least four days away. Although Starfleet assembles a pony express of Starships to get the medicine to Spock in time. Orion pirates attack the couriers.

Bem 7403.6:
On a planet peopled by pre-industrial aborigines, a Starfleet landing party is put at risk by a pacifist Federation observer who has secretly replaced their weapons for non-functioning ones. When the Starfleet officers begin to be captured by the natives, the observer is forced to face the consequences of his idealism.

The Practical Joker 3183.3:
To avoid an encounter with three Romulan ships, the Enterprise hides in a gaseous energy field. Unfortunately, the field penetrates the ship's computer, causing it to act like a practical joker. The ensuing chaos proves to be amusing but extremely dangerous.

Albatross 5275.6:
Dr. McCoy is arrested for mass slaughter and imprisoned for his part in creating a plague which almost wiped out the population of an entire planet 19 years earlier. Attempting to prove their comrade's innocence, Kirk and Spock track down a survivor who manages to infect the entire Enterprise crew with the plague.

How Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth 6063.4:
Tracking a mysterious probe that is acting suspiciously within Federation space, the Enterprise encounters an alien vessel which transforms itself into an ancient Mayan-Aztec deity. Upset at being forgotten by humans, the deity gives Kirk and his crew a task they must complete or face death.

The Counter-Clock Incident 6770.3:
When the Enterprise latches on to a ship travelling at Warp 36, it is pulled into an alternate universe where time runs backwards. Although the crew befriends an inhabitant of the alternate universe who may be able to help, they also discover that they are growing younger by the minute!

Special Features
Audio Commentary By David Gerrold And David Wise, Text Commentary By Michael And Denise Okuda, Storyboard Gallery: The Infinite Vulcan, Drawn To The Final Frontier, What's The Star Trek Connection?, Show History
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital 5.1, French Mono, German Mono, Italian Mono, Spanish Mono
Case TypeAmaray Special
CastMajel Barrett, Nichelle Nichols, James Doohan, George Takei, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley
DirectorHal Sutherland, Bill Reed
HOH (Hard of Hearing)Yes
RegionDVD 2
Run Time507
Special Features

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