Star Trek - Voyager Season 5 DVD

Star Trek - Voyager Season 5 DVD
Star Trek: Voyager (VOY) focuses on the 24th century adventures of Captain Kathryn Janeway aboard the U.S.S. Voyager. Smaller than either Kirk’s or Picard’s starships—its crew complement is only 150—Voyager is fast and powerful, and has the ability to land on a planet’s surface. It is one of the most technologically advanced vessels in Starfleet, utilizing computer circuitry that incorporates synthetic neural tissue. Ironically, Janeway’s inaugural mission aboard Voyager was to be her last in the Alpha quadrant. While attempting to capture the crew of a renegade Maquis vessel, both her ship and that of the Maquis were pulled into the distant Delta quadrant by powerful alien technology. Unfortunately, there would be no similar “express” route to take them home again. Stranded 70,000 light-years from Earth, Janeway convinced the Maquis to join her Starfleet crew and serve together during the long voyage back to Federation space.

Episodes 1-4
Night: 52081.2
Crossing a vast region of empty space, the crew are driven slowly insane by boredom.

Drone: Stardate Unknown
A transporter glitch causes the Doctor's holo-emitter to evolve into the most advanced Borg in existence.

Extreme Risk: Stardate Unknown – Voyager races the Malons to build a craft capable of withstanding a sun's atmosphere.

In The Flesh: 52136.4
On a surveillance mission, Chakotay finds himself in Earth's Starfleet Headquarters, surrounded by Starfleet personnel.

Episodes 5-8
Once Upon A Time: Stardate Unknown
Neelix keeps a young girl occupied by introducing her to 'The adventures of Flotter'.

Timeless: 52143.6 – In The Future
Chakotay and Kim return to a frozen, lifeless Voyager to correct a tragic mistake., Infinite Regress: 52356.2
A vital piece of Seven's Borg technology becomes infected by an alien virus.

Nothing Human: Stardate Unknown
A hologram of a controversial Cardassian exobiologist helps to remove an alien creature from Torres.

Episodes 9-12
Thirty Days: 52179.4
Paris ignores his captain's orders and the Prime directive and attacks an alien mining operation.

Couterpoint: Stardate Unknown
Voyager is repeatedly searched for refugees whom Janeway is secretly transporting.

Latent Image: Stardate Unknown
The Doctor finds evidence of neurosurgery he performed on Kim, but cannot remember the procedure.

Bride Of Chaotica!: Stardate Unknown
Photonic aliens become convinced that Paris' holodeck program, 'The adventures of Captain Proton', is reality.

Episodes 13-16
Gravity: 52438.9
Pulled into a gravity well, Paris and Tuvok are stranded with an amorous local woman.

Bliss: 52542.3
Seven of Nine is suspicious of the discovery of a wormhole leading to Earth.

Dark Frontier, Part I: 52619.2
Finding a way to destroy Borg ships, Janeway develops a daring plan to steal transwarp technology.

Dark Frontier, Part II: 52619.2
Confronted by the Borg Queen, Seven is assigned to help the Borg to assimilate humanity.

Episodes 17-20
The Disease: Stardate Unknown
Kim's intimate relationship with a Varro female leads to a biochemical bond between the two.

Course: Oblivion: 52586.3
Voyager begins to lose molecular cohesion and several crew members experience acute cellular degradation leading to death.

The Fight: Stardate Unknown
Pulled into chaotic space with unseen aliens, Chakotay attempts to communicate via a hallucinatory boxing match.

Think Tank: Stardate Unknown
A team of super-intelligent beings offer to help Voyager in exchange for Seven of Nine.

Episodes 21-24
Juggernaut: Stardate Unknown
To prevent a catastrophic explosion, a Voyager team boards a Malon vessel which is reportedly haunted.

Someone To Watch Over Me: 52647
The doctor takes charge of Seven of Nine's socialisation training, with unexpected results.

11:59: Stardate Unknown
Janeway's ancestor Shannon O'Donnel attempts to prevent the building of an historic edifice.

Relativity: 52861.274
Seven of Nine travels back in time to prevent Voyager being destroyed by a saboteur.

Episodes 25-26
Warhead: Stardate Unknown
An incredibly potent intelligent missile realises its own nature, and holds Voyager hostage.

Equinox, Part I: Stardate Unknown
Janeway answers a distress call from another stranded starfleet vessel repeatedly attacked by aliens.

Special Features
Braving The Unknown: Season Five, Time Capsule: B’Elanna Torres, Time Capsule: Tom Paris, The Borg Queen Speaks, Delta Quadrant Make-Up Magic, Photo Gallery, Ships Of The Delta Quadrant
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital 5.1, German Dolby Digital 5.1, French Surround, Italian Surround, Spanish Surround
Case TypeBoxset Amaray Slim
CastAlexander Enberg,Jeri Ryan,Justin Louis,Kate Mulgrew,Kate Vernon,Kevin Tighe,Laura Stepp,LeVar Burton,Tim Russ,Titus Welliver,Willie Garson,Ray Walston,Robert Beltran,Robert Duncan McNeill,Robert Picardo,Ron Canada,Roxann Dawson,Scarlett Pomers,Scott Thompson,Susanna Thompson,Tarik Ergin,Ethan Phillips,Garrett Wang,J Paul Boehmer,Jason Alexander,Lori Petty,Mark Harelik,Martin Rayner,Marva Hicks,McKenzie Westmore,Musetta Vander,Neil Maffin,Nicholas Worth,Carlos Palomino,Christine Harnos,Dakin Matthews,David Clennon
DirectorWinrich Kolbe,LeVar Burton,Terry Windell,Ron Surma,Anson Williams,Les Landau,John Kretchmer,Robert Duncan McNeill,Michael Vejar,Allan Kroeker,Cliff Bole,Terence O'Hara,David Livingston
HOH (Hard of Hearing)Yes
RegionDVD 2
Run Time1149
Special Features

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