Norm Of The North / Daisy / Ozzy The Great Furscape DVD

Norm Of The North / Daisy / Ozzy The Great Furscape DVD
Triple bill of children's animated adventures. 'Norm of the North' (2015) follows a polar bear's adventures in New York City. When scheming property developer Mr. Greene (voice of Ken Jeong) plans to build luxury retreats in the Arctic, Norm the polar bear (Rob Schneider) travels to New York City to try and preserve his home. There, with his three loyal lemming sidekicks, Norm becomes a corporate mascot and, with the help of some new friends, hatches his own plan to sabotage Mr. Greene's vision for the Arctic. 'Ozzy - The Great Furscape' (2016) follows Ozzy (Guillermo Romero), a lovable beagle placed in luxury kennels while his family jet off on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Japan. Everything is not as it seems however, as Ozzy soon realises that the kennels are actually a front for an illegal sweatshop for dogs, run by the evil owner of an international toy company. Imprisoned and put to work in tough conditions, Ozzy enlists the help of his fellow inmates as they come together to launch a daring escape attempt. Finally, in 'Daisy - A Hen Into the Wild' (2011) a hen escapes a poultry farm but must confront new dangers in the wild. Daisy (Stacey DePass) has long wished for freedom from the terrible conditions she is surrounded by at the farm. However, when she does manage to escape she quickly realises that other dangers lie in wait for her outside, specifically the one-eyed weasel which has been on her trail since she left...

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