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In what many have described as the French equivalent of Heat, two of France's heavyweights, Gerard Depardieu and Daniel Auteuil star as two detectives. Once close friends, but now bitter rivals, they strive to claim the coveted position of Chief of Police by whatever means necessary. A gang of armed robberies have committed seven bloody robberies in Paris within the space of a year. Klein (Depardieu) and Vrinks (Auteuil) are heading up ..

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A Tale Of Two Sisters Blu-Ray

Following the death of their mother, sisters Su-mi and Suyeon are sent to convalesce in a mental hospital. On their first night home, disturbing and seemingly unexplainable events - footsteps on the stairs, doors opening of their own accord - begin to occur, and strange hallucinations plague the family. It soon becomes impossible to tell whether it is the sisters' unstable mental health, the cruel mind games played by their step-mother,..

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Black Book Blu-Ray

September 1944 - Nazi occupied Holland. When her temporary safe house is destroyed by a bomb, the beautiful young Jewish chanteuse Rachel Steinn joins fellow refugees in an attempt to reach safe Allied territory by boat. Tragedy strikes when a Nazi patrol intercepts their escape, ruthlessly killing everybody onboard including Rachel's family; only Rachel escapes the massacre. Embittered and desperate for revenge, she joins the Resistanc..

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I'm A Cyborg Blu-Ray

I'm A Cyborg, the latest film from the Korean director Park Chan-Wook, is a madcap fantasy, screwball romance. Young-goon is admitted to a mental institution, believing herself a cyborg, she charges herself with a transistor radio. II-soon, a fellow inmate, steals the other inmates' personality traits and believes he is fading and will one day turn into a dot. When Young-goon refuses to eat, II-soon decides it's his job to get her on he..

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Infernal Affairs / Infernal Affairs II / Infernal Affairs III Blu-Ray

Spanning ten years, likened to The Godfather trilogy, this is the gangster epic of our time. Presented here for the first time on UK BD in its entirety, this is Infernal Affairs as it was meant to be seen. INFERNAL AFFAIRS: Ming and Yan live parallel lives; one is undercover in the Triads for the Police, the other is a mole in the police. Eventually their paths must cross... INFERNAL AFFAIRS II: We go back ten years to see their lives..

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Lady Vengeance Blu-Ray

Following the hudely successful Oldboy, LadyVengeance is another showcase for the extraordinary talents of Park Chan-wook. Lee Guem-ja has been released from jail having served 13 years for the kidnapping and murder of a child. A seemingly unassuming prisoner, Guem-ja has in fact been plotting her revenge on the man who was responsible for her incarceration. With the help of some of her fellow inmates her plan will soon be complete. But..

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Old Boy Blu-Ray

A man is inexplicably kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years and his wife is brutally murdered. On his release, he is given a wallet full of money and a mobile phone. A stranger calls and asks him to try and figure out why he was imprisoned. A girl appears and promises to help him solve the enigma and seek vengeance for his cruel fate. As the search progresses, the man finally comes face to face with his kidnapper, who proposes a game: i..

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Paranoid Park Blu-Ray

From acclaimed director of My Own Private Idaho, Elephant and Last Days. When Alex, a 16-year-old skater, plucks up the courage to go to Paranoid Park - Portland's most challenging and infamous urban skateboard destination - he didn't expect his night to end with the death of a railway security guard. Deciding to say nothing about the incident, Alex does all he can to lead a normal life, but is troubled by a crushing burden of guilt whi..

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Sky Blue Blu-Ray

The year is 2142. After a catastrophic environmental disaster a small number of elites have built an organic city called Ecoban. Its very existence depends on the work of the "Diggers"; refugees who live outside of the city and mine the wasteland to feed Ecoban's energy consumption. Exploited and fighting for their lives, their only hope is a rebel fighter, who must infiltrate the city and escape with its secrets, to win the freedom of ..

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Sympathy For Mr Vengeance Blu-Ray

Park Chan-Wook's Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance is the precursor to Oldboy and the first of his celebrated "Vengeance" trilogy. It is a disquieting, brutal but nonetheless rewarding multi-layered tale of love, loss and revenge. A deaf-mute (Kang-ho Song - Shiri) is desperate to save his sister's life, but can't raise the money for the kidney transplant. Out of desperation, he and his terrorist girlfriend kidnap a wealthy businessman's daugh..

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The Machinist Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Proposition Blu-Ray

In the harsh, unforgiving landscape of the Outback, Charlie Burns (Guy Pearce) is presented with an impossible proposition by local law enforcer Captain Stanley (Ray Winstone). To save his younger brother Mikey from the gallows he must track down and kill Arthur (Danny Huston), his psychotic older brother. While Charlie is forced to choose between revenge, loyalty and his own conscience, Stanley, having given up civilised life in Englan..

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The Seventh Seal Blu-Ray

As the Black Death continues to wipe out the population of Europe, knight Antonius Block (Max Von Sydow) returns from the crusades. Disillusioned and worn, he encounters Death and makes a bargain - his fate will be determined by a game of chess. Taking a troupe of travelling players and a deaf girl under his protection, the knight plays the game with Death, who, as the pieces fall, exacts his toll. All the while, the villages and towns ..

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Thirst Blu-Ray

A priest becomes a vampire... another man's wife is coveted... a deadly seduction triggers murder. Thirst is the new film from director Park Chan-wook (Old Boy, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance). Already a box-office smash in Korea, Thirst was honored with the Prix du Jury (Jury Prize) at the 2009 Cannes International Film Festival. Starring: Song Kang-ho, Shin Ha-kyun, and Kim Ok-vin. Special Features Technical ..

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Vengeance Trilogy - Sympathy for Mr Vengeance / Old Boy / Lady Vengeance Blu-Ray

Park Chan-wook's ruminations on revenge have created 3 of the most celebrated cinematic works of the new century. Each film of his Vengeance Trilogy (Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, Oldboy and Lady Vengeance) show the destructive power of revenge and the repercussions it has on not just the victims but the perpetrators. They show us the talent of one of the world's leading film-makers. All three films in Mr. Park's celebrated trilogy have ga..

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