The Adventures Of Antoine Doinel (5 Films) Blu-Ray

The Adventures Of Antoine Doinel (5 Films) Blu-Ray
Starting with "one of the greatest films about childhood, from anywhere, ever" (Anthony Quinn, The Independent), which kicked off the French New Wave, Franccois Truffaut delivers an indisputable landmark of cinema history – five films, four features and one short, which follow the life of one charming, compelling and unforgettable character. Before anyone else, Truffaut allowed audiences to dip into one character’s life progressively over twenty years, witnessing him growing up from a child struggling with school and the law to an adult, struggling with love and divorce. A very special and unique collection, The Adventures of Antoine Doinel will invoke joy, humour, nostalgia and happiness time and time again as your investment in Antoine and his story progressively proliferates with each gloriously captured scene.

The 400 Blows (1959):
13-year-old Antoine can't seem to do anything right. His parents yell at him, his spiteful schoolteacher picks on him and luck just never goes his way. One day it all becomes too much and Antoine chooses to take his chances on the streets of Paris.

Antoine & Colette (1962):
Antoine has his life in some sort of order and he gets to indulge his love of music in his job at a record shop. The problem now is Colette, someone who he has fallen desperately in love with but who sees him as just a friend. Will she ever view him as anything else?

Stolen Kisses (1968):
Antoine at age 20 has received a dishonourable discharge from the army and returns to the place he knows best, the Parisian streets and alleyways where he stumbles through a series of unsatisfying jobs and romantic encounters.

Bed & Board (1970):
Married and with a child on the way, Antoine should have a stable life established as a fully formed adult. However, steady employment remains at arm’s length and an affair with a beautiful Japanese woman threatens to destroy all security.

Love On The Run (1972):
Antoine falls in love with Sabine, who works at the local record shop, and their relationship begins to blossom. But his former partners Christine and Colette reenter his life and will play a crucial role in it once again. Because love is never simple.

Special Features
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Aspect Ratio1.66:1
AudioFrench LPCM Mono, French LPCM 2.0
Case TypeBoxset Amaray Slim
CastAndre Falcon,Barbara Frey,Barbara Laage,Bernard Abbou,Catherine Lutz,Christian Doermer,Claire Duhamel,Claire Maurier,Claude Jade,Claude Vega,Cristina Gaioni,Dani,Daniel Boulanger,Daniel Ceccaldi,Daniel Couturier,Daniel Mesguich,Daniele Girard,Delphine Seyrig,Alain Ollivier,Albert Remy,Albert Simono,Eleonora Rossi Drago,Emmanuel Clot,Francois Darbon,Francois Nocher,Georges Flamant,Geronimo Meynier,Guy Decomble,Harry-Max,Hiroko Berghauer,Jacques Jouanneau,Jacques Rispal,Jacques Robiolles,Jean-Francois Adam,Jean-Francois Bergouignan,Jean-Pierre Ducos,Jean-Pierre Leaud,Rosy Varte,Serge Moati,Serge Rousseau,Silvana Blasi,Vera Tschechowa,Marie Henriau,Marie-France Pisier,Martine Ferriere,Michael Lonsdale,Michel Girard,Michel Lesignor,Monique Dury,Nami Tamura,Patrick Auffay,Paul Pavel,Pierre Dios,Pierre Fabre,Pierre Maguelon,Pierre Schaeffer,Renaud Fontanarosa,Richard Kanayan,Julien Bertheau,Julien Dubois,Koji Furuhata
ColourBlack & White
DirectorFrancois Truffaut,Shintaro Ishihara,Marcel Ophuls
HOH (Hard of Hearing)No
RegionBlu-Ray B
Run Time414
Special Features

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