The Adventures Of Robin Hood - The Complete Series DVD

The Adventures Of Robin Hood - The Complete Series DVD
The Adventures Of Robin Hood - The Complete Series DVD The Adventures Of Robin Hood - The Complete Series DVD The Adventures Of Robin Hood - The Complete Series DVD
The complete 143 episodes of the popular 1950s TV show following the adventures of Robin Hood and his band of merry men.
Robin of Locksley (Richard Greene) becomes Robin Hood when the machinations of an oppressive government, embodied at local level by the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham (Alan Wheatley), force him to rebel against high taxes and the poverty of the ordinary people of the county.
Aided by a gang of fellow outcasts, including Friar Tuck (Alexander Gauge) and Little John (Archie Duncan), and seeking the love of the virtuous Maid Marian (Bernadette O'Farrell), Robin sets out to rob from the rich to give to the poor.
The episodes are: 'The Coming of Robin Hood', 'The Moneylender', 'Dead Or Alive', 'Friar Tuck', 'Maid Marian', 'The Inquisitor', 'The Knight Who Came to Dinner', 'The Challenge', 'Queen Eleanor', 'Checkmate', 'The Ordeal', 'A Guest for the Gallows', 'The Highlander', 'The Wager', 'The Betrothal', 'The Alchemist', 'A Husband for Marian', 'The Jongleur', 'The Brothers', 'The Intruders', 'Errand of Mercy', 'The Sheriff's Boots', 'Will Scarlet', 'Ladies of Sherwood', 'The Deserted Castle', 'The Miser', 'Trial By Battle', 'The May Queen', 'Children of the Greenwood', 'The Vandals', 'The Byzantine Treasure', 'The Wanderer', 'The Youngest Outlaw', 'The Traitor', 'Tables Turned', 'The Thorkil Ghost', 'Secret Mission', 'Richard the Lion-Heart', 'The Scientist', 'The Prisoner', 'Blackmail', 'A Year and a Day', 'Ransom', 'The Goldmaker', 'The Haunted Mill', 'The Imposters', 'The Hero', 'Isabella', 'The Black Patch', 'Outlaw Money', 'Hubert', 'The Trap', 'The Friar's Pilgrimage', 'The Blackbird', 'The Dream', 'The Shell Game', 'The Final Tax', 'Ambush', 'The Bandit of Brittany', 'The Goldmaker's Return', 'Flight from France', 'Fair Play', 'The Secret Pool', 'The Dowry', 'The York Treasure', 'The Borrowed Baby', 'The Black Five', 'Food for Thought', 'Too Many Earls', 'Highland Fling', 'The Mystery of Ireland's Eye', 'The Little People', 'The Infidel', 'The Path of True Love', 'The Road in the Air', 'Carlotta', 'The Frightened Tailor', 'Pepper', 'The Salt King', 'A Tuck in Time', 'The Charter', 'Change of Heart', 'Brother Battle', 'My Brother's Keeper', 'An Apple for the Archer', 'The Angry Village', 'The Mark', 'The Bride of Robin Hood', 'To Be a Student', 'The Challenge of the Black Knight', 'The Rivals', 'The Christmas Goose', 'A Village Wooing', 'The Profiteer', 'Knight Errant', 'The Healing Hand', 'One Man's Meat', 'Castle in the Air', 'Too Many Robins', 'Roman Gold', 'The Ghost That Failed', 'The Crusaders', 'The Youthful Menace', 'The Doctor', 'The Double', 'At the Sign of the Blue Boar', 'Quickness of the Hand', 'Elixir of Youth', 'The Genius', 'The Fire', 'The Minstrel', 'The Lottery', 'Lincoln Green', 'Women's War', 'Little Mother', 'Marian's Prize', 'Farewell to Tuck', 'Sybella', 'The Lady-Killer', 'A Touch of Fever', 'Tuck's Love Day', 'The Flying Sorcerer', 'The Loaf', 'Six Strings to His Bow', 'The Devil You Don't Know', 'Goodbye Little John', 'Hostage for a Hangman', 'Hue and Cry', 'The Reluctant Rebel', 'The Oath', 'The Debt', 'The Charm Pedlar', 'The Bagpiper', 'The Parting Guest', 'A Race Against Time', 'The Pharaoh Stones', 'Bride for an Outlaw', 'Double Trouble', 'Trapped', 'The Champion', 'The Edge and the Point', 'A Bushel of Apples' and 'The Truce'.

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