The Atom Egoyan Collection - Exotica / The Adjuster / Family Viewing / The Sweet Hereafter / Calenda Blu-Ray

The Atom Egoyan Collection - Exotica / The Adjuster / Family Viewing / The Sweet Hereafter / Calenda Blu-Ray
Smart, sharp, witty and always devilishly unpredictable, the rich, multi-layered films of Canadian-Armenian director Atom Egoyan have shown him to be one of the world’s most enticing and engrossing post-modern auteurs. Investigating the complex nature of social and psychological disintegration through black humour, fantasy, tragedy and the pervasive yet intangible presence of the filmic medium itself, his labyrinthine body of work has provided an inexhaustible supply of riches for viewers across the world. Here, in this extensive box set, some of his most celebrated films have been brought together to celebrate his unique cinematic vision and extend its reach to new audiences.

Next Of Kin - (1984):
A sly, smart and slippery comedy filled with haunting, symbolic imagery, Atom Egoyan’s debut feature is a mesmerising meditation on disaffection, longing and the roles played out in modern society that secured his place at the forefront of independent cinema.

Family Viewing - (1988):
Darkly humorous and boldly unpredictable, this complex journey into a world of brutality and sentiment uses stunning cinematic trickery and a wide range of visual media to portray the breakdown and restoration of a dislocated family unit. One of Egoyan's defining early works.

Speaking Parts - (1989):
An intricate, beguiling labyrinth of desire, hewn from the impassive medium of video, Speaking Parts is the apotheosis of Egoyan's early style. Mysterious, mesmerising and swarming with unforgettable images, it is a true classic of indie art-house cinema. 

The Adjuster - (1991):
Inspired by the real life fire that burnt down Egoyan’s own family home, this hypnotic, dream-like tale of passionate yet dislocated characters has been compared to the films of David Lynch. It is quintessential Egoyan and sees the director at his very best.

Calendar - (1993):
A bold, precise and sometimes painfully honest depiction of love, loss and the strange twists of fate that life can throw our way, Calendar is one of Egoyan's most accomplished and celebrated works. Includes two early Egoyan short films.

Exotica - (1994):
A multi-layered and mysterious portrayal of lives shaped by desire and delusion, this bold erotic thriller is a stunning combination of directorial flair and keen philosophical insight that won 13 international festival prizes, including a Fipresci award at Cannes 1994. Includes a 52 minute documentary on the director.

The Sweet Hereafter - (1997):
Atom Egoyan's most critically acclaimed film, graced by a pair of Academy Award nominations and over 40 international festival prizes, The Sweet Hereafter is an emotionally gripping, powerfully affecting portrait of grief, loss and human interconnectivity. Includes Open House, an Egoyan short film.
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital
Case TypeBoxset Amaray Slim
CastGerard Parkes,Hagop Apkarian,Hrant Alianak,Ian Holm,Jack Blum,Jacqueline Samuda,Jeanne Sabourin,Jennifer Dale,Aidan Tierney,Aino Pirskanen,Alberta Watson,Amanda Martinez,Andrew Coyne,Anna Pappas,Annie Szamosi,Armen Kokorian,Arsinee Khanjian,Ashot Adamyan,Atom Egoyan,Berj Fazalian,Billy Merasty,Bruce Greenwood,Caerthan Banks,Calvin Green,Charmaine Lord,Constantino Magnatta,Damon D'Oliveira,David Hemblen,David MacKay,Diane Kofri,Don Mckellar,Earl Pastko,Edwin Stephenson,Gabrielle Rose,Garfield Andrews,Michelle Bellerose,Natalia Jasen,Patricia Collins,Patrick Tierney,Paul Babiak,Peg Christopherson,Peter Krantz,Phil Rash,Raoul Trujillo,John Gilbert,John Shafer,Ken McDougall,Kirsten Kieferle,Leszek Lis,Linzee Collins,Margaret Loveys,Maury Chaykin,Mia Kirshner,Michael McManus,Sveta Kohli,Teresa Hunt,Thomas Tierney,Tom McCamus,Tony Nardi,Vasag Baghboudarian,Victor Garber,Viva Tsvetnova,Robert Dodds,Robert Kosoy,Rose Sarkisyan,Roula Said,Sarah Polley,Sarah Rosen Fruitman,Selma Keklikian,Sharon Corder,Simon Baker,Sirv
DirectorAtom Egoyan
HOH (Hard of Hearing)No
RegionBlu-Ray B
Run Time651

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