The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy
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The Fall Guy Season 1 DVD

Danger is his business, and business is good! When he's not crashing cars, setting himself on fire or jumping out of aeroplanes, Colt Seavers has a really dangerous job - he's a rough-and-tumble bounty hunter who always gets his man! Lee Majors stars as The Fall Guy, a fearless Hollywood stuntman for whom no stunt is too dangerous and no assignment too treacherous as he tracks notorious criminals, clashes with the mob and outfoxes wily ..

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The Fall Guy Season 2 DVD

Lee Majors Returns as Colt Seavers, the rugged daredevil who leads the thrilling and dangerous life of a Hollywood stuntman... and that's his "safe" job. As one of America's top bounty hunters, Colt is thrust into one adventure after another, as he outwits criminal masterminds, dodges assassins, and even unravels a UFO mystery. With action-packed story lines and a great supporting cast, including Heather Thomas, Douglas Barr and Markie ..

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