The Flashing Blade - The Complete Series DVD

The Flashing Blade - The Complete Series DVD
The Flashing Blade - The Complete Series DVD The Flashing Blade - The Complete Series DVD
Episode 1: Francois arrives at the beleaguered Fort of Casal when the Spaniards are doing all in their power to destroy it before a truce can be called.
Episode 2: The Chevalier de Recci disappears from Casal with unexpected consequences.
Episode 3: Francois de Recci and Guillot meet a man who is destined to become one of the great figures in the history of France.
Episode 4: Francois and Guillot are taken prisoner by bandits and meet the beautiful Isabelle and her father Duc de Sospel.
Episode 5: Isabelle suspects that the merchant who rescued her is not at all he seems to be.
Episode 6: Francois, on his quest for the agent who will help him to get his message through to the French, falls in with a group of strolling players.
Episode 7: The Chevalier de Recci receives his orders from the Cardinal's agent.
Episode 8: The Spanish Commander holds the Duke responsible for Recci's escape.
Episode 9: Mireille faces execution for aiding the Chevalier to escape.
Episode 10: The Chevalier makes a final effort to reach the French army in a desperate attempt to save the beseiged French troops in Casal.
Episode 11: Francois de Recci has almost completed his task but Alonso stands his path.
Episode 12: The Chevalier de Recci returns home with the faithful Guillot after a long absence. This rarely seen final episode is presented in its original French language with English subtitles.

Special Features
English Subtitles Only On Episode 12
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
AudioEnglish Mono
Case TypeAmaray Single
CastRobert Etcheverry,Jacques Balutin,Genevieve Casile
DirectorYannick Andrei
HOH (Hard of Hearing)No
RegionDVD 0
Run Time270
Special Features

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