The Fly (1958) / The Fly (1986) / The Fly II / Return Of The Fly / The Curse Of The Fly DVD

The Fly (1958) / The Fly (1986) / The Fly II / Return Of The Fly / The Curse Of The Fly DVD
The Fly (1958) / The Fly (1986) / The Fly II / Return Of The Fly / The Curse Of The Fly DVD The Fly (1958) / The Fly (1986) / The Fly II / Return Of The Fly / The Curse Of The Fly DVD The Fly (1958) / The Fly (1986) / The Fly II / Return Of The Fly / The Curse Of The Fly DVD
The Fly (1986):
This frightening, but extremely moving and romantic horror film stars Jeff Goldblum as an over-ambitious scientist who accidentally merges with a housefly while conducting a bizarre teleporting experiment. A journalist (Geena Davis) who has fallen in love with him while covering his scientific endeavours suddenly finds herself caring for a horrific creature whose insect half gradually begins to take over.

The Fly 2:
Dr. Seth Brundle was a brilliant scientist, but one day his experiments with teleportation went dreadfully wrong and led to the horrific mutation of man and insect - The Brundlefly. Now, deep within the bowels of Bartok industries, a team of scientists is studying a small boy. But Martin is no ordinary child, for he is the son of Dr. Seth Brundle... he is the son of Brundlefly. As Martin's insect metabolism accelerates, his growth and intelligence goes beyond that of a mere human, he remains unaware of the terrible fate that awaits him and devotes his life to solving the mysteries of his father's teleportation device. But the nightmare begins again when Martin's insect blood takes complete control, and he is gradually metamorphosed into a grotesque mutant - more powerful and more deadly than even his father before him - and determined to destroy all those who deceived him.

The Fly (1958):
In this 1958 classic, a brilliant scientist becomes obsessed with perfecting a device that can transmit matter from one location to another. Successful in his initial tests, he experiments with a human guinea pig - himself. But an ordinary housefly makes the journey with him, and when they emerge, both creatures have been extraordinarily changed. This is the chilling story of a man fighting to retain his humanity, and a desperate woman's attempt to save the man she loves.

Return Of The Fly:
The boundaries of science are pushed to their eery limits in this sequel to the classic, ever-popular The Fly. Here Philippe, the son of the ill-fated scientist, naively continues his father's misguided experiments. The victim of his traitorous assistant's greedy ambitions, Philippe finds himself in a terrifying limbo - he's grown the head and limbs of a fly! Taking spectacular revenge on his betrayers, Philippe must also race against time and find a way to reverse the horrifying mutation.

The Curse Of The Fly:
In The Curse Of The Fly, the plot revolves again around the Delambre family, although this time it is the original scientist's son, Henri Delambre (Brian Donlevy), who becomes obsessed with transporter experiments to the dismay of his two sons, who want to live normal lives and forget about their grandfather's invention. Henri's oldest son, Martin (George Baker), marries a young woman - who just escaped from a mental hospital - against Henri's wishes. Henri's knows that outside interests will detract from their scientific research. After Martin's new wife discovers a closet filled with deranged humans left over from failed teleportation experiments, the police are called and Henri attempts to flee using the infamous transporter. Unfortunately for the mad scientist, the transporter still dosen't have the "bugs" worked out.

Special Features
The Fly (1986): Behind The Scenes Featurette, Cast & Crew Inerviews, The Fly 2: Original Theatrical Trailer, Cast & Crew Inerviews, The Making Of The Fly 2 - Featurette
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CastPat Bermel,Pat O'Hara,Patricia Owens,Rachel Kempson,Richard Flato,Rob Roy,Herbert Marshall,Jack Daly,Janine Grandel,Jeff Goldblum,Jeremy Wilkins,Jerry Wasserman,Joan Cotton,John Getz,Mary Manson,Matthew Moore,Mia Anderson,Michael Copeman,Michael Graham,Michael Mark,Saffron Henderson,Shawn Hewitt,Eric Stoltz,Francisco Villalobos,Frank C Turner,Garry Chalk,Geena Davis,George Baker,George Chuvalo,Gregg Martell,Harley Cross,Vincent Price,Warren Stanhope,William S Taylor,Yvette Rees,John Sutton,Joy Boushel,Kathleen Freeman,Lee Richardson,Leslie Carlson,Charles Carson,Charles Herbert,Dan Seymour,Danielle De Metz,Daphne Zuniga,David Cronenberg,David Frankham,David Hedison,Andrew Rhodes,Ann Marie Lee,Arnold Bell,Barry Bernard,Betty Lou Gerson,Brett Halsey,Brian Donlevy,Burt Kwouk,Carol Lazare,Carole Gray
ColourBlack & White
DirectorDon Sharp,David Cronenberg,Chris Walas,Edward Bernds,Kurt Neumann
HOH (Hard of Hearing)Yes
RegionDVD 2
Run Time438
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