The Guvnors / Hyena / St Georges Day DVD

The Guvnors / Hyena / St Georges Day DVD
Triple bill of British crime dramas. In 'The Guvnors' (2014) retired gangster Mitch (Doug Allen) is forced to return to his previous occupation when his old friend is attacked and left for dead.
Learning to adapt to the new way of doing things Mitch goes on a vengeance spree teaching the young guns some of his old tricks along the way.
The cast also includes Harley Alexander-Sule, David Essex and Vas Blackwood.
Gerard Johnson directs 'Bonded by Blood' (2010) which follows a group of London policemen who, fed up with watching hardened criminals get away with major league crimes, decide to take matters into their own hands.
As the police get closer to putting a notorious gang of drug dealers away, the leader threatens to turn the tables on the bent coppers and tell their superiors how they are really catching their men...
In 'St George's Day' (2012) a couple of heavyweight London gangsters find themselves on the run from the police and the Russian mafia.
Mickey Mannock (Frank Harper) and Ray Collishaw (Craig Fairbrass) are men who are used to being in charge.
As two of the major players in the London crime scene, Mannock and Collishaw command respect and obedience from their subordinates.
However, when rough seas cause them to lose a boatload of the Russian mafia's cocaine their world is turned upside down and they find themselves in grave danger.

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