The Land Before Time - The Anthology Films 9-13 DVD

The Land Before Time - The Anthology Films 9-13 DVD
The Land Before Time - The Anthology Films 9-13 DVD The Land Before Time - The Anthology Films 9-13 DVD
Third collection of animated films from the prehistoric 'Land Before Time' series. In 'The Land Before Time IX - Journey to the Big Water' (2002) a storm floods the Great Valley so Littlefoot (voice of Thomas Dekker) sets off to explore. He meets a new friend called Mo (Rob Paulsen), a prank-playing dolphin-like creature who can't find his way back to the Big Water. Littlefoot and his pals come to the rescue, evade a scary sharptooth and prove the value of courage, friendship and diversity. In 'The Land Before Time X - The Great Longneck Migration' (2003) Littlefoot (Alec Medlock) dreams that he has found a land filled with brontosauruses like him. When he tells his grandparents (Kenneth Mars and Miriam Flynn) about the dream, they take it as a sign that they should set out and look for the land Littlefoot is describing. After many days of travelling, they are thrilled to discover a new world where longneck dinosaurs are in abundance. Then, when they run into his long-lost father, Bron (Kiefer Sutherland), who vanished before Littlefoot was born, the little brontosaurus is faced with a life-changing decision: stay behind with his newly rediscovered father, or go back with the grandparents who have cared for him all his life and be reunited with his friends. In 'The Land Before Time XI - Invasion of the Tinysauruses' (2005) Littlefoot (Aaron Spann) gets in trouble for telling a lie so the Tinysauruses invade the Great Valley to teach him a lesson. In 'The Land Before Time XII - The Great Day of the Flyers' (2006) Petrie (Jeff Bennett) is having a difficult time preparing for 'The Day of The Flyers' - an important calendar mark for all of the flying residents of the Great Valley. On this special day, all young flyers must participate in a flying exhibition to prove that they are ready to fly with the adults. With his friends by his side, will he be able to pass with flying colours? In 'The Land Before Time XIII - The Wisdom of Friends' (2007) Littlefoot (Cody Arens), Cera, Spike (Paulsen), Petrie and Ducky (Aria Curzon) meet up with lovable yellow-bellied Beipiaosauruses, Loofah (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Doofah (Sandra Oh), who've managed to lose their way while travelling to the distant Berry Valley. The pair can't find their way back easily, so Littlefoot and the others help them on their journey, learning some important lessons about life along the way.
Format DVD
Released 2016-01-25
Year 2007

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