The Pinkertons - Complete Mini Series DVD

The Pinkertons - Complete Mini Series DVD
All 22 episodes from the first season of the Canadian police drama that follows the work of the Pinkerton detective agency.
The programme follows the investigations of Kate Warne (Martha MacIsaac), the world's first female detective, as she teams up with Allan Pinkerton (Angus Macfadyen) and his son William (Jacob Blair) to solve crimes in Kansas City.
The episodes are: 'Kansas City', 'Double Shot', 'The Play's the Thing', 'The Fourth Man', 'The Hero of Liberty Gap', 'Lines of Betrayal', 'The Case of the Dead Dog', 'To the Sunset', 'In Marm's Way', 'The Sweet Science', 'The Devil's Trade', 'Reunion', 'Frontier Desperados', 'Old Pap', 'On Account of Huckleberries', 'Mudd and Clay', 'Forever Free', 'Think of the Children', 'Murder On the Western Express', 'Review', 'The Better Angels of Our Nature' and 'To the Death'.

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Tags: 2010s, Canadian, Period Drama