The Ultimate Chrtistmas Horror Boxset DVD

The Ultimate Chrtistmas Horror Boxset DVD
Collection of three bloody festive horrors. In 'All Through The House' (2015), college student Rachel Kimmel (Ashley Mary Nunes) returns home for the Christmas break and finds her neighbourhood gripped by fear with a killer dressed as Santa on the loose.
The mysterious holiday killer leaves a trail of his victims to the site of an infamous child disappearance 15 years ago and it appears both it and Rachel are somehow connected to the recent killings.
In 'Red Christmas' (2016), a jovial family are gathered together over the festive season, enjoying their time with each other and laughing and joking about their differences.
The atmosphere soon changes when an unwelcome Christmas guest arrives to terrorise the family and take pleasure in torturing and killing every last one of them.
Can Diane (Dee Wallace), the mother, put an end to the horror and keep her relatives safe?
In 'Silent Night, Bloody Night - The Homecoming' (2013), Jeffrey Butler (Alan Humphreys) inherits his grandfather Wilfred (Philip Harvey)'s mansion following his suicide.
Left empty for many years, the property has seen better days.
Jeffrey arrives in town with plans to sell the house but unbeknown to him, a violent psychopath is lurking inside…

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