The Worst Witch Series 3 DVD

The Worst Witch Series 3 DVD
The Worst Witch Series 3 DVD The Worst Witch Series 3 DVD
All the episodes from the third series of the rebooted CBBC show based on the children's books by Jill Murphy. Ordinary schoolgirl Mildred Hubble (Bella Ramsey)'s life is changed forever when a girl comes crashing into her home and tells her about Cackle Academy, a school for budding young witches.
Despite having no magical background, Mildred is accepted into Cackle Academy and causes all manner of chaos as she struggles to perform her spells correctly.
In this series, Mildred ends up in trouble when she competes in the broomstick-flying contest and Ethel (Jenny Richardson) hatches a plan to steal the Wishing Star.
The episodes are: 'The Wishing Star', 'Double Hubble', 'Magic Mum', 'The Swamp Troll', 'The Owl and the Pussycat', 'The Game', 'Bad Magic', 'The Cackle Run', 'Starstruck', 'Finding Joy', 'The Broom Stick Uprising', 'Ethel Hallow to the Rescue: Part 1' and 'Ethel Hallow to the Rescue: Part 2'.
CastBella Ramsey

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