The XYY Man - The Complete Series DVD

The XYY Man - The Complete Series DVD
Just released from prison, reformed cat-burglar Spider Scott (Stephen Yardley – Howard’s Way) is determined to stay on the straight and narrow this time. Unfortunately for Spider his body is working against him – he has an abnormal genetic predisposition towards crimes against property and there are a number of factions willing to take advantage of his skills, including the British Government. Carrying out sanctioned burglaries is more dangerous than the normal kind, as Spider soon finds out, and it’s not long before he is hotly pursued by Detective Sergeant Bulman (Don Henderson – Strangers). A cult success when it was first shown in the 1970s, The XYY Man was a strong combination of both the crime and spy genres, with a compelling central performance by Stephen Yardley as cat-burglar Spider Scott. The XYY Man span off into the extraordinarily successful Strangers (also available on Network DVD), which moved the quirky copper George Bulman to centre stage. This is the first time that this series has been released in any format. Episodes: The Proposition, The Execution, The Resolution, Friends and Enemies, The Missing Civil Servant, The Big Bang, At the Bottom of the River, When We Were Very Greedy, Now We Are Dead, Whisper Who Dares, Law and Order, The Detrimental Robot, A View to a Death.

Special Features
All Three Parts Of Crown Court: An Evil Influence - A Three-Part Story From The Long-running Courtroom Drama Series Featuring Stephen Yardley
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
AudioEnglish Mono
Case TypeAmaray Special
CastStephen Yardley,Dennis Blanch,Don Henderson,Vivienne McKee,Oliver Maguire
DirectorKen Grieve,Alan Grint,Carol Wiles
RegionDVD 2
Run Time650

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