Tom Selleck - Jesse Stone Movie Collection DVD

Tom Selleck - Jesse Stone  Movie Collection DVD
Tom Selleck - Jesse Stone  Movie Collection DVD Tom Selleck - Jesse Stone  Movie Collection DVD
Collection of all nine action dramas action starring Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone, an ex-Los Angeles homicide detective who has relocated to Paradise, Massachusetts after leaving the force as a result of his drinking problem. In 'Stone Cold' (2005) Jesse and his small force rarely see anything more serious than a small-time burglary or a case of public drunkenness. As a result, when Jesse and his deputy, Luther 'Suitcase' Simpson (Kohl Sudduth), are called to the scene of the town's first ever murder, the case will challenge Jesse in ways he could never have imagined. In 'Night Passage' (2006) Jesse tackles the mysterious murder of a teenage girl and the case of a battered wife while struggling with his own alcoholism, his ambivalent relationship with his ex-wife and his disastrous love life. In 'Death in Paradise' (2006) Jesse intervenes in a domestic abuse case and soon becomes involved with the husband's more serious criminal behaviour, connected to the mob. In 'Sea Change' (2007) Jesse has grown used to life in Paradise where he spends most of his time writing parking tickets and struggling to keep his attraction to beautiful women and whisky under control. With one of his officers on maternity leave and another fighting for his life after sustaining a gunshot wound, Jesse's restlessness gets the better of him and he decides to re-open a 12-year-old cold case involving the murder of a bank teller. Meanwhile, the tawdry circumstances surrounding an alleged rape aboard a yacht during the town's annual Race Week begin to unfold. In 'Thin Ice' (2009) Jesse and his colleague Captain Healy (Stephen McHattie) take it upon themselves to stake out and attempt to apprehend a number of assailants. However, when they are fired at the repercussions run deep as the town council look to remove Stone from his position for acting without official authorisation. Meanwhile, the case of a missing child from seven years ago is once again brought to Stone's attention. In 'No Remorse' (2010) a serial killer terrorising local grocery stores gains Stone's attention but as he continues to serve his suspension, he must use surreptitious means in order to assist. Meanwhile, Jesse gets his first mobile phone in order to avoid having to speak with his ex-wife. In 'Innocents Lost' (2011) despite his retirement Jesse begins an unauthorised investigation when he learns about the death of a friend. Meanwhile, the new sheriff of Paradise proves himself to be conceited and only in the position due to his influential father. In 'Benefit of the Doubt' (2012) Jesse is forced out of retirement when the sheriff who replaced him is killed in his car. However, Jesse finds that the department has changed radically since he was last in charge and he must go it alone if he is to solve this latest crime. Finally, in 'Lost in Paradise' (2015) Jesse takes on an unpaid role with the Massachusetts State Police in order to fill the void left by the passing of his canine companion, bringing him into contact with a suspected serial killer.
CastTom Selleck
DirectorRobert Harmon, Dick Lowry

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