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Callan DVD

TV viewers first met Callan in a one-off Armchair theatre play A Magnum for Schneider, in which the disgraced former top secret service agent is seconded to a government section devoted to the elimination of undesirables - by whatever means necessary. Callan's was a violent, bleak world where if you didn't kill first they killed you. He was a cold-blooded killer, an outsider - isolated, often in direct conflict with his superior Hunter,..

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Classic Fairy Tales (6 Films) Boxset From Hans Christian Anderson DVD

Collection of animated fairytales based on the classic stories for children by Hans Christian Andersen. Though many of the stories were written over 150 years ago, Andersen's tales continue to delight children and have inspired works of art as diverse as ballets and plays and have been adapted for the big screen numerous times. The tales included in this collection are: 'The Ugly Duckling', 'Thumbelina', 'The Emperor's New Clothes', 'Th..

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Moomin - Volume 2 DVD

All 13 episodes from the second series of the animated children's programme based on the novels by Tove Janssen. Moomin Valley is a quiet, peaceful fantasy place somewhere in Finland where eggshells turn into clouds and the rivers are full of raspberry juice, giant snow horses come to life and the Queen of the Cold rides across the sky on winter nights. Meanwhile, in Moomin House, Moomin Mama, Moomin Papa and their son Moomintroll keep ..

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Moomin - Volume 4 DVD

Broadcast on the BBC during the 90's The Moomin became an instant hit with the British public and now, for the first time ever in the UK, the original animated series is available on DVD. The Moomin have a worldwide following with their TV series, books, Moomin merchandise, and countless internet fan clubs through out the world. They even have their own Theme Park in Finland. Episodes: 40. The Secret Fireworks, 41. Crooks In Moomin Vall..

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Starcrash Blu-Ray

Sexy space pirate Stella Star - “She's kinda like Han Solo's super-hot sister” - (played by Caroline Munro, the former Hammer Horror siren and Bond girl) and her loyal co-pilot Akton (Marjoe Gortner) are arrested by the Imperial Police. Fortunately the Emperor of the Universe (Christopher Plummer) offers them a reprieve. The Evil Count Zarth Arn has a secret weapon of immense power, hidden away on a planet somewhere, with which he plan..

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Strip Tease Murder DVD

British crime drama starring Ann Lynn as a conniving stripper. After his former girlfriend Rita (Lynn) tries to blackmail him for dumping her, crime baron Carlos Branco (Kenneth J. Warren) orders her termination. But when the wrong woman is accidentally targeted, another stripper named Diana (Jean Muir) collapses and dies on stage at the Flamingo nightclub. Her death is attributed to natural causes but her boyfriend and fellow club empl..

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