Un-Go - the Complete Blu-Ray + DVD

Un-Go - the Complete Blu-Ray + DVD
In the not too distant future, while Tokyo slowly recovers from a devastating war, a private detective makes a name for himself by solving seemingly impossible crimes. This man is none other than Shinjuro Yuki, aka the Last Great Detective, whose name alone can shake the whole city to its foundations. his ominous reputation is due to his ability to appear at crime scenes before heinous acts are even committed as well as the strange attitude of Inga, his odd partner, whose mystical powers can penetrate the lies of even the most evil criminals...Special Features Episode Zero! A 50-Minute OAV, Unveiling The Past Of Yuki And Inga.
Year Of Release2011
DirectorSeiji Mizushima,Tomoyuki Kurokawa
CastAki Toyosaki,Ryo Katsuji,Shin'ichiro Miki,Marika Matsumoto,Keiji Fujiwara,Kiyono Yasuno,Takako Honda,Miyu Irino,Nozomi Yamamoto
HOH (Hard of Hearing)No
AudioEnglish 2.0, Japanese 2.0
Run Time303
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