Golden Kamuy Season 1 Blu-Ray

Golden Kamuy Season 1 Blu-Ray
When war veteran Sugimoto stumbles across part of a treasure map, things get deadly. The map is divided among several escaped convicts, and this battle-hardened soldier isn't the only one who knows it.

Disc 1
Episodes 02 Commentary

Disc 2
“Golden Travelogue Theatre” Animated Shorts
01. Squirrel
02. Rabbit
03. Otter, Pat 1
04. Otter, Part 2
05. Whack-a-Shiraishi
06. Nihei
07. Shiraishi Vs. Ryuu
08. Farewell, Escape King...
09. Easting Our Forest Freinds While They’re Still Kicking
10. Kazuo Henmi
11. Kamuy Daibakushou
12. Seal
Promo Video & Commercial Collection
Texteless Opening Songs “Winding Road”
Textless Closing Song “Hibana”
DirectorHitoshi Nanba
RegionBlu-Ray B

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Tags: 2010s, Japanese