Dynasty Seasons 1 to 9 Complete Collection DVD

Dynasty Seasons 1 to 9 Complete Collection DVD
Dynasty Seasons 1 to 9 Complete Collection DVD Dynasty Seasons 1 to 9 Complete Collection DVD
Relive the high life of the Carringtons of Denver, a wealthy family whose fortunes are endangered when hostilities in the Middle East threaten Blake Carrington's oil empire. But it is the dramatic interactions at home among the Carringtons and the Blaisdels that provide the explosive fuel for this riveting drama. From the opening episodes surrounding Black and Krystle's opulent wedding, to the countless illicit affairs, dirty business deals and hair-pulling catfights, this is the show that had viewers tuning in every week to catch all the outrageous story twists and flamboyant fashion statements.

SEASON 1: Oil (Pilot: Parts 1, 2 and 3), The Honeymoon, The Dinner Party, Fallon's Wedding, The Chauffeur Tells A Secret, The Bordello, Krystle's Lie, The Necklace, The Beating, The Birthday Party, The Separation, Blake Goes To Jail, The Testimony

SEASON 2: Enter Alexis, The Verdict, Alexis' Secret, Fallon's Father, Reconciliation, Viva Las Vegas, The Miscarriage, Mid-East Meeting, The Psychiatrist, Sammy Jo And Steven Marry, The Car Explosion, Blake's Blindness, The Hearing, The Iago Syndrome, The Party, The Baby, Mother And Son, The Gun, The Fragment, The Shakedown, The Two Princes, The Cliff.

SEASON 3: The Plea, The Roof, The wedding, The Will, The Siblings, Mark, Kirby, La Mirage, Acapulco, The Locket, The Search, Samantha, Danny, Madness, Two Flights To Haiti, The Mirror, Battle Lines, Reunions In Singapore, Fathers And Sons, The Downstairs Bride, The Vote, The Dinner, The Threat, The Cabin.

SEASON 4: The Arrest, The Bungalow, The Note, The Hearing (Part 1), The Hearing (Part 2), Tender Comrades, Tracy, Dex, Peter De Vilbis, The Proposal, Carousel, The Wedding, The Ring, Lancelot, Seizure, A Little Girl, The Accident, The Vigil, Steps, The Voice (Part 1), The Voice (Part 2), The Voice (Part 3), The Birthday, The Check, The Engagement, New Lady In Town, The Nightmare.

SEASON 5: Disappearance, The Mortgage, Fallon, The Rescue, The Trial, The Verdict, Amanda, The Secret, Domestic Intrigue, Kristina, Swept Away, That Holiday Spirit, The Avenger, The Will, The Treasure, Foreign Relations, Triangles, The Ball, Circumstantial Evidence, The Collapse, Life and Death, Parental Consent, Photo Finish, The Crash, Reconciliation, Sammy Jo, Kidnapped, The Heiress, Royal Wedding.

SEASON 6: The Aftermath, The Homecoming, The Californians, The Man, The Gown, The Titans, The Decision, The Proposal, The Close Call, The Quarrels, The Roadhouse, The Solution, Suspicions, The Alarm, The Vigil, The Accident, Souvenirs, The Divorce, The Dismissal, Ben, Masquerade, The Subpoenas, The Trial (Part 1), The Trial (Part 2), Vote, The Warning, The Cry, The Rescue, The Triple-Cross, The Vendetta.

SEASON 7: The Victory, Sideswiped, Focus, Reward, The Arraignment, Romance, The Mission, The Choice, The Secret, The Letter, The Ball, Fear, The Rig, A Love Remembered - Part 1, A Love Remembered - Part 2, The Portrait, The Birthday, The Test, The Mothers The Surgery, The Garage, The Shower, The Dress, Valez, The Sublet, The Confession, The Affair, Shadowplay.

SEASON 8: The Siege Part 1, The Siege Part 2, The Aftermath, The Announcement, The Surrogate Part 1, The Surrogate Part 2, The Primary, The Testing, The Set-Up, The Fair, The New Moguls, The Spoiler, The Interview, Images, The Rifle, The Bracelet, The Warning, Adam's Son, The Scandal, The Trial, The Proposal, Colorado Roulette.

SEASON 9: Broken Krystle, A Touch Of Sable, She's Back, Body Trouble, Alexis In Blunderland, Every Picture Tells A Story, The Last Hurrah, The Wedding, Ginger Snaps, Delta Woe, Tankers Cadavers To Chance, All Hands On Dex, Virginia Reels, House Of The Falling Son, The Son Also Rises, Grimes And Punishment, Sins Of The Father, Tale Of The Tape, No Bones About It, Here Comes The Son, Blast From The Past, Catch 22.

Special Features
Character Profiles: Fallon Carrington Colby, Pamela Sue Martin, Al Corley, 'Family Furs And Fun: Creating Dynasty'
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital Mono, French Mono
Case TypeSpecial
CastBo Hopkins, Lloyd Bochner, Michael Nader, Heather Locklear, Jack Coleman, John James, Leann Hunley, Pamela Bellwood, Pamela Sue Martin, Stephanie Beacham, Terri Garber, Emma Samms, Gordon Thomson, Joan Collins, John Forsythe, Arlen Dean Snyder, Catherine Oxenburg, Al Corley, Lee Bergere, Linda Evans, Christopher Cazenove, Stepfanie Kramer, Ted McGinley, Tracy Scoggins, Troy Byer, Peter Mark Richman
DirectorCurtis Harrington, Robert Scheerer, Don Medford, Robert C. Thompson, Bob Sweeney, Jerome Courtland, Irving J Moore, Gwen Arner, Glynn Turman, Georg Stanford Brown, Dwight Adair, Kate Tilley, David Paulsen, Michel Hugo, Burt Brinckerhoff, Bruce Bilson, Ralph Senensky, Ray Danton, Michael Lange, John Patterson, Ron Satlof, Jerry Jameson, Gabrielle Beaumont, Nancy Malone, Philip Leacock, Alan Myerson, Kim Friedman, Harry Falk, Alf Kjellin
HOH (Hard of Hearing)Yes
RegionDVD 2
Run Time9954
Special Features

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