Street Hawk - The Complete Mini Series DVD

Street Hawk - The Complete Mini Series DVD
All 13 episodes from the 1980s action series following the exploits of a motorcycle riding superhero.
Crippled and confined to a desk job after an accident, former motorcycle cop Jessie Mach (Rex Smith) is recruited to be the test pilot for a secret government project - Street Hawk - an advanced motorbike capable of lightning speed and equipped with devastating firepower.
Not content with simply testing the machine, however, Jessie soon sets out to tackle crime in his new guise as the Street Hawk.
Episodes comprise: 'Pilot', 'A Second Self', 'The Adjuster', 'Vegas Run', 'Dog Eat Dog', 'Fire on the Wing', 'Chinatown Memories', 'The Unsinkable 453', 'Hot Target', 'Murder Is a Novel Idea', 'The Arabian', 'Female of the Species' and 'Follow the Yellow Gold Road'.

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